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[Guides] Dragon Max Event Guide

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Posted on 2018-11-08 16:48:28 | Show thread starter's posts only

Our first planned running of the Dragon Max event was held
October 31, 2018; 1300 EST (14:00 EDT)

Link to event Announcement

The event takes place in Seville suburbs

PVP SHOULD HAVE been turned off but it was not for this event.

Max's HP is; 1.00 A hundred Million = 100,000,000

All I can suggest is to have as much DR and HP as possible... and healers for the super strong players that can actually take 2 or 3 hits before dying.

When he kills you (which he will do to even the strongest player in 2 or 3 hits) you re- spawn in Seville offshore.
(Though other players have mentioned it is possible to change spawn point to just outside suburb door)

Have only the strongest use close in weapons... everyone else use gun and stand back!

Max runs around a lot.
It was best if we could surround him to keep him on one place but soon enough he would use his fireball and make a path through us and run away.

The fireball he "spits out" has a diameter of at least the height of 4 characters if not more...
he got 3 of us at once... and we were not all that close to each other.

We were constantly chasing him.  He got in the area where the huts are and our aim would be obstructed and he would run out of range and / or out of sight constantly.

**If a player dies, his damage/ score for the event is reset and he will re-start from 0 .
If a player does not hit/ damage Max after dying and re-spawning he will not get any prize/reward.

Max is suppose to look like this:

But for me after I was killed the first time...
he looked like this next picture for the rest of the event.

Prizes/ Rewards

Only the top 100 players attending the event will get rewards.
(We had no where near that amount... and I would imagine the game would lag out if we did.)

The rewards are distributed via Prize Taking at Warehouse Manager.

1st spot
200 x Common Treasure Voucher
100 x Advanced Treasure Voucher
500 x Gulch Gold Fragment
800 x General Manual
2000 x Modification Stone

2nd spot
180 x Common Treasure Voucher
90 x Advanced Treasure Voucher
450 x Gulch Gold Fragment
700 x General Manual
1800 x Modification Stone

3rd spot
160 x Common Treasure Voucher
80 x Advanced Treasure Voucher
400 x Gulch Gold Fragment
700 x General Manual
1600 x Modification Stone

4th spot
140 x Common Treasure Voucher
70 x Advanced Treasure Voucher
350 x Gulch Gold Fragment
600 x General Manual
1400 x Modification Stone

5th spot
120 x Common Treasure Voucher
60 x Advanced Treasure Voucher
300 x Gulch Gold Fragment
500 x General Manual
1200 x Modification Stone

Minimal participation reward (from 6-100)
100 x Common Treasure Voucher
50 x Advanced Treasure Voucher
200 x Gulch Gold Fragment
400 x General Manual
1000 x Modification Stone

see discussion/  info gathering thread for people who gave and collected data and information.

- Ele

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