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[Guides] Game FAQ: Read this first BEFORE you post!

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Before you post your questions, follow these steps -- your thread may be locked if you don't:

1) Check this post for answers. (Hint: Hit Ctrl+F and type in search word). If your question is not answered here go to step #2.

2)Use the List of Guides  - Use your browser search in/on the List of Guides (ctrl +F) to search on a key word that may be in a title of a guide!.  If That doesn't work, go to #3.

3) Use the Forum Search - try searching the same key words twice... it may give different answers.  Also read; the Forum Search Feature guide

4) For computer / technical help please use the search feature for your specific problem.


My character is walking! How can I run again?
Hit ALT+R. If that doesn't work, your character has too much weight in the bag / inventory.

"Game Time" & "Real Life Time"
1 Hour in-game = 1 Minute in Real life
1 Day in-game = 24 Minutes in Real life

How Do I Up Amity With....
A City?
- Either enter the city at night, between 2300 and 0400 hours. See the City Official and Buy reputation off him.
- Or, Enter the city at night; wait until morning and let a guard arrest you and do some hard time in jail.
- Or kill some ships from some Pirates local. I.e. Athens = Crete.

A Pirate Gang?
Opposite to Above really,
- Kill some ships from a city nearest to the Pirates (but beware, your amnity with them will drop)

How to decrease my Notoriety?
- If Notoriety = 1 : Go to a quiet place, then, Commands -> Interaction -> Resipiscence
- If higher than 1 : Go to jail and stay there until it drops to the amount you want.
If you are non-pirate and keep getting attacked by city ships, you need to check your amity with all non-pirate nations. It must not be red. (See How Do I Up Amity With... to increase amity.)

How to change nationality?
* Go to the NPC that upgrades Noble Rank (title). Look for one with at least two guards, and not the Official.
* Click "Apply Noble Rank".
* You will get a dialogue as follow :
"You are still not a citizen of our country. Do you want to apply to become a citizen of our country?"
* Click "Yes, I want to apply." -- you'll start as a Commoner. That means you will lose your current noble title and have to pay again to upgrade (as long as you have enough reputation).
* When done, you will have a new nationality, gain 50 amity to that kingdom and lost 50 amity to the kingdom of your previous nationality.

I am getting low / no experience!
Check and see if the skill is at level 31. Upgrade it to Phase 2 at a Skill Tutor.

How many Phase 2 skills can my character have?
You can have 7 for free, including Voyage which is already Ph2 when you start.That means you can pick 6.
You can buy 1 more, the 8th skill. Price is 5,000,000 silver.
After you use your 8 you can buy more in the item mall (do not use item mall until you have used your 8)

What skills should I train for my explorer / merchant / warrior / miner / crafter, etc?
It's up to you.  Do some research, read the guides.  You can have as many characters as you want.  With the advent of the Professions, not all professions skills can be covered by one character.  If you should want to cover all skills, you would need a minimum of 3 characters.  So make a test character find out what you like to do in game, then make a main character catered to your likes and dislikes.   It is suggested you make 2nd and 3rd characters on other accounts (using different emails) so that you can directly trade between your characters.   There is no way to trade items between characters made on the same account, unless you have a "middleman" hold your items while you re-log.

Quest Help
Follow these steps :
1)  Use the List of guides - look under "quests"
2) Run a search on your Quest.
If you can't find an answer, post your question (in Service Center or Generally Speaking) -- Remember to post QUEST NAME and the NPC you got the quest from!
Threads are automatically locked if you do not follow the above steps.

Can I have more than 1 ship?
Yes. Some people own 5 ships on 1 character. But, you can only sail 1 at a time.
Each ship can be leveled and upgraded.

To Buy :
* Shipyard Boss
* Click "Trade and Repair"
* Click the ship "Light Double Mast Lateen Sail", then "Buy"

To Switch :
* Docker
* Select "Dock", click on the ship you want.
* Then, click "Take out of dock".
You can do this at any port. At the port where the ships are located, this is free. At other ports, you will have to pay silver to get your ship transferred; amount of silver depends on the level of your ship.

To get a higher level ship:
** Since 2016 or possibly earlier you get free lvl 10 ships with a new character, and by doing the Knights vigil II quest you get a lvl 11 adventure ship... use thoes ships - do not build/ rebuild anything lvl 10 or lower.

You must rebuild your ship.  DO NOT REBUILD the Caroelle sailboat until you are ready for a level 6 battleship or Merchant.  The Caroelle is equal or better in strength and speed than the level 1-5 ships.  Rebuild to a level 2 and up adventure ship only if you are doing discoveries and need to equip the telescope.

What is "Captain's Avatar"?
That's the figurehead of your ship. You need to remove it first before rebuilding / upgrading your ship.

I painted my ship. Does paint stay after I upgrade ship?
Sail paint goes away.
Hull paint stays forever.
(If you downgrade ship then paint, the Shipyard Boss will want materials and silver required for the higher level.
That means downgrading ship will not save your money on paint!)

I clicked Discovery when exploring on high sea and nothing happened!
1st, make sure your ship is within the area with sparkles. Discovery spots always show sparkles when you have the adequate level and are at the correct coordinants.
2nd, make sure it's the "Discovery" action / command you are using, not the "Find treasure" command.
"Discovery" command looks like this. Using the it will activate a pop-up window into which you have to enter amount of sailors you wish to do the discovery.
Read the Discovery guide for more info.

How to use Poison?
* Learn the skill "Poisoning" (must learn Medicine skill first) from Skill Master
* Carry some bottles of Poison in your bag / inventory
* Drag those bottles to your Hot key bar
* Use the hot key to poison your weapon
* Lasting time depends on your skill level and Poison level

Poison cannot be used on guns and noble / rank weapons (eg. Officer Command Falchion)!

Guild emblem / icon not showing on my ship / clothes after I joined guild!
This happens when you get accepted into guild while you are on high seas.
Join the guild again and this time stay in the city when you're doing it.
If that's not the reason, then you've encountered a bug which has already been reported by other players.

I am stuck in Guild Hall!
Talk to Guild Caretaker (left, round table, 2nd guy) to go back to town.

Can I have a house?
No. The game doesn't have this feature yet.

I use Double, triple, quadruple,  Experience Scroll -- do I get more exp for quests / missions?
Generally No. With the scroll you get double exp only when training weapons / mining / timbering / planting, etc.
You will get more exp when you turn in shortbread (weekend "event";) or do the Daily Quests St.Andrews or Silk run.
You will not get extra experience on regular "old" merchant, warrior, adventure, labor quests.

Can I stack the effects of double/triple/quad scrolls?
No.  However you can stack Blessed Pellets. Pellets come in 3 "sizes"  Small, "regular" and large. (12 hr, 24, hr 168 hr).
They give 2x exp so that if you use all 3, you in effect get the regular exp amount multiplied by 4 (no not 6).
if you use a double exp scroll and 3 pellets you get 5 x exp
if you use a 3 exp scroll and 3 pellets you get 6 x exp
if you use a 4 exp scroll and 3 pellets you get 7 x exp.
If you use a 4 exp scroll and 3 pellets during a double experience event, you get 8 x exp. (9 x exp if you are on Zheng He server)
if you should manage to somehow click 2 scrolls one will cancel the other out.  Normally you can not click 2 of them because of cool down time, but lag happens.

Why does the experience I gain change?
It use to be, you would get 2x exp, then after a period of time (about 1 hour) of using a skill it would diminish over time (about 30 min) to regular experience. This was reset every 24 hours.
Now experience gained stays constant.

Back in May 26 2011...
Weekends are 2 x experience and 1.3 x drop rate.  Weekend begins at 0000hrs Saturday Eastern time.
Except on Zheng He Server which gets; 3 x exp and 1.5 drop rate.
* As of 2014 ..Extra experience or extra drops are no longer given as an all day event(s).  On Friday- Sunday you can buy a 2 hour double drop card from an NPC in Athens.

Teacher / Student? What?
**To get the rewards in this game you have to level  without using the beginner quest lines and you must level sea and land equally - therefore it is not suggested you use this function in the game unless you are really really bored and can make one of your characters master and your other the student:

In the game someone can be a teacher or a tutor, and a lower level character can be a student. It is a very common used strategy in the Asian MMO world.

- Need 3 skills at 61 to become a teacher
- Student cannot have any 3 skills over 30
- Teacher's 3 skills and student's 3 skills -don't- have to the same
- Both can check each other progress when tutoring
- When student graduates, teacher is placed on the Master Ranking List
- The lower level the student is, the more points for teacher when skills reach 30
- The points for teacher can be used at an NPC in Athens to get special items

In your interaction screen, you have a teacher and a mentor button.
If you want to teach someone... click on them and then right click (if you haven't moved it to your shortcut bar) the teacher button. This will acknowledge them. The student has to do the same and click the student button. When both are accepted you can help each other.

This FAQ did not answer my questions!
Try; List of Guides
do a Forum Search

- here are some tips:

When you search, try narrowing search parameters:
** Since 2016 The forum has changed and we can no longer search 2 terms... even capitals can matter

Example, you want to find max number of skills:
Don't just type in "skills" -- you will get too many search results.

Try "Max AND skill AND limit" (writhe the AND, OR in capital letters)

Make sure you are correctly typing your search words!

I found a Bug (not the cockroach kind) in game!
** As of 2018 we have many more bugs...
If you do not know if a particular bug has been reported PM a forum moderator or make a semi vague post - we do not want to teach others how to use the bugs@@
Try searching [Bug] to see if has already been reported, if it hasn't, post a new threads with [BUG] in your topic header.  (many have been moved to the moderator section where players can not access so that players will not use the forum to lean how to use bugs)

I found text error / incorrect translation in game!
Please take a look at the Error text collection to see if has already been reported. If not, post there with screenshots.
** They will not fix translation errors in the game - if you do not understand the words tn ask in public chat or post in the General discussion area of the forum

Reporting a Player for Abusive Behavior
Take any screenshots you can, then go to live support and report the player.  Live support will as you to upload the screenshots.   FYI  VIP players often get away with bad behavior... not fair but money talks.

What is the maximum amount of money a character can have?
A character can hold 4,294,967,294 silver if you max out the bank and divide the coin on your character into 2 piles/slots.
It will be 1/2 of that, (2,147,483,647) if you only have 1 slot of coin.

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FAQs -  by |Assassin|

1. I want to be fight, but I can't equip anything! How do I use them?
A: Every port has a Skill Tutor located right next the the city portal when you enter the inner parts of the town. No not the suburbs. If you have trouble locating the inner city refer to your overall map (Ctrl+M) or use auto track.

2. I would like to be another nationality, where do I go for that?
A: Depending on what nationality you want. To change you must see the empire leaders. For specific information seethe guides list for the guide on nationalities

3. Okay, I changed nationalities, but I can't get my rank up or equip noble title clothes...why?
A: Each rank has a specific silver, reputation, and amity requirement. See the above link.

4. How do I get amity and reputation?
A: There are many ways to get amity, depending on who you want to get amity from you have to do certain things. Killing pirates for ports to respect you or the other way around for those smugglers to like ya. Doing tasks help create stronger trust between the organization you worked for through Ares Warrior Alliance NPC and so on. If you want it the easy way, you can invest in the empire and raise your amity by 5 each time at the city administrator npc.
Reputation can increase in many ways. Most tasks you complete from NPCs would give you a nice amount of reputation. Killing NPC pirates also increase reputation. For huge amounts of reputation, I would recommend getting items to authenticate. Shells, monster drops, treasures, and logbooks all will make you popular real quick with the NPCs

5. What are treasures?
A: Treasures can be retrieved when when "hunting" using treasure maps or boutgh from other players. To find out how to make treasure maps and to do the hunting/searching read the treasure guide.

6. What are logbooks?
Logbooks are like written information about a certain discoveries you find  When you sail around high seas, you can find many areas thte sparkle. ( sparkles is what most people call them)  and if you use the Exploration/Discovery option near it you will go through a number of prompts shown general channel textbox eventually getting a logbook which is sent to your character's item inventory.  Read the Discovery guide for more info.

7. How can I get shells?
Shells can be found lying on the beach in some ports and by fishing. Read the shell guide for more info.

8. How do I fish?
After you learn the fishing skill through Skill Tutor, you will get a free fishing net along with the skill. To equip the net, open up ship properties (Ctrl+Z) and click on the equipment tab. Next, click on your Inferior Fishing Net and place it in any of your three boxes which ship auxillaries are on the right side where you equip your cannons and under where figureheads are placed. To start fishing, you can go out in any offshore scene by ports and go near Shoals, click on them, anchor, and wait for your fishes to swim into your net. For information what locations has what kinds of stuff around the offshore
Read the fishing guide for more info.

A: Whenever you have goods on your ship other than ones given from some tasks/quests, pirates will always try to jump you simply because thats their job. To end their will to attack you, get rid of the goods by selling them (I recommend to Trader NPCs so they give more silver, eloquence/structure experience/ and possibly reputation) or drop them in any scene (High Seas/Offshore[When not sailing]/Land)

10. I want to board do I do that?
A: You need at least Level 1 Grappling stunt skill to equip and you can learn that through Skill Tutor that is from the Sea Battle skill. After that you need a grappling hook. NO not Mechanical Hook. You can get Level 1 Grappling Hooks from every beginner ports sold by Shipyard Bosses (Athens/Alexandria/Beirut/Istanbul) Once you have one, place it in your ship auxillaries. When you enter sea battle scene, have the stunt skill set as a hotkey (F1-F12) and when you get near your enemy ship, make sure you target them and press the hotkey to attempt to grapple onto the ship and board them. There is a chance of failure and grappling is not always successful. When you board, be prepared for close combat fighting. The stunt skill can be found on the Command Window (Ctrl+A) on the At Sea tab in the Enable special Skills section.

11. Which weapon is better?
A: I don't have a good answer for that, but I can help you decide on which one you want to use. There are four weapons: Falchion, sword, axe, and gun. Many players us all 4 weapons... but do some research your profession choice will also influence the weapon skills you can have.

12. Which ship is better?
A: This depends on what you do more often with your ship. Of course, you can have all three types: Battle, Raider, and Merchant ships. In general these are what each ship specializes...
Battleship: Strongest in sea can take most damage to hull.
Raider (aka Adventure ship): Fast and can hold up to the most sailors which is perfect for boarding ships.
Merchant: highest load Only type of ship that can use mines but SLOW.

13. Guards in cities keep attacking me, how do I become friendly with them again?
A: It is either if you are from a pirate nationality, have negative amity towards them, or your notoriety is above zero. Basically, to stop the port attacks, change to a nationality other than pirates, gain positive amity through killing pirates or investing to the empire, or pray to cleanse yourself from your minor sins (Only works if you have one notoriety) if it is higher pay the time through jail.

14. I have notoriety, how do I get rid of it?
A: Go to jail and do your time or if you have just one notoriety, go to your Command Window, go to the Interaction tab, and right click on "Resipiscence" and wait for three minutes without being interrupted or moving.

15. Okay, I am in jail and I hate it, how do I get out or shorten my time?
A: Kill rats for their tooth and escape. Keep in mind there is a maze for you to go through before your free, yes there are deadly monsters roaming around who are pretty strong and aggressive and you will still be wanted by the guards when you get out.
Gamble w/ the guards. (do research on this before you try it)

16. My name is red/pink what does it mean?
A: When your name is highlighted red/pink it means you are pinknamed, therefore when you die, the chances of dropping your equipments and other of your goodies are very likely and players will be after you for your items and won't get any penalty from your death.

17. What is IM?
A:  Is short for Item Mall.  Were you convert real money into game items.

18. Can I get IM items with silver?
A: Yes, you can by buy/ trade most item mall items from players.

19. What are Item mall credits for?
A:  Item mall credits are earned when you spend Item mall VC Points.  They can be used in teh rewards section of the item mall.

20. How do I get forum karma? How do I use it?
** Karma removed with new forum 2016

A: Moderators will give karma for helpful answers to peoples questions, writing guides and as rewards for forum events/games.
you can crack lucky eggs or exchange it to Item mall credit for use in the Item mall rewards section.

21. What is Forum credit?
A: it determine your rank in the forum and has no other use.

22. How do I get drawings?
A: Drawings are sometimes award from complete tasks from NPCs (Not guild NPCS) and are dropped from boarding ships and dropped from monsters in instances.

23. Is there a friend's list in this game?
A: Yes, there is. You can check out the list on the Interactions Window (Ctrl+X) on the Friend-making tab. You can add manually if they are online or click on their ship/character and use the Make Friends function.

24. What is the blacklist?
A: Simply a list where you add the people you hate, must kill for revenge, simply no reason, etc. Players who murder you will automatically become listed on the blacklist.

25. How do you make teams? And what do you benefit off it?
A: To create teams, whoever invited people to associate with them will automatically become team leader. You would highlight their character/ship and press the Make Team function. Inviting only works when players are physically present near a certain distance between each other. You can demote and promote who can be team leader, but only the current team leader can decide. On land you get a defense bonus depending on the number of players in the team. On high sea you can share provisions to last longer, Also the leader will determine everyones sailing speed, so you can sail faster than you ship normally would. Battle bonus experience are gained when players annihilate an NPC enemy. All pros, no cons.

26. What is the 2nd phase thing all about?
** Phases removed from the Game 2014

In this game, you are only allowed 8 (non IM purchased) total skills go beyond Level 31 which is phase two. When you start, Voyaging is automatically promote phase two. So choose wisely what you would like to promote. Item Mall sells promotion books which some players do sell in stalls so it is possible to phase two everything, but it is very costly. The first 7 skill you promote through Skill Tutor will be free, but the last one will cost you a nice amount of silver.
27. What is the purpose of guilds?
A: The purpose for guilds are different for everyone. Some to meet people and have fun. Sieges or what I call guild wars which is fighting another guild. Owning ports. Benefits...discounts, free stuff, leech and whatnot. Get help from veteran players to get the learn about the game quicker. And many more.

28. Who made the game?
A: The developer is Snail Games.  They actually ran the game for 2yrs then sold the American rights to IGG (Internet Gaming Gate).

28a, I have seen other games that look like this game, did they steal it?
Snail games has sold the game rights to other countries.
In the USA the game is called Voyage Century and is run by IGG
In Germany and Western Europe, the game is called Bounty Bay Online and was run by Frogster then ?? and then Snail bought it back.
In China the Game name is in Chinese characters so I dont know the name and it is still run by Snail games
In South America the game is called Magnifica Adventura and is run by Vibrant3G (Game closed)
There is also a Russian version but I have no information on it.

29. How can I run the game quicker?
A: Close all other programs.  Close all programs running in the process tab (next to the tiem display in windows)
Set the game display on high speed. In game open on System/Control Panel (Ctrl+Q) click on SET DISPLAY and on the Choose mode section click on High Speed option and confirm it by clicking yes.
De fragment your disk drive.  and do a search in the forums for specific operating system tweaks.

30. Most of the cities are empty, where can I go to meet players?
A: Seville and Athens always have people around try there!

31. I want to talk to a GM online to report something, how do I do that?
A: You can not.  There are no online GM's.  You have to go to live support and have some one come into the game to help you.

32. What are textiles for?
A: textiles can be made into certain level cloth and those are used for making clothing, hats, and armors.

33: How can I repair faster?
A: Repair amount per second increases each level depending on what you are repairing. Shipbuilding for ships and shields. Foundry for weapons. Sewing for clothing.  I do not suggest the buying of "rapid repair skill"!! You will need the other skills to survive in game, and, after level 120 all repairs are by item mall/ GM sold repair kits.

34. Can I repair jewelry?
A: Through Blacksmith you can, but he reduces the max durability depending on how much the current durability is at. To keep the max durability, you have to use the jewelry repairs kits from item mall every time.  Once durability maximum is lost there is no way to get it back.

A:  Uniforms, Hats and Weapons (level 120 and lower) can be returned to full durability by you or any player who has learned the drawing for the item. Check players who are set up in stalls/booths, but watch how much they are charging.

36. How can I get experience without doing anything?
A: There are skill practice scrolls for each skill from Item Mall that gives experience as long as you don't move.(you can be offline).  But there are no scrolls for leveling up your ship properties such as manuverability or military equipment.

35. Are there bows/spears/machine guns/dual wielding/etc. in this game?
A: No, I wish there were spears or dual wielding

1. Keep Recruit's Equipments! for mining/ timberfelling/ fishing it gives load... until you can wear a intensified labor suit.
2. Do not upgrade Dragonhead Gunboat! Change only if you need load so that would be a level two merchant ship. Need to find sparkles and must equip telescopes so get level two raider ship. And for battleship, keep DHGB until you can change to level six battleship or higher.
3. Do not say profanity on forums or in game, it will most likely lead you to trouble...
4. To prevent from scams, pay attention and carefully look at what you are selling and buying. Carefully count the digits and know the values of items your dealing with. Trading should take time and merchants are patient.
5. Always have red potions with you to heal.
6. When in sea battle ALWAYS pay attention to your current hull durability and sailor amounts.
7. Be careful when you decide to attack players, there WILL be consequences. Think before you act!
8. When selling or buying something make sure it is around the average price of what the items go for otherwise, you will have a hard time with sales, profit or not.
9. Do not play any video or computer games for a long period of time (2 hours or more) without breaks, you could strain your eyes and the body needs rest no matter what body build you have or how "healthy" you are.
10. Treat players the way you want to be treated.
End of guide...thanks for reading and hope it helps!

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