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[Guides] Alchemy Guide

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Posted on 2016-03-29 13:51:27 | Show thread starter's posts only

Additional information:

Guide status: Completed
Last update: 31.06.2013

Discussion thread: Discussion on "Alchemy Guide"

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Guide is completed. Guide contains all information about all potions available in game version [0.109].
I will no longer update this guide, unless someone finds a reason, for example wrong materials, new potions, missing images etc...
Any additional information, bugs, wrong information, send them on my forum/in game pm or post on discussion thread and ill add/remove them.


31.05.2013 - Added Level 2 HP Medicament description.
16.12.2012 - Removed unnecessary text formatting to reduce the guides loading time.
15.12.2012 - Table redesign.
12.12.2012 - Added Medicament's and Candies into tables.
11.12.2012 - Added Guild flags.
10.12.2012 - Added Colony potions and flags.
26.12.2011 - Added Medicaments and candy from various events - Ele
10.06.2010 - Removed notes on incitantias. Bug is fixed and they are working properly now.
12.07.2010 - Fixed typo.
10.07.2010 - Added notes about antidotes.
06.07.2010 - Added missing Special Effect Potion Stats.
04.07.2010 - Added Special Effect Healing Potion Stats.
03.07.2010 - Table upgrade. Was making problems on computers with low desktop resolution.
02.07.2010 - Added all shortbread potions.
08.11.2008 - Added Low-level Antidote, High-Level Poison and Special Effect Iron-clad potion stats. Added information about Special-made Poison.

Special thanks to:

  • Ele - Updating and moderating the guide.
  • AD0 - Providing information about some potions.
  • Grizem - Providing information about shortbreads.
  • Astarte - Providing information about Posion skill.
  • TURN - Providing me with crops in game so i can make missing potions.
  • Crysiss - Providing me with crops in game so i can make missing potions.

Thanks everyone who contributed to this guide in any way!

Created by DSofa.


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