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[Da Gama+James Cook] Return Player Bug Problem

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Posted on 2020-01-03 10:44:50 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi. I have a chracter around 6-7 years old. I return back to game but character has a bug problem. When i enter the quest log there is nothing there. My old quests gone and when i get a new quest ist not appairs in the log book but quest tracker on the right side of the screen shows my old quest that hasnt been finished yet. And no one in the server of Da Gama =) Can somebody explain me how to fix this bug and/or can somebody explain me carry my chracter to new server which is more popular =)

Posted on 2020-01-03 11:31:55 | Show thread starter's posts only

your server will be merged soon probably next tuesday i guess.

There is a test server currently running for the merge (see news on website).

If your account is really that old i suggest you just make a new one on MMP or Columbus (more popular servers)  (MMP= more players, easier to buy stuff Columbus = overall more noob friendly i would say)

When you make a new account you will be in lvl 120 gear in like 12 hours and in lvl 140 gear after some farming...dunno maybe 24hours or so... after that it will be bit more harder again, but u have 140 land gear, 120 sea gear and lvl 11 Raider Ship.....  i doubt your char has anything clsoe do that :)

The New Forum is lets say "special"......
Posted on 2020-01-03 13:51:34 | Show thread starter's posts only

The population on DaGama and ZhengHe is very low and they are about to merge the 2 servers as mentioned above - however that has nothing to do with your problem..... Though I would hold off on joining a guild (which is the recommended way of finding help in game) until after the merge is complete as more options will be available.


To both of you with old characters:

I would; as said above by another player, first recommend that you start new characters.
Your characters are old enough that if there is any thing you want to keep you will be able to trade it to  you new character ---start new character on new account using new different email to register so that you can open 2 game clients and trade items with yourself.

When you start a new character you get a lot of free stuff and in about 1 day you will level enough to do the quests for 120 and 140 free items
New characters start with level 10 ships, get free skill enhancement potions, 4 "coins" to level 4 skills to 100 immediately, then quickly do quest lines to get 120 weapon, uniform and hat, then 140 weapon uniform and hat. 

For a list of free stuff and hints on how to level:
I suggest your read and follow the beginner quest line here in the forums:
2016 - New / Beginning Player Start and Quest Line Guide
(there is also a link in the right column of this page or at the top of the guides section of the forum)

2nd if you are really set on trying to play your old characters;
Understand if you are not already level 140+; you will not level very fast (trying to get to 140) unless you are able to do the beginner quest line and Knights Vigil 1 and Knights Vigil 2 quest lines.

What you will have to do to be able to play old characters
1) Quit every open task you can in your voyage log - EXCEPT for the ones introduced since you left the game.  
* if you are not sure what was introduced since you left check; VCO Game Timeline - what happened on what date
You MAY? have to quit all quest that were introduced before the 2014 update - I would try quitting quests prior to when you left the game first... restart and try playing game... then if that doesn't work quit all prior to 2014.
*edit* - originally used the word "delete" and meant "quit"... you can not "delete" quests.

2) Quit every open task in your voyagers times
Voyagers times quests show in voyage log but you may? have to quit them by going through actual book (IDK I'm not going to try and chance messing up my quests).

Beginner quest line can not be quit, so if you are still doing that quest line your character quests will be messed up forever. (see below about contacting support).

To quit tasks open voyage log; at the bottom of the voyage log (ctrl +f) there are 3 buttons.... click and highlight the quest then click "quit the task"... or possibly "abandon"... I do not know which one will work.

After you quit the tasks for piece of mind I would re-start the game...
then go re-take the tasks (if they are still available in game)

If quitting tasks does not work; You can try contacting support
HOWEVER my confidence in support and their being able to help you in this matter is very low.  There is probably no one left working at IGG who experienced the 2014 update character problems and/or remembers how to fix them.

On February 15, 2014 we had the Hurricane Island Mystery update.
This was pretty much a whole new game.
They deleted so many npc's and quests that EVERYONE had to do a what was in effect a total new reinstall of a very large file.
If your characters are from before this time, you have a higher risk of encountering character/account errors when you do the lower quests.
(that being said; fyi I am still playing a couple of characters from 2007 and 2008 - but I had the beginner lines done on them long before any major updates were done)

- Ele