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[Guides] Halloween Voyage Log Tasks (2017 Event)

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There are 2 Halloween events;
1) this one that starts at the Halloween ambassador on Seville dock.
This story line can only be done 1 time.

2) There is also another Halloween event that has a pumpkin spawn in Seville suburb, everyone attacks it and it leaves pumpkin shaped chests to open.  The Pumpkin killing event will be covered in another guide IF, the event is put into use (so far it has only had 1 test run).  -Ele 11/1/2017


This is a one time through quest line, like all other quests lines in the voyage log. 
This is NOT a Daily quest!
The quest line is available (able to be completed) from 10/27/2017 through 11/3/2017.

** the quest line has never been turned off ans was still available for Halloween October 31, 2018

This quest line Use to show in your voyage log under the "Branch" tab, however when attempting it November 4, 2018 the quest line DOES NOT show in the voyage log... you just have to follow this guide or remember from the npc's words where to go.
The name it use to be under in the Voyage log was "Halloween Tasks"

The Quest Line is only open to players level 150 or above.

***Use the voyage Log auto track to get to the NPC's, they are not listed in regular auto track and most are special one time NPC's

*** EVERY NPC has this text error when you talk to them.
Choose the top option every time (corresponds to "query the task" )
bottom one is "leave"

*** All drop items such as the "Robbed Halloween Charm", "Precious Chocolate" and "The Devil Emblem" CAN NOT be traded, or sent via the warehouse and are Destroyed if you drop them to the ground and then click "yes"  (eg; do you want to destroy this article).


1)  Halloween Publicity
Talk to the Halloween Event Officer a.k.a Halloween Ambassador (Seville Lower Dock, Near Treasure Exchange Commissioner (78, 3) .

150 - Gold Nugget Fragments
150 - General Manuals

2)  Riley's Trouble
Talk to NPC Riley in London City

20 - Mazu's Tears
600 - Garnet Fragment

posting a overhead map because it is hard to describe Riley's location:

3)  Halloween Charm
Go to Hamburg Suburbs, kill a Viking and bring back the (drop) of Halloween Charm and deliver it to Riley (in London City)
*This "charm" is not wearable

300 - Serpent (Snake) Stone Fragment
200 - General Manual

4)  Begging Lehman
Talk to Lehman in Oslo (Upper Dock area left side as you go into the city)(approximately where Mid Summer festivities envoy (aka. Mid Summer Representative Samansa) is in London)(32,-134)


400 - Serpent (Snake) Stone Fragment
50 - Modification Stone

5)  Collection Materials
10 - level 7 Cloth (Can be bought at any Tailor/ Item Seller NPC)
1 - Level 7 Hat Flan (Can be bought at any Tailor/ Item Seller NPC)
10 - Level 7 Timber (Can be bought at any Blacksmith/ Weaponsmith NPC)
Deliver them to Lehman (Oslo upper Dock)

600 - Garnet Fragment
50 - Modification Stone
Open Sea Treasure map

6)  Lost Pearl
Click map to open and view where to search for treasure.
Search area is North of London (178, -628)

Use the  command interface (Ctrl+A) >> on land tab >> icon a of a magnifying glass, that when moused over says "Left-click to search for treasures".
If you do not know how to search for treasures see the following for an example:
Treasure Map, Treasure finding for beginners

The treasure you get will be Lehman's Precious Pearl:

Turn this treasure into Lehman (Oslo upper dock)

80 - Modification Stone
2 - Guardian Fragments

7)  Lack of Candies

Go to Bordeaux and talk to NPC Candymakers (On ramp up to Bordeaux "city" area; 77, 104).
Buy 1 candy from her.  Take the candy to Riley (London City)

200 - Gold Nugget Fragment
2 - Guardian Fragments

8)  Chocolate Candy (1)
Go to Reykjavik Trader NPC and buy 3 Fruit Jam
Go to Beirut Trader NPC and buy 5 Granulated Sugar
Go to Istanbul Trader NPC and buy 3 Honey
Go to Barcelona Trader NPC and buy 5 Apple
Level 3 Purchasing is highest needed for this.

then take all trade goods to NPC "Hell" in Barcelona City (107, 150 )

50 - Proof of Battle (Grade 5)
2 - Guardian Fragments

again NPC location is kind of hard to explain so:

9)  Chocolate Candy (2)
Enter Gibraltar Straights instance (Yes, you will have to team with either a NPC or another player)
Kill Karabash's Hammerhead (1st mini boss)
Collect the (Drop) of Chocolate and take it to NPC Hell in Barcelona City.

300 - General Manual
2 - Guardian Fragments

10)  Go to the Halloween Party
Go to Athens Suburb and kill a Halloween Ghost (Up near the depressed poet area in the Parthenon ruins area (-109, 123 ).. with NPC Alexandria)

Get (the drop) The Devil Emblem and give it to the Halloween Event Officer (Halloween Ambassador) (Seville lower dock)
*Ghosts are a bit strong compared to the other things killed in the quest...  150,000 HP but no special skills ..comparable to, maybe a bit harder than, a rampant pirate (HP 10,000). They do NOT auto attack so new players are still safe.

30 - Mazu's Tears
2 - Guardian Fragments

--- END of Quests -------

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