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[Guides] A Quick Beginners Guide (11/2015)

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A quick beginners guide
as suggested by Kabelkillerin (original is here)(written November 2015)
(edited by Ele)

    First; a little "guide" about the server population/activity (from my personal feeling). If you are not happy on your server you can always change servers for 1000IM or usually around 3 times a year there is a server change "event"  which costs forum credits.  Forum credits can often be acquired for free, so not be totally worried about it.
  • MMP (Magellan and Maro Polo) => very active Server/ Most of the German speaking Players are here (but still less than 50% of the server speak German so no worry)
  • Zeng He ==> Very low activity
  • Da Gama and James Cook (Da Gamma) ==> medium active Server
  • Columbus ==> more or less same active as MMP

All new players NEED to start the game by doing the Beginner Story line Quest
(Quest line starts when your character first appears in game, you talk to the NPC in front of you).

Now we start to play - follow the ; "2014 - New/ Beginning Player Start and Quest Line Guide"
most of the following suggestions are covered in the Beginner Quest line guide -

Choose a Class (I tried to make little comparing of classes, for more information and other opinions search in forum or ask players in newbie chat)
  • Armed Businessman (AB) = Healer, usually no high damage but good tanking (has no useful skills for causing damage, only has a ton of healing skills).  AB is not that good at sea battle.
  • Treasure Hunter (TH) = Very Strong in 1 vs. 1 PvP. But usually only for mid and high level game players. TH is very bad in instances. TH can be strong at sea battle but very expensive to buff/enhance them for sea
  • Imperial Guardian (IG) =  On land, can be hitter or tank ,(usually used as tank) can deal bit more damage than AB  but can not heal. Hitter setup not so strong as CP. IG is very bad at Sea Battle
  • Caribbean Pirate (CP) = usually hitter skills only are used,  very high multiple target damage when last skill point at level 148 is used. Very good for PvP (especially vs many enemies) and for instances/to farm silver.  CP is mediocre at Sea battle ie. not very bad not very good.
  • Royal Military Officer (RMO) = Is mainly a Sea Battle player.  RMO is the strongest class for sea fighting and most of this class's skill points (choices of use) are for sea battle skills. This is a "must have class" for a sea fighting loving player. On land RMO is very good in 1 vs. 1 PvP and is Ok in instances.

In what order to do the quests:

  • You should start with the Beginner Story line quest, but when you reach level 120 stop the Story line for short time (maybe 1hour) and go to Kratos in Athens to start quest line which give you free 120 gear; 2014 - 120 Knights Vigil Quest Line -
  • After You finish the 120 Knights vigil quest line, return to the Beginner Story line.
  • When you hit level 140 another quest line will open at Kratos which give you lvl 140 gear; 2014 -  140 Knight's Vigil II Questline Guide - (Free 140 equipment) - (this is last free gear and from this point on you can upgrade the equipment in Seville Port  at the "Suit Compound Master";).

When you are done with the Beginner Story line Quest (or need a little break from it) you can try different other stuff

  • If you do not know at some point what to do/ i.e. you run out of tasks and quests; Try to find someone who can help you with the daily quest. Daily Quest can be obtained at the "Daily Instance Quest Giver" and "Trade Quest Giver" (you may need a minimum level for it not sure)
  • When you done with the Beginner Story line Quest and both Knights Vigil Quests; and want to keep on improving fast on your Profession level (for extra SP/HP  or for last Profession skill point (which you get at level 148) you can also do the Atlantis Quest Line -  Though technically the Atlantis/Bimini quest line is next in order of difficulty

Money and Exp farming:
Stuff which you can/should do daily (even as a beginner)

  • North Sea Instance (only when you got the level 120 sea gear). You can loot/pick up all the items you can.  When your ship is full, sail out of instance (do not leave team and leave 1 person in the instance) and sell stuff fast to NPC and go back into instance within 5minutes so you can continue.  Doing this will help you collect money.
  • Stay overnight / afk  at Beijing suburb/Mausoleum and kill NPCs   You will get good experience for your weapon fighting and Bare-handed fighting and also around 1.000.000 silver/hour
  • Do the "little" land instances like Mallorca, Crete , Madagascar and Bombay. (You may need 140 gear for Madagascar and Bombay).  Doing the instances will gain you some Basic stones, Diamonds (refines) and A lot of experience.
  • Sail around on High sea (do this when doing the Story Line Quests as well as any other time you are at sea).  When you see a drifter click and enter it and pick up the items in the water. When you get a timed Belief item offer it in a Stall or newbie/public chat  for sale (1x = 2.000.000-4.000.000 Silver)

  • In Seville Suburb, you can try do Golden Tower; you will need 140 gear. (When you first try, you will last only about 5 minutes because you will die soon) but can help you get refines and other stuff to improve yourself so give it a try. DO THIS DAILY!! - you need the drops.
  • Be sure to do the daily quests every day! (from "Daily Instance Quest Giver" and "Trade Quest Giver" in Athens port) because they give most exp and very useful stuff which you will need for your gear (For your first 1-3 days I would recommend the "low" daily's, ie. the easier ones.  Then Progress to the big ones( you will probably need help with both types).
  • If you have some more time sail to Quanzhou and take at beach the "Silk road quest". It will give you 1.000.000 Silver 1 x each day (you can make 4 alts and sail in a team of 5, if you want make some extra money;)) and also some nice exp for skill "Eloquence.

    Further Information
  • Go to Athens and Speak "Aiola" and Apply for a Noble Title (do that 5-6 times=> level 6 noble rank of "Baron";) You may also have to buy amity at the official.  You need Baron rank to speak in "public" chat (2nd/blue one) .  The Public chat channel can be read same as newbie chat from everyone on server wherever he is a, so easier to sell stuff/get answers on questions)
  • At lvl 61 at your weapon skill you can learn a "master skill" (as all skills you learn them at the "Skill Tutor" which is located in every city at the entrance door). This is the only skill which can be made maximum to level 2. (level 2 need 1 skill point and a special book). Especially on the Falchion this skill is VERY important, because after learning you will be able to hit multiple targets at same time for 30seconds if you active the skill.
  • When you have 148 gear  (instance is open to 120+?) you can start run "Hurricane Island Mine Cave" Instance which is actually for land player the best way to farm Money (high end/maxed players can also do Battled Forest.). To run "Cave" instances faster later on it is recommend to get a "Freezing helmet", "Refined Cutting sky battle-axe and Refined Fatal cross gun" (it is not about fighting with them just using the skills BEFORE you  start fight).
  • When you made your character you will have 4x "ability reward gold" in your bag. You can exchange at Athens port at NPC at start of the ramp to Athens city. 1 gold= 1 skill on lvl 100 automatically. You should choose skills which are hard to make or which you will not like to make. (for example you hate sea Battle ? choose Sea Battle skill (but not choose Eloquence because you will get later 1 Eloquence level 100 book for free in Knights Vigil II quest line.). Otherwise do stuff like Alchemy or Medicine Knowledge.) If you are unsure just wait a bit with that and ask other players or try out everything and see what you hate and what you need fast level up.
  • I you decide to use real money and buy, sell or use items from the Item Mall (the game store)...(Prices are for when this was written in November 2015)  you can sell IM (i think at all server price is between 2.500.000 and 4.000.000 for 1 IGG Point on other char).
  • ** note selling Item Mall Points to other players or buying an Item mall item then trading (even trading in game) for game coin is not a Sanctioned IGG activity.  Technically it is against the service agreement and therfor if you get scammed do not expect any help from IGG.

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cut this off the list of guides to save space for now..

- Ele