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[Guides] General card / Justin Colby - Death of the Murderer

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Card drops in Yizhou bay instance, only place so far.

Quest for Justin Colby general:

Requirement: Lieutenant Rank (lvl8) or higher

1. Death of the Murdered

Go talk to Statham ( He is in front of Battle Forest on Hurricane Island)

2. Report to the Queen

Go to London City and talk to Elizabeth

3. Escape

Go to Goree Island Dungeon and talk to Father Spike ( It is in Dakar you have to talk to Dungeon Guards to enter and Father Spike will be right in front of you after you enter)

4. Interrogate

Kill any of mentioned mobs all drop required item: Spanish Slave-monger, Portuguese Slave-monger, Jailer or Warden.
You have to collect 5 Sporadic Clues then right click on it to turn it into Complete Clue then you talk to Father Spike again.

5. Chase

Go back to London City and talk to Elizabeth

6. New Partner

Go to London Port and talk to Censor Bruce.

Reward: Justin Colby General

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wich general got ? different or same like ken edmund

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Same possible skills as before.

Just a different name (like the purple generals, but better skills)

see the list of skills:
All possible Card General skills

- Ele