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[Guides] Mid Summer Representatives

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Posted on 2016-03-29 17:40:13 | Show thread starter's posts only

This Event was activated right after the May 2012 Update, and as of August 14 is still running.

London Port 
Serena (-14, -52)
Samansa (-10, -51)

Serena sells 3 types of fireworks; Small, Medium, and Large.
Buy as many as you like... then click the firework.
They firework will make a shower of sparks and a screen with a 4 digit number will pop up.  this screen will also tell you the day's 4 digit number you need to match to win.

If you were lucky and win (the odds are terrible) you get Mid Summer Garland.
I tried 7 times and did not match the numbers once.

**This NPC can also repair high level 130+ uniforms but you will loose durability and there is no way to get durability back.

Mid Summer Torch (S) - 200,000 Silver Coin
Mid Summer Torch (M) - 1,000,000 Silver Coin
Mid Summer Torch (L) - 5,000,000 Silver Coin

Promoting Books - 25 Mid Summer Garland
Phase 3 Skill Manual - 25 Mid Summer Garland
7-Sea Shield - 625 Mid Summer Garland
Thalassocrat - 1250 Mid Summer Garland
Christmas Sleigh (Permanent) - 1875 Mid Summer Garland
Certificate of Overlord - 2,500 Mid Summer Garland
Commander in Chief Certificate - 2,500 Mid Summer Garland
Level 1 Apparatus - 500 Mid Summer Garland
Level 2 Apparatus - 1250 Mid Summer Garland
Level 3 Apparatus - 5,000 Mid Summer Garland
Ptolemmy's Satellite, Hadley's Octant, Soul, Real Cross, Desert Eagle - 31 Mid Summer Garland
North Island or Atlantis Scout Report - 7 Mid Summer Garland
Sea Mermaid - 31 Mid Summer Garland
Enlarge Cabin, Enlarge Bag - 7 Mid Summer Garland
Christmas Stall Rebuilding Materials - 313 Mid Summer Garland
Security Lock (30 Days) - 25 Mid Summer Garland
Phase 3 Navigation Skill Manual - 25 Mid Summer Garland


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