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[Guides] Fast leveling old skills; general skill to 2040 + getting Rep for nobility

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Your over all General skill level (Max 2040) is used in calculating your Land Battle points
see Land Battle points calculator

So for those that want to max their over all skill level....

You can buy Ability reward gold and take a skill up to 100 instantly.
They cost 10 IM (as of October 2019) in the item mall and you first learn the skill at the skill tutor (if needed) then buy the pack at the Ability Book Exchange Master; Athens dock: (50, -48) (a.k.a. Ability Reward Gold NPC) an the bottom of the Athens Dock Ramp into the city.

You can also buy packs that take your profession level up to 140, 150, and even 160.  However these packs do not raise your general skills.

I have found leveling between 100 to 120 can take a loooong time depending on what skill you are leveling and what day of the week it is.

My suggestions on how to level each skill are written in the next post.

Here are the last experience values needed to reach 120 in the old skills:

099        =>        100        55.000.000
100        =>        101        51.515.050
101        =>        102        53.060.400
102        =>        103        54.636.350
103        =>        104        56.243.200
104        =>        105        57.881.250
105        =>        106        59.550.800
106        =>        107        61.252.150
107        =>        108        62.985.600
108        =>        109        64.751.450
109        =>        110        66.550.000
110        =>        111        68.381.550
111        =>        112        70.246.400
112        =>        113        72.144.650
113        =>        114        74.077.200
114        =>        115        76.043.750
115        =>        116        78.044.800
116        =>        117        80.080.650
117        =>        118        82.151.600
118        =>        119        84.257.950
119        =>        120        86.400.000
120        =>        120        88.578.050


- Ele

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For the fastest leveling use a 4xExp scroll.
The servers get 2x Experience on Friday, Saturday & Sunday.  This affects leveling rate greatly, it will "stack" with your scroll!

All these methods below assume you use a ability reward gold to level to 100 first.
4 free ability reward gold are given to a new character, more can be bought in the item mall for 10 IM points each.

These methods will also work if you want to level starting at level 1 but I do not have any time or material calculations for starting at lower levels.
In general if starting from level 1; buy the next level of stunt as soon as possible and create the highest level item you can.  (level 11 and 12 items often require special items such as cold iron or weapon molds so I suggest only creating up to level 10 in items to keep costs down and number of items needed to a minimum)

Do Mallorca, Madagascar or Bombay land instances 3 times in a row while on a 4 exp scroll.
This may take a few days if you try to use your scrolls effectively.
I did 3x Mallorca (takes about 35 min) then would do a seabattle instance usually straight of Gibraltar (since I needed to raise seabattle a bit as well).
But I was solo.  Might be faster with a friend and you could do higher level instances  but I do not have data for that.  If you are lower level (under 120? for the lower instances), you can send an alt ahead, team them, and have them teleport you to save sailing time.
Don't forget to spend skill stunt points on weapon skills and on the special weapon skill. But, leave a point for level 2 of that skill.
*note; even if you just use a 2 experience scroll if you do the instances on Fri, Sat, Sun you really only need to complete about 15-18 Bombay instances to get from 100-120 in a weapon.

Sea Battle - usually only a few points from max after doing all 3 beginner quest lines plus some regular leveling.. so no real need to fast level it. But since most do the daily quests... When doing the daily sea battle quests; use a experience scroll, and do them 3 times and will give faster and more exp.

Voyage - I suggest using ability reward gold on this on so you can immediately upgrade your free level 11 adventure ship into a level 13 and be able to sail it. (Get a guild mate to buy the ship upgrade pack in guild hall.. trade them your ship while at Genoa and have them upgrade it and trade it back... if you do not yet have enough vigor to do it yourself)
However, the old method of parking overnight in certain areas (Black sea behind Istanbul) seems to still work for leveling voyage afk.

- never needed to fast level it as it levels up with weapons.  Even starting with barehand around 80 , after I took 2 weapons from 100 to 120, barehand went to 120.

----------Wear the highest level Labor suit you can for sp recovery for all of the following ----------

Mining + Timber/logging -
Something changed recently,; This changed around the Yizhou update (May, 8, 2018)

I do not seem to get extra experience when on a scroll, compounding metal or logs.

For comparison; Starting at level 100 from ability reward gold, I tried making lvl 10 timber on a 4 exp scroll.  With in 30 minutes I was just about to reach level 101.

So now I recommend you just get a week long mining and timber pass and go to the regular trees or ore stacks and collect level 8, 9 and 10.  When you hit 101 go buy the stunt to collect level 11 and when you hit 111 buy the stunt to collect level 12.
I have not timed how long it takes to get from level 100 to 120 but I assume it is now similar to the fishing experience which took me 4 1/2 (Mon-Thurs not 2 exp) days with a week long blessed pellet running.

Shipbuilding - you do have to use a profession point
Needs about 700 compounded ore and timber of each level;  8,9,10. (may also depend on sub skill "optimized manufacturing" level)
Get a lvl 91 shield or figurehead drawing (uses 10 of each lvl 8,9 &10 timber and ore)
Use a 4xp scroll and make that lvl 91 item until you reach 120
If you have enough materials you will level to 120 in about 10 min on a weekend.

Alchemy and Shipbuilding are the only skills that have a stunt to increase the likeliness of creation success.

Foundry - you do have to use a profession point
Needs about 500 compounded ore and timber of each level;  8,9,10.
Get a lvl 91 weapon drawing from a blacksmith NPC (uses 10 of each lvl 8,9 &10 timber and ore)
Use a 4xp scroll and make that lvl 91 item until you reach 120
If you have enough materials you will level to 120 in about 10 min on a weekend.
*note* I had to sell off the swords I made part way through due to weight.

I have been told by others that you will level from 0 to 120 on 1 regular planting pass with out using any scrolls... they last for 30 days so as long as you are not offline probably more than 1/3 of that you will probably not need to use reward gold to level up planting to 100 first.

Immediately buy the highest plant study stunt available.
Do not bother doing the voyagers times quest for the free planting pass because you can not use it after you hit 100 in the planting skill... and the object here it so get to 120... so...
Just get an regular Auto-planting card.... you will max long before it runs out.
Gather your seeds ahead of time, before claiming the planting card from the warehouse.
Plant the plants you will need to make the incitantias and cloth for leveling sewing and alchemy and medicine.
Plant the highest level plants when you can. (see alchemy and sewing for number of plants needed)

Alchemy - you do have to use a profession point
make high level incitantia while on a 4exp scroll - uses about 14,880 plants per hour.  Actual number of potions made depends on "optimize refine" stunt level. (W/ Optimize stunt at 3, I got 715 potions from 10,000 plants)(you need about 29,370 plants to make 2,100 high lvl incitantias at lvl 3 optimization)
You will need 2-1 hour 4 exp scrolls, to go from 100 to 120, because auto compound is a bit slow, and it will take about 2 hours to compound 29k plants).

Alchemy and Shipbuilding are the only skills that has a stunt to increase the likeliness of creation success.

You will need about 2,100 High level incitantias., 250 low level recovery potions, 150 low level Hp potions (higher level may be better as it gives more exp ...but the low level HP and SP were free drops in game) and wear labor uniform for SP regeneration. (29k plants)

Team with an alt or a patient friend.
Have all 2000 INC+ Hp+SP pots on your character before clicking the scroll. And set up F keys ahead of time.
I suggest you put skill in a F key slot so all you do is click f1 then mouse click your alt.  Put recovery potions in f2 key right next to blood rage skill... have to be careful as many times recovery does not activate even though it HAS been 1 sec it can take 2 sec before recovery pots activate....  And put healing skill to heal alt in f3 you dont want him dying before your scroll times out.

While on a 4 exp scroll, Use the "High Level blood rage skill" on your alt continuously (1x per second is as fast as it will let you).  You will occasionally have to use hp pots on your alt and recovery potions on yourself. 
Note; using the blood rage skill on others, gives a lot more exp then using the pots on yourself.

I was Just barely able to go from 100 to 120 in 1 hour... you might only get to 119. (I can not remember if this was a weekend or not).
Definitely do this on a weekend so the exp stacks, or just use 2 scrolls and a few more potions.

Sewing - you do need to use a profession point
Use plants grown when leveling planting.  You do not need to use a profession point to make the cloth.  But cloth making will not be enough to level sewing more than about 2-3 levels.
Buy a lvl 91 hat drawing (needs 35 of each lvl 8,9,10 to compound - I used all lvl 10)
Make enough cloth for about 30 attempts (1,050 of each level or 3,150 if all lvl 10) (15,750 textile plants).  And Use a 4exp scroll.  Spam "sew" the hat...Probably takes about 20 min to go from 100 to 120 on a weekend. (there is no skill to improve sewing success)

using a profession point is optional - but its a good opportunity to use that 5th skill and to collect black pearls, since after training all the old skills, you will need to use a lethe tool and reset your skills anyway.

Leveling Fishing is REALLY SLOW...  Do not try to level fishing anywhere but in the passport area.
Trying to click scrolls every hour can be problematic, so I suggest; buy a 7 day fishing pass when on sale, and use a 168 hour (7 day) blessed pellet.
Fill your ship's hold with trader goods (1 item per slot - to block fish from collecting). Then fish for about 4 days.  You can fish on a regular shoal unless you want black pearls and coral...but then you will need to use a profession point to fish the special shoal.

You will want to take the sub skill "fishing net maintenance" to about 9 or 10 other wise you go through nets rather fast.

I tried a 24 hour pass and barely got from 100 to lvl 103 with out any scrolls.... on another character I think i clicked a 2xp scroll 6 times in that 24 hour period and only went from 100 to 104.

Unfortunately the pellet only gives 2 exp and is rather expensive. However even using the Great Blessed Pellet I went from 103 to 120 in 95 hours (almost 4 days)  of weekend fishing (luckily disconnects send you out of the fishing area) but I did let my net run out 2x so I am not sure of total actual fishing time... probably closer to 90 hr.

Doing the calculations...
since it would take about 4+ days to go from 100 to 120... it might be slightly cheaper to buy (when not on sale) 4 - 24 hour fishing passes and 4 - 24 hour blessed pellets, if you are just leveling fishing. 

But the sale price 7 day fishing pass is slightly less than the cost of 4 - 24 hr passes ..AND the Blessed pellet keeps running even when disconnected or offline (and I lost time because of that ; used about 4 1/2 days of the pellet time to reach 120), so I will be using the 7 day version of each on all my fishing leveling.
Use "left over time" on pellet while training other skills (weapons? sea battle, mining?)

Max the stunt fishing practice to increase the ship maximum carrying load
Max the stunt fishing net maintenance to increase the time your nets lasts while fishing (but trade off points with fisherman spirit (SP +5 per point) if you know you will never use this character to fish again.)

***Remember we get un-announced double experience on weekends which stacks with pellets and experience scrolls.  So always fast level on weekends (possibly Friday-Sunday.... but would have to test that)


So you may have noticed to do all the leveling you have to use at least 4 profession points...
so after all are leveled go use your trade points and buy a Lethe Tool so you can set your skills later to what you really need. (or get your free lethe tools from Seville upper city rewards npc)
Free Gear Giver Upper Seville City:  (18.5, 27.4)  or go around the fence to (20.6, 24.1)

Where to get drawings:

Level 10 Shields (91): Drawing:
- dropped from Hades Armed Ship Captain
- dropped from Black Sea Pirate Flagship Captain
- dropped from Baltic Sea Pirate Flagship Captain
- dropped from William Kidd
- dropped from Tokisada Amakusa Shiro
- dropped from Oji

Level 10 Figureheads (91) Drawings:
- dropped from Hades Armed Ship Captain
- dropped from Hades Smuggling Ship Captain
- dropped from Hades Raiding Ship Captain
- dropped from Black Sea Pirate Flagship Captain
- dropped from Baltic Sea Pirate Flagship Captain
- dropped from Edward Teach
- dropped from Oji
- dropped from Tokisada Amakusa Shiro
- dropped from William Kidd

Level 91 Hat Sewing Drawings
Beijing Item Seller
---------Ares Helmet Drawing (Sewing 91)
---------Financier Hat Drawing (Sewing 91)
---------Navigator Hat Drawing(Sewing 91)

Beijing Weapon smith
---------Vague-moon Scimitar Drawing(Foundry 91)

Reykjavik Weapon smith
---------Paladin Sword Drawing (Foundry 91)

Muscat Weapon smith
---------Overlord Axe Drawing (Foundry 91)

Malacca Weapon smith
---------Detonator Gun Drawing (Foundry 91)

Alchemy Drawings available in Seville

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Reputation - getting those last few points to get lvl 12 Nobility

The easiest ways to get reputation:

1) After using ability reward gold - buy all skill titles at the skill tutor that you can.

2) Do the Voyagers times tasks for reputation; Voyagers times tasks

3) Collect shells and authenticate them - Shell guide

4) Do Treasure maps and authenticate the treasures for reputation.  You can authenticate the same treasure more than once but only get 1/2 the reputation of the first authentication.
You will probably want to do the Gonzalez (Barcelona city) map tasks when you do this... and get that 2nd free 140 weapon.