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[Guides] Guide of Star Soul System.

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Posted on 2019-11-15 03:37:00 | Show thread starter's posts only

i do share this system to all player what i know all for star soul system till now

Star Soul System is 1more way to get ur stat.. with 8 holes from main 3 piece gear.

so u can understand that put 8 stone to ur 3 piece ( weapon/amour/hat ) and that stone can give u stat.

and stone can lvl up ( more lvl up more stat ) like general system with ordy/supe/advanced

general system = we use modifi stone and get stat and can upgrade to next jwl ( ordy => purple => advanced)

star soul system = we use star essence and get stat and lvl up to 50 for stone. then u can upgrade stone for purple. then again do work and can upgrade to red.

so general system based modifi stone.. and stat soul system based star essence..

How to step

1. we can get skill holes on 3 piece main gear. ( weapon and amour and hat )

    ctrl + c => rank tab => star soul button.


click that Transmute Star Rune => u can get skill for ramdom.. ( random skill and 8 x empty holes)

and for that u need star Rune.

Star rune can get from box after u done palenque BG( rare drop ) or u can buy IM ( 55 im each )

u can make skill for 3 piece same way.. with ur 3 x rune.

## skill will active after u put 8 stone ##

## u can change skill after put 8 stone  anytime u can ##

here skill list..

it s all of skill list.. u can try to get skill what u want with ur star rune...

after u get skill u must to go Madeira to make stone to put... ( for ur 8 x empty holes)

called "Parker" npc at madeira dock..

u can see 8 x stone list..

u can check mats... ( fallen shard + Spoils and treasure ) to make stone.

fallen shard is 35 im and other u can get in game.

make 8 stone and put to ur gear. (it same way to pul as DB DR Att stone)

so u need make 3 times x 8 stone. cuz 3 piece.

that 8 type stone.. what we can get ? and what kinds of???

here list..

that 8 type stone can give u that stat...

if u make Wind stone then u can get 2 stat of (DB SP ACC Willpower.)

so u can use modifi option for what u wish get 2 stat from 4 stat.. ( here is best super tired part )

if u got SP+Acc then ur feel bad. then u can try modifi option for change stat..

to use modifi u need fallen shard + palenque badge.

here screenshot.

there Light stone can give u csr hp acute parry..

but 2 of that i got hp and acute.. it not good. so i need change stat to other..

then u can use modify option. u see what mats need for that....

so now when u get 2 stat what u like.. u can start lvl up for more stat

to make lvl up. u need much essence..

u can lvl up to 50..( all 8 stone)  then u can upgrade next statge. for more stat..

so u need alot essence..

OFC it will takes alot time.

just i wanted make lvl 30 first for all stone.... but i am give up cuz needed alot essence.

so point is what u wanna get 2 stat from stone. go modify..

take essence from new BG.. try lvl up..

do again for 3 piece...

after u get 50 lvl stone.. then u can upgrade to next for purple.. it will need more fallen shard.. 15 per stone.

5 => 15 => 30 => 60  fallenshard.. per step..

but point is star essence..

will update when i get new thing... ( if u know new thing pls reply)


it made by no1 handsome guy and no29 hansome guy..

Posted on 2019-11-15 04:08:28 | Show thread starter's posts only

if some start whith one skll and lvl runes can change skill whith out lost the runes and stat?

Posted on 2019-11-15 04:12:34 | Show thread starter's posts only

u can change skill later when u want...

anytime can change skill with rune...