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[Guides] General Card /Ken Edmund Task - The Mystery of Battle Blade

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Ways to obtain Ken Edmund quest card:
1. French Expedition Soldier in New Amsterdam outskirts
2. Asian side - Iron Hand Smuggling Ships (sinking, not grapple)
3. Henry. Ivelli's Fantasy Ship 

Quests for Ken Edmund legendary general:

1. The Mystery of Battle Blade:
First task is only to go talk to Statham in Hurricane Island

2. Ken Edmond:
Sail to London and talk to Nicholas
Receive; Military Blade Drawing

3. Repay a Debt for others:
After completing 2nd task you get drawing and able to produce Military Blades. Go to Battleforest Auchi (level2) and kill Auchi Officers (each officer drops 2-3 Advanced Irons).
Forge 5 blades with/from the iron.
(You do NOT need to spend a profession point toward forging, and you may only need Forging skill level 1 to do this)
Receive; Map

4. Tour of India:
After completing 3rd task, you got Map in your inventory. Sail to Bombay and spawn Edmund mob (easy mob) see map for spawn area.

5. New Partner:
Sail back to London and submit task.
Receive; a General Ken Edmond Card.  Good luck with the skill !


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ty for the guide! :)

The New Forum is lets say "special"......
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Great, thank you very much. Just add some basic info where to obtain this task.

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