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[Guides] English Channel Instance

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Originally written by Jayfitzy

If you have comments or additions to this guide, please reply to the
English Channel Instance Discussion thread



The English Channel is currently the hardest seabattle instance of the game, I will explain some of the mobs and drops that come into play with this instance. The instance takes around 1 hour to complete.
This is more for players who havent been before; as you pick this instance up pretty quickly.

Firstly there are 5 requirements to enter the instance:
1. Players' Class Level must be 100 or more.
2. Players' Sea Battle Level must be 90 or more.
3. Players' Voyage Level must be 90 or more.
4. Players must be in a team.
5. Players are allowed to enter this new instance up to three times per day.

The stats requirements for staying alive is around 250 accuracy and 250 ship dodge.
This should protect you fairly well against the debuff and most hits from the normal boss.
As for the boss I am completely clueless are to the requirements; I buff both sets of whites which gives me around 470 dodge and he can still hit me for 15k criticals, It varies on what ammo the boss is firing at you. So my only suggestion is buff up and use the Alert Skill.

The instance is split up into rounds of difficulty with 15 waves, with each round increasing the number of ships attacking.
It goes as follows
Round 1 - Difficulty 1
Round 1 - Difficulty 2
Round 1 - Difficulty 3
Round 2 - Difficulty 1
Round 2 - Difficulty 2
Round 2 - Difficulty 3
Round 2 - Difficulty 4
Round 3 - Difficulty 1
Round 3 - Difficulty 2
Round 3 - Difficulty 3
Round 3 - Difficulty 4
Round 4 - Difficulty 1
Round 4 - Difficulty 2
Round 4 - Difficulty 3
Round 4 - Difficulty 4
The final wave is the boss; Medina Sidonias Flagship.

The goal of the enenmy ships are to sail from 1 spawn point to another, using various routes.
There are 3 spawns points from which they start there attack: West, North East and South East, The routes for the spawns are as follows:


The ships are as follows; with some having unique abilities:

Gunboats - The basic attack ship which has no specific threat.
Destoryer - This ship spawns "Apulsive" ram ships if left alive long enough.
Cruisers - Cruisers will pose the most threat for most players as they use the "Flame Dragon Ammo".
Cruiser (level 9)- A common ship
Warship - Most common ship in the instance
Escort Ship - Uncommon ship mid level ship
Frigate - Uncommon mid level ship
Armed ship - Armed ships pose no threat with cannons but will explode upon destruction, causing around 30k damage to hull and sails, if your close to it.
Provision Ship - Most common drop ship -uses howitzers.
Patrol Ship -Most common drop ship -uses buckshots.
Command Ship - Mini boss ship which has higher hull than the rest - usually has highest drop rate.
Spy Ship - Friendly ship which should not be attacked.

Please note: The ships in red are what drop items. The ship in blue is friendly.
(there are a few others cant remember names -- will edit soon)

Final Boss

The final boss of the instance is Merdina Sidonias Flagship, A powerful foe for even the highest level RMO.
The ship itself has very long range howitzer cannons and fires Flame Dragon Ammo and Fog Bombs.
Along with a spawn of around 5 apulsive ships per 30 seconds.
It also utilizes special abilities which remove any debuffs the player has given him like "Greek Fire" from the flame dragon ammo. Also a special skill which increases both his accuracy and dodge.
It spawns on the West Spawn point with almost no immediate warning.


Each of the drops ships can drop as follows:

Silver - Usually around 300-700k Silver
Secondary Medic Kit
Secondary Repair Kit
High-Level Medic Kit
High-Level Repair Kit
Flame Dragon Bomb Ammo
Fog Bomb Ammo
Freeze Bomb Ammo
Poseidon Figurehead Sketch - Level 13 Raider FH
Apollo Figurehead Sketch - Level 13 Battleship FH - Hull
Ares Figurehead Sketch - Level 13 Battleship FH - Cannons
Windstorm Stone
Huge Power Stone
Blaze Stone
Seawitch Ore
Seaspirit Ore
Holy Judgement Ore
Steel Brace - Perfect Brace Retrofitting Item
Sniper Platform - Perfect Inboard Gun Platform Item
Adv Medical Equipment - Perfect Medical Quarters Item
Volute Rudder - Perfect Rudder Item
Also all of the superior Items for sale at the Ship Engineer in Possedonia.
Captured Flags (malta)
Ottoman Empire Army Flag (malta)


The basic rule for winning this instance is not letting your credits fall to 0 and killing the boss.
The team starts with 30 credits out of a possible 84. 84 is the max number of credits you can recieve by not killing any spy ships and not letting any enemy ships through.
The penalties and awards are as follows:
Awarded 2 credits for allowing a spy ship though the battle
Lose 2 credits for sinking a spy ship
Lose 3 credits for allowing an Armed Ship through the battle
Lose 2 credits for allowing all other ships through the battle


There are two sperate interfaces you will encounter in the instance, the battle interface and the results interface. The fuctions of these are to provide information to the players. There is also a special death interface with 2 revive options.

Battle Interface

Shows the current credits out of 84
The current difficulty level between 1-4
The current waves out of 1-3 or 1-4
The number of ships in a current area - West North, East North, West South, East South.

Results Interface

The battle tally shows 5 pieces of information:
The players names
Their number of kills
Their kills on spy ships
Their damage to the boss
Personal Credits - Ammount of kills*2 + Damage to boss. No current use, possibly for a future update

Death Interface

The death interface appears once the player has been killed and presses to return to the port. Two options appear for a "Free Revive" or a "Charged Revive"
The free revive spawns you in London City and allows the player to repair their ship and return.
The Charged revive spawns the player back inside the instance with full hull, sails and sailors at the cost of 20 High-Level Sailor First Aid Kids and 20 High-Level Ships Emergent Repair Tool (Not sure if this feature works)

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