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[Media] youtube video for little tips.

[Copy link] 4/2063

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Below link of reply is much helpful to all.

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Good channel to see what future VCO will bring us and what to expect. As you see, 1 set is not enough for next levels of GT, so might wanna start working on 2nd set ?

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If you want more video of this guy, this is his 
I was told I must remove this link , it seems we have a blockade again. -ledhed-
include Pvp videos also main channel!

 If you can just give the guys name , it takes two seconds to google right to youtube .

 For some reason , this link sets off some new person who message me immediately .
 I am getting older and tired of this bull .
 I may not be long for this joint .-edit by- ledhed They think saying they ok youtube for event not for the forum usage is an explanation as to why I am a yo yo . I made the argument when we got the ok for event , youtube promotes the game and teaches play . I gave links , they watched EVERYTHING under VCO .
 Or so they say , and agreed with my position . NOW we have some new players in IGG looking around VCO .
 For now despite the fact I get not even a hello or a description of what they do , I will refrain from just saying CYA LATER .
 But I am doing this EDIT and link removal under protest .
 They allow rampant Cheating and exploits , yet have time to bug me about things that HELP players learn.
 I have seen this for years and now it is no longer acceptable .
 This game hangs on a thin edge and they bug us about links .
 Well I will say no more as I am angry and will rather comment after I calm down a bit .
 Sorry to hijack to your post .

 You did NOTHING WRONG according to precedent and forum rules . But this issue is " flexible " . It seems.

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