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[Guides] 2020 - Timberfelling / Logging Guide

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2020 - Timber-felling / Logging Guide

If you have any comments or information to share please post it in the general discussion area of the forum.

(you will not be able to reply to this thread as it is in the guides section)

This Guide contains data from many guides.
The old guides have been transferred to the reserve guides section (where regular players will not be able to access them)

Original information was taken from the following guides:
Timber and Ore Collection Locations, Experience Points - Guide
Mine Cave, Forestry and Fishing Passports
Full Materials Production Guide


Where to go to collect materials:

Level 1, 2, 3 Wood;
Athens, Alexandria, Beruit, Istanbul, Venice, Tripoli, Genoa, Cyprus, Lemnos, Mallorca, Sicilly, Corsica

Level 2, 3, 4 Wood;
Algiers, Barcelona, Sardinia, Thasos

Level 3, 4, 5 Wood;
Lisbon, London, Hamburg, Oslo, Reykjavik, Las Palmas, Crete (beach)

Level 4, 5, 6 Wood:
Stockholm, Maderia, Seville

Level 5, 6, 7 Wood:
Capetown, Faial (beach & inland), Santa Maria

Level 6, 7, 8 Wood:
Mogadishu, Zhigu (Bejing), Tiawan, Jejudo

Level 7, 8, 9 Wood;
Semarang, Bombay, Basara, Ulleung, Madagascar

Level 8, 9, 10 Wood;
Luanda (Congo Jungle)

Level 10, 11, 12 Wood, Teak, Oak, Pine, Fir
Hurricane Island

Forestry Passport - Unlimited resources (requires forestry pass bought from Item mall)
Level 7, 8, 9, 10, Teak, Oak, Pine, Fir - Senior cutting area
Level 4, 5, 6, 7, Teak, Oak, Pine ,Fir - secondary cutting area
Level 1, 2, 3, 4, Teak, Oak, Pine, Fir - Junior cutting area

*** you must have a profession production point designated to Hardwood Knowledge 
         to collect Oak and Teak

*** you must have a profession production point designated to Softwood Knowledge 
          to collect Pine and Fir

The Profession production points are used on the Profession skill interface: 
Ctrl+s > Production tab

Here are the Locations for Timber on Hurricane Island (image by Hurry)

Forestry passport

A Forest pass can be bought from the item mall


There are 3 different levels you can enter (you can leave one and enter another one while on the same passport) for timber-felling.  
Junior = materials levels 1 thru 4.  
Secondary = material levels 4 thru 7.  
Senior = materials levels 7 thru 10.

The forestry area looks exactly like Madeira suburbs.

** The level of logs and types of trees changed in the passport area in 2018.

Mouse over a tree and it will say on the tree AND near the right mid bottom of the screen what type of tree it is  (circled red below);
Reading the mouse over/on the individual tree can be hard ... the box that shows to the right (circled) makes it MUCH easier!

Trees are labeled "Hardwood" (Oak, Teak, and regular logs) or "Softwood" (Fir, Pine, and regular logs) or "Tree" (regular logs only). 

Only problem with having to mouse over a tree is; it does not tell exactly what level of logs you will get.  But If you start getting level 7 logs you know it is a lower level tree.

So to know what tree gives exactly what level.....
Here is a color coded picture to the passport logging area:
right click the image > view image   ... to see it in a larger size.

Image created June 8, 2020 (tree drops were changed in 2018).
**Location of trees shown on above map is not make figuring locations easier I threw single logs on the ground close to the trees, so there were blue dots on the overhead map, then merged 2 screen shots (because the logs disappeared too fast) plus added the path and a few tree locations by hand.

Drops in the lower passport areas are similar:
you get levels ; 1, 2, 3 or 4, 5, 6 instead of levels 7, 8, 9
you get levels;  2, 3, 4 or 5, 6, 7  instead of 8, 9, 10, 11, 12.
and you still get the pine & fir or teak and oak... so they are not dependent on skill or profession level just if you have a profession point toward them to collect that material.

Important things to know.
- The passport area can be accessed through "the Collecting field Conservator" (NPC) who is 
     standing near the suburb gate in Athens, Seville, Cape Town and Zhigu.
- You equip the passport in the same place you do your sewing kit, scope or alchemy 
     bottle. ***The timing starts when you enter but will STOP when you exit or sign offline.  
     You can go do whatever you want while online, as long as you are not in the passport area 
     the timer will be stopped.
- You can access your ship spaces while in the passport area, so there is no reason to leave 
     to empty your bag.
- You can only collect what your study skill allows you to collect (the rules for collecting don't 
     change simply because you are in there
- There are no monsters or PVP (perfectly safe)
- Sources do not run out (you can chop the same tree all day long)


Compounding/ Creating Timber

First you must learn the skill from the skill tutor
(see below for more on skill tutor and stunts)

Ctrl+ a > on land tab > processing icon

You can create Timber using the same level in logs as you want in Timber (see chart below).  OR you can use higher level logs to create a lower level of timber by checking the "Do you want to replace" check box on the compound interface.


Level 1 Timber: 3 level 1 logs   (Needs level 1 Timber-felling to compound)
Level 2 Timber: 3 level 2 logs   (Needs level 11 Timber-felling to compound)
Level 3 Timber: 3 level 3 logs   (Needs level 21 Timber-felling to compound)
Level 4 Timber: 3 level 4 logs   (Needs level 31 Timber-felling to compound)
Level 5 Timber: 3 level 5 logs   (Needs level 41 Timber-felling to compound)
Level 6 Timber: 3 level 6 logs   (Needs level 51 Timber-felling to compound)
Level 7 Timber: 3 level 7 logs   (Needs level 61 Timber-felling to compound)
Level 8 Timber: 3 level 8 logs   (Needs level 71 Timber-felling to compound)
Level 9 Timber: 3 level 9 logs   (Needs level 81 Timber-felling to compound)
Level 10 Timber: 3 level 10 logs   (Needs level 91 Timber-felling to compound)
**Level 11 Timber (Argentwood):    (Needs level 101 Timber-felling to compound)
      1 Level 8 Timber
      1 Level 9 Timber
      1 Level 10 Timber
      1 Level 11 Log
      1 Timber agglutinant
**Level 12 Timber (Liquidambar formosana):   (Needs level 111 Timber-felling to compound)
      1 Level 9 Timber
      1 Level 10 Timber
      1 Level 11 Timber (Argentwood)
      1 Level 112 Log
      1 Timber agglutinant

**You need to learn a drawing to make lvl 11 and 12 Timber.  Drawings are sold at Seville Alchemist and Bejing Item Seller
Argentwood Drawing (Timber-felling 101)
Liquidambar formosana drawing (Timber-feling 111)

The following require fishing skill to create but show up in the timber making interface:
Level 6 Eaglewood Complex; 3 level 6 Eaglewood    (Needs level 51 Fishing to compound)
Level 7 Eaglewood Complex; 3 level 7 Eaglewood    (Needs level 61 Fishing to compound)
Level 8 Eaglewood Complex; 3 level 8 Eaglewood    (Needs level 71 Fishing to compound)
Level 9 Eaglewood Complex; 3 level 9 Eaglewood    (Needs level 81 Fishing to compound)
Level 10 Eaglewood Complex;3 level 10 Rare Eaglewood    (Needs level 91 Fishing to compound)
Level 11 Eaglewood Complex;    (Needs level 101 Fishing to compound)
     1 Level 6 Eaglewood Complex
     1 Level 7 Eaglewood Complex
     1 Level 8 Eaglewood Complex
     1 Level 9 Eaglewood Complex
     1 Level 10 Eaglewood Complex
Level 12 Eaglewood Complex;    (Needs level 111 Fishing to compound)
     1 Level 7 Eaglewood Complex
     1 Level 8 Eaglewood Complex
     1 Level 9 Eaglewood Complex
     1 Level 10 Eaglewood Complex
     1 Level 11 Eaglewood Complex

Compounding Teak and Oak

Compounding Teak and oak is done by the Material Exchange NPC in Seville
the Material exchange interface looks like:

It takes 10 Teak logs to make 1 Teak Timber
I takes 10  Oak logs to make 1 Oak Timber

Compounding Pine and Fir

Compounding Pine and Fir is done at the Material Exchange NPC in Seville

1 Fir makes 1 Charcoal
3 Pine makes 1 Charcoal

Experience and Skill

Fast leveling a character

For the fastest leveling use a 4xExp scroll.
The servers get 2x Experience on Friday, Saturday & Sunday (even though it is not announced).  This affects leveling rate greatly, it will "stack" with your scroll!

Use an ability Reward gold at the Athens NPC; Ability Book Exchanger (at bottom of ramp from dock area into city) and immediately level Timber-felling to 100 (you can buy them for 10 IM in the item mall if you used your 4 free ones already) - Buy the "Timber-felling ability gift package"
Buy/get a week long timber pass and go to the regular trees and collect level 8, 9 and 10 (at a level 8, 9,10, 11, 12 tree).  When you reach level 101 go buy the stunt to collect level 11 logs (at a level 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 tree). and when you hit 111 buy the stunt to collect level 12 logs. (at a level 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 tree)
Not collecting Hard or Soft wood gives you a better percentage at collecting the higher level wood, therefore gaining more experience. 
(Passes are sold in regular Item mall but go on sale - in the Hot Sale 1x every month)

I have not timed how long it takes to get from level 100 to 120 but I assume it is now similar to the fishing experience which took me 4 1/2 (Mon-Thurs not 2 exp) days with a week long blessed pellet running.
[Compounding logs does not get the extra experience anymore (since May, 8, 2018)... that is why I say collect logs.]

Learning the timber-felling skill and stunts:

If you do not know how to learn a skill or how to buy stunts, please read

The Skills System Guide (see the list of guides)

To level timber skill the fastest, go to where you can collect just the lowest 2 levels.
Though you will not collect any of the highest level, the experience amount will be greater.  

So if your skill is level 31 (level 4)  go where level 3, 4 and 5 timber drops.
A VERY rough approximation is you obtain 60% lowest level, 30 % mid level 10% highest level
So you get much more of the highest level you can collect, which increases experience level faster.

Learning/buying timber-felling stunts

The level of the stunt "Log study" affects the level of timber you can chop/collect.
Buy Stunt levels from the skill tutor; Stunt tab

Always buy lumber study or ore study as soon as you can.
Always save one or 2 stunt points because you do not receive a stunt point when you reach these numbers, this is when they become available for purchase.
So buy the ore study or lumber study stunts at the following skill levels:
Stunt 1 @ Skill level 1
Stunt 2 @ Skill level 7
Stunt 3 @ Skill level 13
Stunt 4 @ Skill level 19
Stunt 5 @ Skill level 25
Stunt 6 @ Skill level 31
Stunt 7 @ Skill level 37
Stunt 8 @ Skill level 43
Stunt 9 @ Skill level 49
Stunt 10 @ Skill level 55
Stunt 11 @ Skill level 101
Stunt 12 @ Skill level 111

This way you can collect a stack logs equal to your highest learned stunt level, and have it ready when you reach 31, 41, 51 etc and are able to compound it to that higher level.

(Phase 2 and 3 removed with 2013 update.. no phases anymore - phase information removed from guide)

Quests that give Timber-felling Experience

You can get timber-felling experience by doing both the Voyager's Times Skill tasks and the Master of Alliance (Labor alliance) quests.  see the list of guides for the following;
May 2012 Voyagers Times Quests
Master of Alliance - Guide

Ability quests were removed December 2011

Experience with out working
You can also gain experience by not chopping trees.
You can use a 6 hour experience scroll from the item mall or a 12 hour improvement tome from the Voucher Exchanger in Seville.
You must stand still or be off line for 6 or 12 hours when you use them. (you can move but will loose any experience you might have gotten in that time frame)
This scroll will not give experience while chopping/timber-felling.  It can not be used with a double. triple or fourfold experience scroll.  It can not be used with a small, regular, or great blessed pellet.  


Phase info removed- phases removed from game.



- Don't forget to bring SP pots, wear a labor uniform (w/SP regeneration), wear jewelry with sp  etc...
- Use spinach meals to help max load
- max old skill stunt "muscle promotion" under mining, planting, timber-felling and bare-hand. 
- Wear level 140 or higher rings for the load (yes its worth it to take your alts through
     the beginner quest line to be able to wear 140 gear - for the 150 load, and then use TPC refines
     to add 150 more load to each ring.

Drop Rates

They change and get better as your skill improves.

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The following is a guide by Merthaniaox....


The Art of Lumberjacking

Ok, so you want to become a lumberjack? Or perhaps just increase your skills in timberfelling, or just check if you know it all. This is not meant as the "ultimate way" of timber-felling, but its the best way i can imagine. I'm currently lvl 72 timber-felling, and that's without scrolling etc.

First off all: There are 5 factors that can ruin your timber-felling:
- You run out of SP: This will make you stop chopping.
- You run out of load: This will not make you stop chopping, but you wont get any more logs.
- The resource runs out: You will have to find a new tree.
- Your timber-felling axe is reduced to 1 in durability: You will have to equip a new one.
- Monsters attack you: Run or equip your fighting gear...

Always keep in mind these factors. Bring a couple of SP potions, have some spare room on your ship, check your character once in a while and perhaps bring a spare axe.

Over to where and what to do:

Level 1 Timber-felling/Level 1 lumber study
You are completely new to timberfelling, which means the best places to chop timber is in the 4 beginner cities. I've only tried to chop in Athens. The good about the trees there are that they dont run out of logs. Bring a couple of SP potions and just chop/process the timber. The timber can be used for guild missions. I suggest that you do so until you are lvl 13. Do not spend your stunt points right after you get them (explained in this tutorial). Once you get to lvl 7, upgrade your lumber study to lvl 2. When you are lvl 13, upgrade your lumber study to lvl 3. The spare stuntpoint you have now, can be used for either +5 SP or +5 load. I would suggest load, since SP wont be a problem later on.

Level 13 Timber-felling/Level 3 lumber study
You can now harvest lvl 3 logs. Remember never to be afraid of using higher lvl logs for lower lvl timber. I once processed 100 pure iron out of lvl 8 ore, since I needed it for a quest. The most important thing at this point is that you get experience. The product at this level is not that important, the demand is usually for lvl 5+.
Since you can chop lvl 3 logs, you can now go to Crete. Beware the pirates in the offshore, they can be a little annoying. I think that all ships should make it past, no matter what.
Crete is a treasure island. This means that it does not give you the same access of necessities like timberfelling axes and sp potions. So keep some on your ship before you come here. Unlike other treasure islands, there is a docker and a shipyardboss at the beach. This makes the departure a little easier.
The trees are located on the beach as well. This means that once you have compounded the logs into timber, you can transfer them to your ship. There are also no pirates at the beach. This means that the only problems are axes and sp, as well as your trees running out of logs (lol).
Crete will be a nice place until you become lvl 25. Then you can upgrade your lumberstudy to lvl 5. (You have one free stunt point now, spend it on load/sp).
I will still advice you to chop at Crete until you become lvl 32. This is because you have 2nd phased your skill by then, and can now wear the Intensified Labour Suit for Man/Female Intensified Labour Suit. This suit gives you +120 load/+100% SP regeneration. This means that you can carry a lot (!) more, and you will not run out of SP unless you are compounding. And since the lvl 4 axes got more durability than the lvl 1, the only things you have to worry about is monsters and the trees running out.

Level 25/32 Timber-felling/Level 5/6 lumber study
You are now a proffesional lumberjack, which means I will not tell you what and when to spend your stuntpoints. Your lumberstudy is high enough to mine in Cape Town. And thats what most people do, since the Shinans Navigator only shows the log-level of cities and not adventure islands. Even I did that back in the days when I knew little about what i was doing. This is where I'm gonna adviceyou to do something different: You dont have to travel aaaaallll the way down to Cape Town to chop lvl 5-7 logs. There is an island west of Lisbon called Santa Maria (next to Faial). Use the navigator and search for Plants: Sisal. You can see the island in the middle of the ocean, north-west of Madeira. There are a couple of problems with Santa Maria:
- The pirates offshore are lvl 6-7. This means that you could need some help from one of our adventurers/fighters to escort you safely to land.
The beach is safe, but the inland is almost as scary as the offshore. So, it might be a good idea to know where to run. Since an image tells more than a 1000 words:

 (image lost) [images were hosted on image shack - so his account must be closed]

The green arrow is where I am. And this is where you are going. Just run past all the giants, they will not follow you any further than the rock south of me. Once you get here, you'll discover the lumberjacks/miners paradise! Logs 5-7, ore 4-7, no monsters.

 (image lost)

 (image lost)

- No monsters attack you if you go afk chopping. The only ones on the island are far away.
- Few know about this place, only met 2 guys in 14 days here...
- Nice level, not far away.
- Many trees/ore stacks.

- You have to run past the giants again to store your stuff on the ship.
- Cant buy anything, bring axes!

I was level 56 timber-felling when I wrote this part of the guild, and I did perfectly here. That's more or less because I was trying to get as much timber as possible, instead of as high level as possible. If you want to get much resources, this is the place for you until you get level 71. If you want to gain experience, use a autobook, or continue to read:

Level 31 Timber-felling/Level 6 lumber study
The place for you is Mogadishu.
- Level 6-8 logs.
- Can buy tools and potions.

- Wolves. They are not as aggressive as in other towns, but you will notice them.
- Trees runs out (as in all cities except the beginner-cities).

The trees are a bit hard to find. Some of them (around the lake in the middle) are not surrounded by wolves, so i suggest that you chop from them. There are usually a couple of guys in this city, which means that its not the best place if you are online 24/7 and just watching ur character every now and then. A better place might be:

- Level 6-8 logs.
- Can buy equipment.
- Usually no monsters.
- Can upgrade lumberstudy to lvl 10.

- A loooong way to travel. Even when you get there, the suburbs are huge.

I was once killed in Zhigu (Beijing suburbs) by some lvl 10 monsters. I think they came from somewhere around the Mausoleum, but I'm not sure. They seem to only attack you (very rare, tho) if you are standing on the first ridge, nearest the entrance to Zhigu. Else than that: Zhigu is a nice place. It got more or less everything you need.

Level 37 Timber-felling/Level 7 lumber study

Time to move off to either Basra, Madagascar (Treasure Island, east of Mozambique) or Bombay. I've only visited Madagascar and Basra, which means i will complete this guide later:

- Logs 7-9.
- Can buy equipment.
- Not far from trees to suburbs exit.

- Goblins. Level 8 monsters, they will kill you pritty fast if they come by. It's not often, but it happens, no matter where you stand...
- Few trees.

- Few people.
- Logs 7-9.
- Can (like in Crete) transfer stuff to ur ship while chopping.

- Hard to get there! Level 7-8 ships in the offshore. Tigers (lvl 7/8) on land.
- Not able to buy anything.
- Tigers might attack you when you chop timber. There are some safe trees, but there are few of them.

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Quests which you can do thanks to your timber-felling skills

[All of these tasks are from the NPC; MASTER OF ALLIANCE]

2.Athens/Istanbul/Beirut/Alexander: Timber-felling Task
Required: join Handicraftsman Guild
Task: fell 60 pieces of Level 1 Timber
Reward: 6,000 Silver Coins

a.Athens/Istanbul/Beirut/Alexander: Timber Processing
Required: finish Timber-felling Task
Task: compound 25 pieces of level 1 Timber by yourself
Reward: 20,000 Silver Coins + 5,000 mining experience

b.Athens/Istanbul/Beirut/Alexander: Timber Purchasing
Required: finish Timber Processing task
Task: compound 15 pieces of level 2 Timber
Reward: 35,000 Silver Coins + 80 reputation

53.Bordeaux: Need Raw Materials
Required: Timber Felling Skill above level 30
Task: Find 30 level 4 timber to exchange the rewards.
Reward: 120000,reputation +100,Lumber-felling skill +5000 experience,The Kingdom of France Amity +4 points.

59.Reykjavik: Hotel's Need
Required: Timber Felling Skill above level 40
Task: collect as many level 5 timbers as possible
Reward: Congo Jungle Passport:1pc, reputation +100,cash +600000.

69.Venice: Timber Level 3
Required: Timber Felling Skill above level 21
Task: Need 10 level 3 timbers
Reward: 8000, reputation +240, Lumber-felling skill +8000 experience, Merchant Guild Amity +4 points.

78.Dakar: Collect Timber
Required: Timber Felling Skill above level 40
Task: collect 50 level 5 timbers
Reward: 150000Secondary Medic Kit: 5 pcs, cash +400000,  Lumber-felling skill +1500000 experience

79.Cape Town: Importance of Timber
Required: Timber Felling Skill above level 40
Task: collect 100 level 5 timbers
Reward: Lumber-felling Skill +50000 experience, cash +300000, reputation +150

86.Muscat: Importance of Timber
Required: Timber Felling Skill above level 50
Task: Collect 100 level 6 timbers
Reward: Congo Jungle Passport: 1pc,cash +250000, Lumber-felling Skill +100000, reputation +100

90.Mogadishu: Level 6 Lumber
Required: Timber Felling Skill above level 50
Task: make 40 level 6 timbers
Reward: 400000, Lumber-felling Skill +50000 experience.

107.Nagasaki: Lumber Utilizing
Required:Timber Felling Skill above level 70
Task: Collect 80 level 8 timbers.
Reward: 1 Congo Jungle Passport,cash +1500000, Japan Amity +5 points, reputation +145.

Quests which requires timber-felling as well as others:

30.Genoa: Tragedy Befallen
Required: Timber Felling Skill above level 21
Task: make 10 level 3 timbers and 15 pure iron.
Reward: 50000 silver coins, reputation +250, Merchant Guild Amity +4 points

47.Barcelona: Making Tents
Required: Timber Felling Skill above level 31
Task: To make Camps,you need 30 Level 4  Lumber and 30 blocks of Bronze.
Reward: 160000,Timber Felling Axe, reputation +150,The Kingdom of Spanish Amity +4 points,

66.Stockholm: Mission Impossible
Required: None
Task: 200 level 6 logs, 200 level 6 Impure Silver Ore, 200 Secondary healing Potions, 50 wood carvings (from Amsterdam trader); You have 1 game month to complete this task. Failure penalty; -4000 rep, -$200000 silver.
Reward: 8000000, reputation +300, Swedish Kingdom Amity +4 points,receive the Successful Handicraftsman title.

(Source: link broken)