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[Discussion] [Solved] Cannot log in - Creating new account help

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Posted on 2021-07-26 12:49:08 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello.  I recently installed this game to my PC and for the last three days I have been trying to log in. 
I was not given the option to select or assign a username when I created my account.  It's asking for a username to log into the game client, which I do not have.  I only have the IGG ID number assigned to my account and my email address.  Both of which I have tried, unsuccessfully.

I have issued a support ticket and received an automated message that basically told me they wouldn't help me.  This is an IGG related issue and I cannot receive any assistance from them.  Online searches have proven worthless and frankly I'm sick of wasting my time on this.

Any ideas or help at all would be great.  Thank you.

Posted on 2021-07-26 14:12:33 | Show thread starter's posts only

First; Online searches using google or any other search engine do not work well with our forum (it has to do with coding).

Use the Forum search at the top of the page
Look at the list of guides - there is a link in the column to the right - then use your browser search (ctrl+f) on a key word that would probably be in the Title of  the guide you need
or just scroll through the list


that being said
there is a thread that is "stuck" to the top of all forum section pages titled "IGG Customer Support Links; contact info, Log in problems help"

Yes there is a lot of text... but scroll down to the log in problems section and you will see:

7) If you have not registered yet, the VCO webpages link; will look similar to the picture below:
click the link at top on page that says; "click here to activate this game". 
You will be directed to registration pages.

yes this is an old picture but it still should be similar.


Some of the auto loading pages may have changed but here are the instructions I wrote a while back:

General info:
After you create an IGG account, you then link/activate games on the account

When activating a game it will ask you for a username (account name) for the game you activate.

- In our game ( VC / VCO) you can have up to 4 characters on each of the 3 servers all on one account - but this is not recommended for your personal character trading of items and because many people switch servers over time so you need unfilled character "slots" in the server you might want to transfer too.
It is suggested that you only have one character per account.... many people have multiple accounts.
( I have 10 and one person the other day posted he had 30 accounts)

First create an IGG account at

(IGG and VCO pages sometimes act separately and sometimes they are linked - yes it is a mess)

1)  Go to (VCO PAGE) and login using email + password, then where is says "Welcome", there should be an "activate" link at the top.

[if you have an old account, but have not played in 6 months go to to re-activate your account]

2)  after the "IGG Welcome,  screen"  then there is a screen where you can create an IGG pages nick name... but I have not found that the nick name links to anything else... I tend to put descriptors of my accounts in the nick name such as "Planter" or "logger" or "junk alt#5"... which can (also) be done much much later ..or not at all.

3a) Download the game:
After the main download and before you start the game:
Be careful and check that you have done the manual updates in order... up to version .150 (March 2021)

3b)  Then ALWAYS Run/Start the game in Administer mode
* you use game icon not a web page to start the game
(Start in admin mode or the game program will not start correctly
- auto updates during start up do not always work correctly; that's why you did manual updates )

3c)Then log into the game
When you log into the game first you choose what server you want to play on- FYI "Battle server" is not a regular server so DO NOT choose "Battle Server".

3d)  The next screen asks for VCO ACCOUNT (ie. Username) and Password - NOT email

3e) the next screens will have your create or choose character names

4) Make a note on paper or maybe a non erasable drive of your account name(s) password(s) and the email address they are linked too!!
Then hide it somewhere... IGG will not help you if you loose your account information.

You will need to know which server you want to be/play on.
MMP is most populated and has most pvp, Columbus is also populated pretty well, Zhenghe is VERY quiet/ low population.
It is not worth it to try to transfer new characters to different servers.  Transfers cost real money unless it is during one of the 2 yearly "event" transfers..... so if you find you do not like your server just make a new character on a different server.

If you are a new player;  PLEASE READ the beginning posts of the following guide and follow along with the quests that are numbered starting at post #4 in the;
New / Beginning Player Start and Quest Line Guide

The guide will answer a LOT of your new player questions and you will find most players have been here so long they have forgotten answers to beginner questions.

If you have any problems that are not answered by the linked post above or the instructions above
please post again!!!

- Ele

Posted on 2021-07-26 14:32:00 | Show thread starter's posts only

Xanthian, you can close the thread, guess he didn't get username creation or something, I made him an account, now everything works.