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[Discussion] [Solved] Paypal purchase has gone through but no IM point

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AS i bought i bought im  shop at   click on voyage centry online  then did  paypal

and after i pay did not got my im IGG Point  in the webite why??? and even i check my Track Order Status  none ..... :angry:   after i pay it then nothing/.///////  as i email support i guess have to wait 3 weeeks to get the im...

Paid withPayPal balanceTransaction ID5UK222564E502084A
Seller informationSky Union LLC408-796-1848
Purchase details
Item amount
$550.00 USD
as i email support waiting for a reply.

Issue ID: 1367313    Status: Pending Resolution    07/31/2017 (GMT-5)

Posted on 2017-07-31 10:45:15 | Show thread starter's posts only

I am just double checking...

you have logged into pay pal and have a screen shot sent with your message for support of the transaction going through??

They (Paypal, your bank card, your bank account) may have stopped the paypal payment because IGG has a few bad reports out there from others; in the past some scammers have asked for refunds after points were spent.

I think i have heard where you just have to buy in smaller $$ amounts so it doesn't get stopped.

You NEED to contact paypal first... they often stop payments... so have proof they did not stop the payment.
If there is no record in they system of IGG getting the money (which you say there is not) then there is not really anything FOK can do.

So if you paid via bank account via paypal get a bank statement showing the withdrawal
If you paid with a credit card get the card statement showing the charge

post here when you have all that and then .. then we will escalate this to FOK  and then you can email either him or support who ever he says.. the proof the payment went through.

- Ele

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if  this not enough proof i do not know what to say............... as lose the money buying IM ...

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Haha let me clear stuffs for you
1) you buying Im 1st time or you not a regular buyer
2) paypal is lying igg will not get money 48h or 2 business days
3)igg does not trust your account
4) so do not worry you will get your points

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I can not really tell what day and time you made your transaction but I found some information on the net:

Any check (physical or electronic transfer) for $500 USD or more is automatically held ( for at least 24 hours from what I have read so far)
* edit*  $200 for personal checks, $500 for business checks  from what i have read.

Even a check from a bank to a bank is held... why?;
to give the institutions to enough time to check (double check) that there is indeed enough money in the account that the money is being with drawn from.

"Hold policies are determined by the Federal Reserve. In general, a hold on a deposit ensures a check you deposited had funds available to clear the payer’s bank account."

so we could find the MINIMUM time that your money would be held by finding and reading the federal reserve policy, but IGG may have their own policy in place as well.

So hacker (above) may be entirely correct... IGG can and probably will hold your funds for 48 hours  or longer...
The time of day (most institutions have cut off times for transactions), the day of the week, and location matter as well.  Not sure where your bank is located but 48 hours really only gives them 1 working day to have the china banks talk to the USA bank ( china is currently 13 hrs off from USA Eastern time)...  remember you are doing International transactions here.

As I said above...
next time just do 2 smaller amounts.  Keep all transactions under $500 for speed.... maybe even $200 (if you keep a balance at PayPal... it might be considered a personal check... IDK.)
* make a definite time difference in the 2 transactions... so they don't think you some how hit enter twice or something.

I have not checked the non USA prices but...
you do not save any money by buying IM points in bulk...
exchange is $0.055 USD (eg. 5 1/2 cents) per point no matter how many you buy.

For an example of how long it is a reply i found at TD bank... where they say the funds can take up to 5 business days
I chose this example because basically this is what you are doing; wire transferring funds from one International institution to another.

---Quote follows;---

If the transfer is an ACH deposit from an employer or an automatic transfer, it typically takes 2 to 3 business days to show up in your account. For more information about deposits and when they are made available, we invite you to take a look at the Personal Account Agreement here: *link removed* (pages 38-41).

Additionally, if this is a wire transfer, we'd like to let you know that TD Bank posts all incoming Domestic Wires from the Federal Reserve until 6:30pm on the current banking day. A banking day is every day except Saturday, Sunday and Federal Holidays. International Wire transfers must be submitted by 2:00pm for same day action; if the request is after 2:00pm, the transfer will be processed the next business day.

You should expect to receive the funds within three to five business days. We will post all incoming wires on the banking day they are received. International wire transfers sent by foreign currency can be received until 3:30 PM EST.

Keep in mind also that depending on the currency you are receiving, some transactions may take longer than others. Please see the following link for all applicable fees included in our fee schedule: *link removed* . And please note that we do not process or disburse funds from wire transfers received designated Pay Upon Proper Identification (PUPID) and return them to the sender.

Thanks for getting in touch with us and have a nice day.

------ end quote----

- Ele

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i got a refund  from  . i want to buy again can u tell me how i can use all the buying. paypal. step  i will do again but waiting

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yes u got refund.

was high risk.. think so..

send to ticket first. then buy IM

Posted on 2017-08-01 10:13:01 | Show thread starter's posts only

What KillMe is trying to say is:

once you demand a refund from IGG you get put on a "difficult customer list".

I think I explained above that scammers often ask for refunds...
so now your account may be flagged as a possible scammer.

Unfortunately you never said what day and time you made the initial purchase...
and being to impatient to wait 48-72 hours... leaves a bad impression.

But don't worry IGG loves customers like you, after a few months of purchases (as long as you are using the same IP address) they will know you and your account.

- Ele

I'm not sure what KillMe meant by "send to ticket first"...
maybe he meant put in another ticket to let them know you solved your own problem by getting a refund?.