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[Discussion] Change your sale items

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Posted on 2020-12-31 04:27:04 | Show thread starter's posts only

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- ele


I don't know how IGG expects to make any money from IM when they can't even bother to change sales. The current sale was listed as a 22-23rd sale. It is now the 31st, IM events have come, maintenance was done, dragon max happened. But the IM sale hasn't changed at all. I would be less irritated if the sales went off on the 23rd and you didn't replace them with anything. At least then I would know when to expect and believe in the dates you assign to things.

Posted on 2020-12-31 07:36:51 | Show thread starter's posts only

they should only put certain items like 35 items 50s etc on sale sea battle refines they stuff that they take up sales with like certain hydras and serpent stones and lumin pearls should stay on normal item mall at the reduced price 


Posted on 2020-12-31 16:02:37 | Show thread starter's posts only

The last week or so of the month there are NEVER any new sales - there have not been for many many years.

at one time I made a guide on how to predict the sales... but a FEW items have changes since then

For the last 2+ years the last sale of the month is the one that has the Expedition millitary wills in it

read the guide for further insight on how to know what item will be on sale when
( just remember a few items have changed but probably not a lot)

Hot Sales; How to know what will be on sale and when


as for reduced regular prices in item mall....

for some reason programming the regular item mall must be a  daunting task.

once they add an item to the item mall it rarely if ever gets changed.
[This hidden page will show the most recent additions/changes to the mall... newest first to older next 11 pages]

only once in the 13 years of this game have they redone the item mall... and even then they did not take out the no longer used in game promoting books.

It seems it is just easier for IGG and Fok to put an item on sale than to try and locate and change the regular sale code.

If there is an item you want to see on sale you can create a thread in the forum... however be forewarned that if it has not been in a hot sale before it will probably not be put on sale.

Usually, only some "new" refining items and items that are not in high demand from the (new)Pirate king's treasure IM event eventually end up in the sales.

(so use search and go to the last page for the most recent posts - example: searching on "Luminous" - luminous pearls sometimes have to be requested though they have been more regularly on sale this last year;
once you see that the item HAS been in a hot sale before;

then make a post on the forum titled;
" hot sale request: luminous pearls"

... or the name of what ever item you would like to see.

Pay attention to the sales... some items such as mining passes, hollowness and certain charms, come on sale about the same time every month.

Hot Sales; How to know what will be on sale and when

- Ele

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I do not know what kind of obvious non logic IGG uses to set prices.

when thousands of something are required you would think they would auto set them to 1 IM each and then have a sale on a pack....

but we have learned loooooong ago that there is no logic used at IGG
everything is random and no excuses or explanations are given.

I still cringe over IM prices like
+lucky stone for 500 IM
+level 5 basic stone 800 IM
+Shadowsong or Billow 6,000 IM
+Fashion Mogul charm 2,500 IM (but at least it comes on sale)
+old charms for 499, 999, 1000 IM (which are more expensive than the better "improved charms" ... Improved charms are actually cheaper but are on a hidden page so no one can find them unless you specifically search for them)

All I can say is people warned us years ago that the game would turn more and more IM based as the updates were introduced...

What we didn't know was IGG has no logic when setting prices.

but I guess somebody must be buying the expensive items.?.?.

Back when I paid attention to sale trends, I noticed that if no one buys a sale item for 3-4 months in a row then the price often goes down... (this mostly happens on pets).... and then once the price is about 2-300 it is never on sale again.

So my best guess is that someone is buying... and I guess we just wait until that very rich person buys all they need so then hopefully no more sales are made and the price gets lowered.