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[Guides] How to check your internet connection for lag, dropped packages, & path

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Some Info updated April 2019


Many players get kicked from game especially when entering instances or battlegrounds.

Usually this is due to what most people just call; internet LAG

IGG WILL NOT be buying any new servers nor will they help you when you experience these types of disconnects.

The only "fix" offered by IGG is for you to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network).  Usually you have to pay real money to a 3rd party business for this service.

So before you pay real money... check that it is your connection, not your hardware that is causing the problem.

If you use a wireless router...
make sure no one else is trying to use your connection.


1) All official reports to IGG support or Funofking must be made using WinMTR (see 4th post).
Other programs are included here because I believe they graphically depict what is happening much better than WinMTR.

2)  I suggest you let the program trace and re-trace about 50 times if you plan on making a report.
That way you will have realistic average numbers for the report.

3)  When doing a trace and if you plan on submitting a report to IGG, according to FunofKing (back when this was written) you are suppose to use the following address; (old MMP IP)
See below for new addresses.

but with some other tracing we were able to find the following;

April 26, 2019 Updated numbers:
From a post by DSOFA - here

Update server
Update server
Update server
Magellan and Marco Polo192.243.47.66
Da Gama & James Cook192.243.47.68
Zheng He192.243.47.70

IGG main
VCO main

These are the OLD IP addresses:

Update server ip
Update server 1 [] []
Update server 2 [] []
Update server 3 [] []

Servers ip
Columbus []
Magellan & Marco Polo [ and]
Dagama & James Cook [ and]
Zheng He [ and]

IGG websites ip [] [] [] (old forum)

Here is a old post from former forum administer mycake that describes the types of lag:
(I do not really suggest the links he gives for diagnosing your internet lag problems... the results/ format is hard to understand)

About Lag and Kicks
Lag and kicks are common diseases of the internet, and a particularly disturbing nuisance in all online games, including IGG games.
A--Causes for Lag
A-1 Structure of the Internet
Lag can be caused somewhere between your computer and the online service that you use, for example, an online game. Each and every cable, node, server, program, computer and internet provider in this network plays an important role. Just one problem at any of these points can slow down your connection significantly: a broken hardware component or an error in software, or something as simple as a digger that caused a broken cable. If your data package cannot reach its destination, it takes a different route through the net. Then it just takes a couple of milliseconds longer till it reaches its destination. In an online game though, where you are risking death if you cannot react to a threat instantly, a couple of milliseconds can quickly prove fatal.
A-2 Bandwidth
Another cause for lag is that everyone has only a certain amount of bandwidth to use. Picture your bandwidth as a pipe. Then picture all your internet traffic as the water running through the pipe. The more applications you are running, the more water is forced through the tube. Eventually you'll hit a point where the volume of the water exceeds the constraints of the pipe and traffic slows, becoming the eternal bane of power users everywhere - lag. Fortunately it will never break and flood your basement. Sometimes, you might even be sharing your internet connection, and your bandwidth, with a roommate or neighbor. If she/he decides that now is the time to download the complete works of William Shakespeare, then it will have to share space with your game. The more applications and people using the internet connection, the slower it will be.
A-3 Your Own Computer
Another form of lag is caused directly by your computer. For example, when you ask your computer to do too many things at once, your operating system defines which request gets the most processing power. So if you are running any other programs while playing the game, it could cause lag, depending on the program and your PC's processing power. Lag can also happen if your hardware is not strong enough for your programs, or your hardware drivers are not installed correctly.
Other common programs that can dramatically slow down your connection are firewalls or anti-virus software that are scanning your internet traffic.
A-4 Client Side Graphic Lag
There is another type of lag that our programmers call client side graphic lag. It appears when the game client on your PC gets overloaded. For instance, when you change maps, the client has to display many new creatures and items for the first time. The client then gets the graphics from your hard drive, and if that process is slow, you will experience this as lag, even though from the server side, everything seems fine.
B--Just for Kicks
B-1 Sporadic Kicks
If your data packages do not reach our game server anymore at all because of a complete block or disruption, the game client on your PC and our game server will notice this independently from one another and kick you out of the game.
B-2 Mass Kicks
If there is a problem close to our game servers, a problem at our data center for instance, many players will be affected by this at once. Our game server will then notice this and declare exceptional circumstances. That means that the server checks all connections again and immediately logs out all characters that cannot be reached anymore within a couple of seconds. That is called a mass kick. Mass kicks also occur when one of our game servers crashes. Then all characters on that game world are immediately logged out.
C--Concerning Warnings
Many of you wish for warnings when there are lag and kicks. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide them most of the time. We do not know in advance when somebody is launching an attack on our servers, or if a thunderstorm has affected a big internet provider in the United States, or a tsunami knocked out the internet to a whole region of Southeast Asia, as happened not long ago. In such situations, warnings will inevitably be too late. What's worse, we cannot tell you when it is safe to play again, either, because these things are often out of our control. We simply cannot know when a technical problem has been fixed, unless it is a technical problem with our own equipment. All we can do is try to minimize the negative effects to your gaming experience.
D--Ways to Determine the Type of Lag
D-1 Checks on Your End
When you experience lag, you should check if you can reach other websites first. If this takes longer than usual, or they are not available at all, you can assume that the problem is something on your end.
To rule out that the lag is caused by your computer, things you could check for are your firewall, to see if maybe the service you are trying to reach is blocked, or you can check via your task manager (for Windows PCs) which of your programs are running in the background and using up lots of processing power. Maybe a virus scanner is doing a scan and slowing your whole system down? Also check what the people around you are doing. Maybe your brother is downloading a huge file, while you are trying to play.
If you cannot identify the cause of the lag on your end, maybe it is connected to your provider. If you are using the same provider as your friend, for example, ask him if he is having any problems with his service.
D-2 IGG Network Report
We also recommend you use the following internet test to detemrine what the problems are.
1. Click the link and keep the report after clicking on "traceroute".
2. Quit the firewall when clicking the link Then install the program and keep the network report.
3. Send these two reports to us and our people will help analyze the problems you've come across.

Lag and kicks are a huge nuisances in online games. We do understand that you are frustrated when you die in game because of a connection problem. Unfortunately though, as explained here, there is only so much that we can do and there is only so much that you can do. That does not make the problem any better, but we hope that this clears a few things up and gives you a deeper understanding of the problems and the solutions, if any, for them.
Adapted from tibia nation

Relevant Questions As Follows:

Guide to Enable Browser Script Function(Firefox 3.0+)
Guide to Enable Browser Script Function(IE 8.0)
Guide to Enable Browser Script Function(IE 7.0)
Guide to Enable Browser Script Function(IE 6.0)
What if I can't get access to IGG official website?

The old "ping"
this method does not really give enough information to see what is really happening, but it will tell you if there is a problem.

run the command;
ping -t -l 1024    (for windows only)


(when I tried both these on 5/15/2016 the "ping" timed out and "tracert" did not finish, the screen disappeared before it was done... was using windows7 just typing it into the "search programs and files" bar.)

Below I will show suggestions for programs to test your internet connection:
they are not presented in any order.. just as I happen to find an copy them from old threads;

IGG does not endorse any of the websites or companies linked or discussed in this thread.

Use each program at your own risk.

- Ele

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originally posted by player d4okling

Visualware (unfortunately only works for a few countries)

***old web address deleted
New but untested address:

The most important aspect of these tables is the time each hop takes.  A Hop is a router, as the packet from your pc is sent to the vc server it must hop from router to router. So each time your request is routed around the internet it has to find a way from your pc to the vc server.  
In the tables, both the VC and the Visualware ones there is a column called ms  this is a measurement in milliseconds.
This is the time it takes between jumps, the Visualware one highlights in colour the problem routers, and shows the issues of where the lag is originating.

For instance the table shows that VC is using a company in Florida to monitor usage on their servers.  So while we benefit from the highspeed network accross the US from new York to Palo Alto , we somehow have to be rerouted all the way back to Florida EP.Net LLC to add an entry into a monitoring database and then all the way back to Reno where the vc servers are located.  If you want to know the address of the building where the servers are click on the link in the table.

Forward Lookup
Go to the site link

1. choose the continent you live on

2. select a server near you

3. The site will load up a speed Java applet
4. when this loads it will run a speed test - useful to check you are getting what you pay for

5. select the Route option on the menu on the side

6. Now type in the address; in the url bar

7. Click the start button, and optionaly the enlarge button to make the app a bit bigger
The app will now take a about 1 min to route you from the server you chose to the vc server in the US

Todays routing - it changes every day so it is fun to check now and then

Reverse Lookup
This part is using the app to lookup you pc
you will need to get your internet ip address
use the VC router for this

Now put this ip address into the URL bar and run it again
the table this time gives your route from the Visualware server to your pc
Add the two together and you get your full routing.


The tables are showing you the same information as the route test on the vc site, just with a map to go with it.  Also it will help you to see where the lag are, sometimes it is easier to see that hosting in another country is faster than you think for instance to host in South Africa is better for a site in the UK than one in the USA, as the cables under the ocean that run north south are faster than those that run accross the atlantic.  This is because the optic cables are newer, go figure that one, but it changes each year as new cables are laid etc.  

Also many IT companies are in California, this is not a good host for users in the UK or the EU as you have to route around the USA to get to a server.  It would be better to host in a data center somewhere in the EU or even in New York as then you benefit from the high speed optic cable network.

Sorry I do this for a living, so if you are lost or bored, have fun and go kill something in the game, I hear the Polar Bears are all out on riot this time of year.

**** edit 5/15/2016***
I did this test for my computer and it looks like we may not be routed through Florida for tracking or to Amsterdam to keep our net speeds equal anymore.  The last stop is now showing as SanFrancsco.. not even Palo Alto?  like it was before.  I'd share but I have so few hops .. the 6th hop was the pink 100% lost packet where they trace us.    - Ele

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Ping Plotter

there are 3 versions

  1. Free
  2. standard (cost real money)
  3. professional (costs real money)

Free version:

*Note on this day I had 2 - 100% packet losses but I was still able to play the game.
HOWEVER I live relatively close to the servers, and I believe these 2 packet losses ALWAYS show up... they are most likely IGG tracking or security hops.


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If you plan on making a report to IGG you MUST use the following program:

*tried WinMTR on March 25, 2020 .... and all I got was "no reply from host" on all hops... so essentially it is broken.

IGG and funofking ask that you use the following software:
It is called WinMTR
it can be found at the following site:
**There is different version for 32 and 64 bit windows so be sure you have the correct one**

Use the IP address of
(The old IP Fok wanted us to use was for MMP ... I am guessing you use the new MMP IP)

You will NEED to use it more than once... maybe 3 or 4 different times during a day, and post a screen shot of the results EACH time.

Lately people have been experiencing lag that happens between their pc and IGG...
This program will show you where, along the path that your signal is traveling, the slowdown takes place.

If the lag is not happening at the IGG servers...there is not much IGG can do.
You can reset/unplug your router and maybe it will find a different path when it reconnects.....but at this point no other suggestions have been given.


If all you say in a post is that you are having lag and its not your problem... your post will be ignored!   
With out some information, nothing can be done.

This thread will be locked to prevent people from posting here...
please add your info to one of the threads in the General section already created...
If you are the first to have this happen in the last few weeks... then please start a new thread as obviously it is a new problem.

- Ele


Also please remember that you will see something similar to below even with a Awesomely GOOD connection:
Everyone gets the 100% packet loss at that point... because that (where the zeros are) is the tracking site and the signal gets hidden.


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Updated IP addresses for servers  4/26/2019