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[Guides] How to register / Make a new account for Voyage Century

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Posted on 2018-12-07 15:33:59 | Show thread starter's posts only

This will be a word and picture guide on how to register / create a new account for VCO.

(I have tried to make almost all words not part of the pictures so that translation programs can translate all the words - words written on pictures do not get translated)

** We have had problems when people try to link Google, Facebook and other social media accounts.
Therefore I will not recommend linking accounts, and I will not show you how to create an account using linked account methods.
- Ele

First create a new email account.
** You can use an exiting email account, but using an email account used only for 1 character in the game is suggested.  (each account created MUST have a different email address - you can have 4 characters on each of the 4 servers per account - but this is not suggested).
  Sharing accounts is technically against the rules but we know it happens. 
  Having an account not linked to any real life information is an additional safety barrier.  And who knows, one day you may want to quit the game and give away your account. (so 1 character per account is not a bad idea).

Write down all the info you used to create your  email account (name, email address, password, sign in verification ID).
Make sure that when you look at this information 3 years from now, you can read your own writing, and tell if you used upper or lower case letters.

2nd Create an IGG/VCO account
click on "register"


1)  Make up a name for you new IGG account.
- USE ONLY 4-14 characters for your account name (IGG Registration says 4-20, but more than 14 is not compatible with the VCO registration)

- When creating account name or password for IGG / VCO or VCO game character names;
Do not use characters/letters that are not numbers or modern English alphabet letters.  (NO spaces, hyphens, dashes, asterisks, number signs, exclamation points, @ signs, $ sign etc...).

**Pay attention as you type.  The system will tell you if there is a problem
Red words appear under box with the problem

2) Type in the address for the new email account you just made.

3a & 3b) Make up a new password (different from your email password for safety)
I suggest you use only lower case letters and numbers for the IGG password, the system often has problems reading special letters and symbols. (not as safe but less problems when registering).

**Write this information down now before you click the button in #4.

- When creating account name or password for IGG / VCO or VCO game character names;
Do not use characters/letters that are not numbers or modern English alphabet letters.  (NO spaces, hyphens, dashes, asterisks, number signs, exclamation points, @ signs, $ sign etc...).

4) Click the "Send code" button


5) Go to your new email site and read the message sent there:


6) copy the code given in the email


7)  Paste the code in box #7


8) Check the " I agree" box  #8

9) and then click the button #9 " Register" 


You will then be kicked out to the main IGG page.
Your new account name shows at the top right of the page.


10) Type in  into the browser address

11) Your account name will show in the top right;
CLICK the words "click here to activate this game"


The following page will appear for about 3-5 seconds:


The words at the top right will change

now download game file and start/run game as ADMINISTER

continued in next post...


Posted on 2018-12-07 15:34:14 | Show thread starter's posts only

Always Run / Start game as Administer.

There is a way to set the game shortcut permanently to start as Administer.  Please look this up on your own as it  is different for every version of windows.


Choose any of the 3 update servers.
click "confirm"


Make sure you have the correct version installed (red circle)
then click "start game"


a short video will play:


Then the following screen shows
1)  click the Name of the server you want to play on.

("battle Server" is not accessible.)

2)  then click "Enter"


3) Type in your IGG Account Name (NOT email)
4) type in your IGG Password

If for some reason you are not able to get past this screen; go to 3rd post below.


Create your character


Choose the look of the character you want:
Double click 1 of the 4 people on the ship


5) select the face of your character  (Hair color will not show a change)
6) Type in a name for your character


Click "next" to select that character or click "previous" to back out and choose another character


your character will then appear to be standing on the dock...
click "enter"  to start the game.


Posted on 2018-12-07 15:34:28 | Show thread starter's posts only

If you can not get into the game:

We have server maintenance every Tuesday from 2-8AM EST (0700-1300 GMT).
Though it doesn't usually last that long.

1) check to see if your account activated correctly:
In your browser address line; Type in >> then click Downloads

Look at the brown box near the top left of the screen:

This is a picture of a successful log in;

This is a picture of an account that still needs to be activated;
Click the words;   "Activate this game!"

This is a picture of a bugged activation:

This is a known bug that happens from time to time.
If this happens please make a post if the forum (so that all players can know the bug is happening again) AND contact IGG support; Be sure to attach a screen shot of your error  showing brown box AND top right of screen where activation words should have appeared.  (you may need to resize your screen shot to 1200 pixels wide if the file size is to large to upload)
EMAIL and get a "TICKET" SUPPORT LINK : >> PC Game >> Voyage Century
you will have to sign in again as this is a different forum from ours.
so don't be scared by the error message

for further information on errors please read the bottom of this thread:

IGG Customer / Client Support Links; contact info