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[Guides] Save Santa - Christmas 2017 Event

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A "new" event was Held during the Christmas Holiday Season of 2017

This Event was scheduled for 2 hours but,
it lasted only about 10 minutes!


The event was held in Seville Suburbs, near to the suburb entrance.
10:00 am - 12:00 am (GMT -5) Dec 26th, 2017 (beta)
11:00 am - 1:00 pm (GMT -5) Dec 30th, 2017
11:00 am - 1:00 pm (GMT -5) Jan 1st, 2018

The event involved killing a "boss" monster named; FFrost Titan
FFrost Titan when killed, spawns 100 (North Island type) Snow men named; Bad bad snowman.
A total of 5 FFrost Titans are spawned.
No Snowmen spawn after the 5th FFrost Titan is killed (so there are only 4 chances to pick up drops)
A new FFrost Titan appears after there are only about 5-7 Snowmen left to kill.

The Snowmen drop a gift box that when clicked can yield prizes (list below).
I am not sure if the FFrost Titan drops anything as I was never the first hit (so would not get the drops anyway).

FFrost Titan (FghtNpc05192)

HP  100,000,000
(note this is the first spawn before everybody arrived....also it seems maybe the first person to hit the FFrost Titan may be showing at top when I target the FFrost Titan  IDK.)
[Also note announcement to start event shows in announcement area on right of screen]

Bad bad snowman (FghtNpc05191)
HP 10,000
(Note about 80% spawn in a large "huddle" / mass, the rest spawn within about a 5-10 running strides radius)

But a strong person with Tornado or SOS? can mow them down fast.
Luckily they only have about 3 seconds before others can start to pick up items

I believe each snowman drops 2 boxes (was hard to tell as had character screen closed for screen vision)

Hints on how to collect Gift packs/boxes

1) if you can 1 hit a snowman you will get more boxes than those who need multiple hits (ie 10,000 hp per hit)
2) turn off the pop up window that asks if you want to pick up bound items
3) try standing in the middle of the mob and use auto pick up after someone does tornado/SOS.
4) Stand outside the center of where the Ffrost Titan is (about 5 -10 running strides radius out)... get first hit on snowmen that spawn outside of not try to kill them just get first hit on 2 or 3 that are close together, then take your time or let others help, you will get the drops if you have first hit.

Gift Pack
Existence time is seconds (not sure what full time is)
1500 = 25 min

List of items from packs
(all items given are 1 per opened gift pack unless noted)

The Gift packs (picture above) and the prizes are ALL BOUND

Prizes that show in the announcement area:
Garnet [Luminous pearls] (3)
Entrepreneur Charm
Mithril Brace
Blood Stone (Perfect)
Amethyst Stone (Perfect)
Crystal Shield Stone (Perfect)
Tough Blood Stone (Perfect)
Acupuncture Instrument
7 Seas Cruiser Gift Pack
North Wind Revenge Battleship Gift Pack (aka. Raging Boreas Class-Battleship Gift Pack)

**ship packs are bound, ships are not bound

Prizes that do not show in the announcement area:
Moonstone (2)
Eye Of Storm (2)
Blood Rose Fragment (25)
Proof of Battle grade 2 (10)
Proof of Battle grade 3 (5)
Proof of battle grade 4 (2)
General manual (10) or (20)
Modification stone (2)
Snake Stone Fragments (5)
St. Deus Battlefield Badge (5?)
St. Deus Proof of Honor
Mazu's Tears
Amber Bodhi
Gold Nuggets (5)
Garnet [Luminous pearls] Fragment (10)
Guardian Fragments (1)

*Ship stats are from rebuild guide


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Saved for updates

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Saved for updates