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[Guides] Repairing (updated 5/2016)

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this guide originally written by Branclem 12/25/2006
items from comments to the post added by Eleftheria 5/14/16

Repairing (for uniforms, jewelry and weapons) (NOT creating)
Since this is just the beta stage of Voyage Century, our documented knowledge of the game is rather limited.  I've been experimenting with the game's functions to figure out how things work, so here is what I've learned so far about repairing.

Repairing for ships; learn ship building skill or buy repair kits from ship yard boss.

What is repairing and why should I use it?

As you may have noticed, almost all items have a value named Durability.  It is listed as a fraction in the form:

current durability / maximum durability

When you first get an item, the two values will be the same.  However, as you use the item the current durability will decrease.  When the current durability reaches 1, the item is broken and you can no longer use it.

To prevent this from happening, you can use the repair command.

How can I repair things?

The repair command can be found in the Interaction tab of the Command menu (Ctrl + A).  Just drag it to your hotbar, click on the icon, and you are ready to repair something.  You can repair any item that does not say unrepairable in its description by simply clicking on it (this may not be entirely true, I can't seem to repair my grappling hook even though it is not marked as unrepairable).  You can also repair your ship's sails and hull by clicking on the picture of the ship in the ship window.  Note that you have to click on the actual picture of the ship, not the picture of the sails or hull.

Once the repair process has begun, you cannot move or it will be ended.  Every ten seconds, a certain amount of the durability will be recovered.  You can stop repairing an item by trying to move.  This will bring up a dialog box that confirms your cancellation of the repair, but any durability that has already been recovered will stay.

Is there anything else I should know?

There are some other facts about repairing that are useful to know.

First of all, if you try to repair an item that you cannot make, the item will suffer a loss in maximum durability when you start repairing it.  Being able to make an item involves having the required skill and having the proper schematic.  I have personally tested this and you are still penalized if you have a high enough skill level but do not have the schematic.

The amount of durability that is recovered every ten seconds seems to be equal to your skill level in the craft used to create the item.  For example, swords are created using the Foundry skill.  So if my foundry skill is 11 and I attempt to repair a sword, it will gain 11 durability every ten seconds.  Likewise if my sewing is 5 and I repair a piece of clothing, it will gain 5 durability every ten seconds.  Repairs to your ship depend on the Shipbuilding skill.


That's all I have to say for now.  Hopefully this information has been of some use to you.  If you have any additional information or corrections, please post!

To recover the maximum durability of an item:
repair item only by person who has learned the drawing for the item
use almighty repair kit from item mall
use weapon repair bag, Armor (uniform) repair bag, or Decoration (jewelry) repair bag from the Item Mall.

do not have an npc repair it or you will permanently loose durability.

If you get the message " can't repair item in current state"
take a step / move your character.
This happens if you have just "talked" to an NPC


You can not repair while in combat/ in "fighting state".

Uniforms and weapons above 120 and all jewellery and anything else (except ships)...
have to be repaired by almighty repair kits or Repair bags (players and NPCs can not make them so can not fully repair them)...or they will permanently loose durability.


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ship repair:

go to the Docker
click the repair button

then click the picture of your ship in the ship attributes interface


Learn the shipbuilding skill
speed of repair will depend on your shipbuilding skill level
click the repair icon in the command interface (or put the icon in your hot bar and then click it)

then click the picture of your ship (as above)

- Ele

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saved for updates

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