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[Discussion] Reopen the discussion- Mod stones VS TPC

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Posted on 2021-03-27 08:50:19 | Show thread starter's posts only


Posted on 2021-03-27 10:44:57 | Show thread starter's posts only

500 mods, 1250 garnet fragment, 10 gulch golds. THtats free lunch we need.

Posted on 2021-03-27 16:34:48 | Show thread starter's posts only

I would say 100k TPC, 50 Mod stones is a joke really.
TPC gives me free almighty repair kits at least, while mod stones don't even get me a single try on my gen jewels.


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Posted on 2021-03-29 02:14:40 | Show thread starter's posts only

xanthian31 do you have something to say? What is your position on this? Don't be shy!

Posted on 2021-03-29 18:46:12 | Show thread starter's posts only

If you mute me- from the year 2007 i have 164+ accounts, some of them are very very expressive - you'll have a very nice time and to call him FuK will be the most friendly name. As for you, you'll have a new name too, but that's not what i wanted to talk in this post... The severe lack of support and the magnitude of amateur that do not know what he is doing, simply because HE doesn't play the game and HE doesn't know what ppl need to have or the time that they spend to achieve it... If you don't want me to call HI FuK instead of FoK, here is another one that is better and more discrete... The reason i made this post is to help ppl get something that may be useful- fucking TPC instead of the useless amount of the petty mockery 50 Mod stones. So PLS you and DSofa as moderators help those PPL and to yourself by talking to mr. F.O.KING to change the ridiculous prize of the free lunch. Many ppl will be grateful, incl. me as well.  Thank you!

This post is copied... 02:43 30/03/21 -=number 1=-

Posted on 2021-03-31 03:32:41 | Show thread starter's posts only

I would like a mix , one week TPC , next week 100- 150 mod Stones . We are losing too many players .

Posted on 2021-03-31 05:45:56 | Show thread starter's posts only

Just give 50-100 SOV instead modify or TPC .

Posted on 2021-03-31 14:37:29 | Show thread starter's posts only

To Flanger and anyone else who may have not seen some of my past posts (probably over 6 months ago)

Because of your spelling of FOK initials, the fact that the old thread was never closed, and that you felt you had to "troll" to get moderators to reply; I considered this thread nothing but a complaint post.
However enough people have now replied to this thread, and they were likely sincere in their opinions, so now I will consider the thread as viable.

(re; your reply to Led)

I keep telling everyone that there are NO discussions between Fok and the mods or IGG and the Mods.  Not about anything... pretty much EVER (test of new versions is the exception.. when he just posts for us to try the new update he loads after we tell him what is broken)

A Moderators duties are to remove spam, keep people from using hateful language and talking smack or accusing others, put the other versions threads in the correct section and help report bugs.
I think if you were to ask IGG (if they would actually give an answer) they would tell you Moderators are not here to make changes to the game or IGG practices (nor do they have any influence over such areas).
Moderators can if they want, AS PLAYERS, give their opinion in a thread, but it will not have any influence in affecting change.

The last post Fok made in the Moderator section of the Forum was in November - so I promise you are not missing out on any discussions.
(and that was about COVID and the testing of the update).

Quite honestly FOK stopped answering my PM's years ago...
in fact his PM was full last I tried - ( and yes, I gave up trying to pm him) ... and so, I don't think he answers anybody.

He use to listen to DSOFA about tech problems  - but not sure when he last did what DSOFA suggested (I'd have to ask him)
He may possibly? still selectivity  listen to Ledhed on some things - not sure about that anymore as Led is scarce now a days (due to health problems).

This (all the above) is why I am not against keeping ONE thread going with a list such as the bug list
waiting for fix (bug) list 1-24-2021

But its pretty much a given that IGG will do or fix, what they want to when they want, with out giving it's player base a say in the matter.
(However I will point out that it is GOOD that people make a complaint here in the forum so we know what is broken or bugged or which of the prizes no one finds helpful anymore)

I am sure some time somewhere IGG did listen to its player base - and I wish I had kept a record of the fixed issues and dates....
but they are so few and far between that I do not remember them.
maybe other players will share their memories?

Sorry but this is just the way it has been for the last few (literally 4+)  years.

- Ele

Posted on 2021-03-31 15:59:14 | Show thread starter's posts only

To xanthian31. Thank you for this reply, tho i will clear some things out now because its seems it isn't that obvious so i'll point it out. My attitude (and not only mine) to you know who is directly proportional to the impossibility or the incompetence or whatever for god's sake we have been witnessing for so long. We, as a community cannot make sense of what is happening because it is abnormal, strange beyond any explanation that would give any clarity. We just can't explain to ourselves what's going on and we don't want to leave the game, we feel like а hostages to this person's stupid madness who we can't understand what his attitude to the game is, what exactly he does, why he doesn't do logical things that would help players and bring a lot of money to the company. Why doesn't he do it? What are his duties? Why did he bring the game to this sorry state and why is he working this hard to destroy it? All these questions have some perverted explanation I guess. Does he work for Snail and does his goal is to make the big IM buyers get so angry that they go there and pay and pay a huge sum of money to become what they were in the VCO? I do not know? We just have no explanation and the fact that we are constantly writing practically the same thing over and over again is the result of this sick puzzle that has been swirling for so long. Those who write these things incl. me, EVERY TIME we think - this time he could hear me and do something? Yes but no... And those writings will continue. I am sure! If you cry about something loud enough and long enough- someone is bound to hear you!

"selectivity" you wrote... what is his algorithm of reaction? How does it works? 


Posted on 2021-03-31 17:40:49 | Show thread starter's posts only

There is nothing abnormal, its actually quite simple mate. Just think in the terms of "making money" and suddenly everything will start making sense.

VCO is an old client based PC MMORPG game, a dying breed. IGG has 3 client based games out of 15-20 it had at one point in the past. If you look at IGG's annual reports, all client based games are making a less than 1% of the total income they get annually. The other 99% comes from mobile games / store they have.

VCO is simply not a game that brings high enough revenue for them to invest time and money into improving. We have been assigned a single administrator which takes care of other two client based games and a few mobile games. He simply doesn't have time to work on VCO and his work is of course prioritized on mobile games that bring the most revenue.

funofking simply doesn't have time and probably doesn't even have the right to change stuff on his own without talking to the superiors and they are probably telling him not to bother wasting time with VCO, cause remember, time is money. If he spends an hour on a mobile game that brings most income, he made company more money than spending an hour in VCO.

We are not a priority to them, unless one day they magically lose all the mobile game players, which is highly unlikely considering todays trends. Maybe the government bans all the gambling in these kind of games so it forces them to remove them from their mobile games, resulting with significant money loss to the point where hosting so many mobile games is no longer viable. Until that day comes, we can be happy if we get any attention from IGG.

Even we, as a moderators can't even reach anyone at IGG to talk to them about the game and its future. All we can do is make a post in the mods zone and that doesn't do jackshit, funofking just ignores it, other administrators aren't even logging in. So please don't be frustrated by us not doing anything. There is really nothing more we can do than you, the regular player. It's in our best interest for the game to thrive, but we simply don't know how to achieve it. I volunteered to take over the game administration, but of course that never happened. Even the patches I make to fix the game are completely ignored by IGG, they don't even want to accept free help. If you have any ideas on how we, moderators, can help this situation, please tell us, we will try anything.

At the moment, there is only one thing we all can do. We can start spamming service center with tickets about bugs, and improvement suggestions and we can only hope one of the superiors will notice too many unresolved tickets and do something about it, maybe assign another person to help funofking. Remember that it can also backfire, if we start reporting so many bugs, we can be seen as high maintenance and they can shut us down alltogether.


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