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[Guides] Cities, Islands, Instances - Maps Database

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Cities, Islands, Instances - Maps Database  - Discussion Thread:

  Cities, Islands, Instances - Maps Database

Basic information

This guide contains list of all maps that are currently available in game version [0.118].

Table of Contents

1) High Sea maps, Atlantic area maps
2) Afro-Asian area maps
3) Islands maps
4) Land instance maps, Sea instance maps, Battleground maps
5) Other places maps

Introduction and basic information

This database contains all maps that are available in game. Clicking a map will open it in a new tab. Clicking on a Full resolution link will show the map in the highest resolution available. If its still too small, additionally, each map can be zoomed in and out by holding CTRL while scrolling with mouse or holding CTRL while pressing "+" key on numpad to zoom in or "-" key to zoom out.

This is a big guide! If you're looking for specific map, use your browser search option (CTRL + F)!

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High Sea maps

Atlantic Area
Afro Asian Area
Full world map (combined)

Atlantic Area

Athens Port
Athens City
Athens Suburb
Athens Tavern
Athens Church

Alexandria Port
Alexandria City
Alexandria Suburb
Alexandria Tavern
Alexandria Pyramid Bottom (Level 1)
Alexandria Pyramid Top (Level 2)

Beirut Port
Beirut City
Beirut Suburb
Beirut Tavern

Istanbul Port
Istanbul City
Istanbul Suburb
Istanbul Tavern

Tripoli Port
Tripoli City
Tripoli Suburb
Tripoli Tavern

Venice Port
Venice City
Venice Suburb
Venice Tavern

Genoa Port
Genoa City
Genoa Suburb
Genoa Tavern

Algiers Port
Algiers City
Algiers Suburb
Algiers Tavern

Barcelona Port
Barcelona City
Barcelona Suburb
Barcelona Tavern

Seville Port
Seville City
Seville Suburb
Seville Tavern

Lisbon Port
Lisbon City
Lisbon Suburb
Lisbon Tavern

Bordeaux Port
Bordeaux Tavern

London Port
London City
London Suburb
London Tavern
London Church

Amsterdam Port
Amsterdam Tavern

Hamburg Port
Hamburg City
Hamburg Suburb
Hamburg Tavern

Oslo Port
Oslo City
Oslo Suburb
Oslo Tavern
slo_Port_-_Map.jpg" target="_blank"> slo_City_-_Map.jpg" target="_blank"> slo_Suburb_-_Map.jpg" target="_blank"> slo_Tavern_-_Map.jpg" target="_blank">

Stockholm Port
Stockholm City
Stockholm Suburb
Stockholm Tavern

Reykjavik Port
Reykjavik City
Reykjavik Suburb
Reykjavik Tavern

Las Palmas Port
Las Palmas City
Las Palmas Suburb

Madeira Port
Madeira City
Madeira Suburb
Madeira Tavern

Dakar Port
Dakar Tavern
Goree Island Dungeon
akar_Port_-_Map.jpg" target="_blank"> akar_Tavern_-_Map.jpg" target="_blank">

Accra Port

Luanda Port
Luanda Tavern
Congo Jungle

Cape Town Port
Cape Town Suburb
Cape Town Tavern

Tortue Port
Tortue Tavern

Bimini Island
Seabed Cave
Possedo Bay
ossedonia_-_Map.jpg" target="_blank"> ossedo_Bay_-_Map.jpg" target="_blank">

Portobello Port
Portobello Suburb
ortobello_Port_-_Map.jpg" target="_blank"> ortobello_Suburb_-_Map.jpg" target="_blank">

Jamestown Port
Jamestown Suburb

New Amsterdam Port
New Amsterdam Suburb

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Afro-Asian Area

Mozambique Port
Mozambique Tavern

Mogadishu Port
Mogadishu Suburb

Suez Port
Suez Tavern

Aden Port
Aden Tavern

Muscat Port
Muscat Tavern

Basra Port
Basra Suburb
Basra Tavern

Bombay Port
Bombay Suburb
Bombay Tavern
Taj Mahal

Sri Lanka Port
Sri Lanka Tavern

Malacca Port
Malacca Tavern

Semarang Port
Semarang Suburb
Semarang Tavern

Tourane Port

Quanzhou Port
Quanzhou Tavern

Zhigu Port
Zhigu Suburb
Zhigu Tavern
Imperial Mausoleum Level 1
Imperial Mausoleum Level 2
The Cave of Flames

Beijing City
Beijing Tavern

Seoul Port
Seoul Tavern

Nagasaki Port
Nagasaki Tavern

Edo Port
Edo Tavern
Shogun's Residence

Seward Port

San Francisco Port

Cruz Port

Salinas Port
Rain Forest Relic

San Diego Port

Magellan Supply Station Port

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Crete Dock
Crete Bandit Camp
Crete Suburb
Crete Bandit Camp Tavern
Double Axe Labyrinth 1st Floor
Double Axe Labyrinth 2nd Floor
Double Axe Labyrinth 3rd Floor
ouble_Axe_Labyrinth_1st_Floor_-_Map.jpg" target="_blank"> ouble_Axe_Labyrinth_2nd_Floor_-_Map.jpg" target="_blank"> ouble_Axe_Labyrinth_3rd_Floor_-_Map.jpg" target="_blank">

Lemnos Island

Thassos Island

Cyprus Island

Sicily Dock
Sicily Suburb
Sicily Caves

Sardinia Island

Corsica Dock
Corsica Suburb
Corsica Bandit Camp
Corsica Bandit Camp Tavern

Mallorca Dock
Mallorca Suburb
Mallorca Caves

Santa Maria Dock
Santa Maria Suburb

Faial Dock
Faial Suburb

Hurricane Island

Madagascar Island
Madagascar Caves

Taiwan Island

Jejudo Dock
Jejudo Suburb

Ulleung Dock
Ulleung Suburb

North Island

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Land instances

Crete Maze - 1st floor
Crete Maze - 2nd floor

Mallorca Caves

Madagascar Caves

Taj Mahal

Imperial Tomb - 1st floor
Imperial Tomb - 2nd floor

Deep Forest
Lost World
Grave City
eep_Forest_-_Map.jpg" target="_blank">

Parlo Valley
arlo_Valley_-_Map.jpg" target="_blank">

Hurricane Island Mine Cave (Level 1)
Hurricane Island Lizard Cave (Level 2)
Cliff Valley (Level 3)
Ancient Grave (Level 4)
Giant Ship of Hurricane Island (Level 5)
Secret Cave of Hurricane Island (Level 6)

Polar Tundra (Ordinary)
Yiglu Cave (Ordinary)
olar_Tundra_%28Ordinary%29_-_Map.jpg" target="_blank">

Polar Tundra (Elite)
Yiglu Cave (Elite)
olar_Tundra_%28Elite%29_-_Map.jpg" target="_blank">

Desolate Valley (Ordinary)
King's Tomb (Ordinary)
esolate_Valley_%28Ordinary%29_-_Map.jpg" target="_blank">

Desolate Valley (Elite)
King's Tomb (Elite)
esolate_Valley_%28Elite%29_-_Map.jpg" target="_blank">

Poseidon Temple Level 1
Poseidon Temple Level 2
Poseidon Temple Level 3
oseidon_Temple_Level_1_-_Map.jpg" target="_blank"> oseidon_Temple_Level_2_-_Map.jpg" target="_blank"> oseidon_Temple_Level_3_-_Map.jpg" target="_blank">

Portobello City
ortobello_City_-_Map.jpg" target="_blank">

Battled Forrest (level 1)
Auchi (level 2)
Elysia (level 3)

Seville Golden Tower
This instance does not have a map.

Sea instances

Cretan Pirates

Gibraltar Straits

North Sea

Malta Island
This instance does not have a map.

English Channel

Portobello Bay
ortobello_Bay_-_Map.jpg" target="_blank">


Petro Fortress Labrinton Coast
etro_Fortress_-_Map.jpg" target="_blank">

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Other places

Low-level Mine Cave
Secondary Mine Cave
High-level Mine Cave

Low-level Forestry Center
Secondary Forestry Center
High-level Forestry Center

Luxurious Church

Prison Sewer
rison_-_Map.jpg" target="_blank"> rison_Sewers_-_Map.jpg" target="_blank">

Sanctum of Memories

Practice Arena
ractice_Arena_-_Map.jpg" target="_blank">

Guild Hall

Guild War Sea Scene
Guild War Land Scene



Boarding Scene

Sea Battle Scene

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Additional information:

Guide status: Completed
Last update: 2016-03-11

Discussion thread: Discussion on "Cities, Islands, Instances - Maps Database"


Guide is completed. Guide contains all maps available in game version [0.118].
I will no longer update this guide, unless someone finds a reason, for example wrong map, missing maps etc...
Any additional information, bugs, wrong information, send them on my forum/in game pm or post on discussion thread and ill add/remove them.


2016-03-11 - Added full world map.
2015-12-08 - Battleground maps added, broken links are now fixed.
2014-08-28 - Made from scratch.

Special thanks to:

  • Ele - Updating and moderating the guide.
  • Aremur - Providing info about Sanctum of Memories map.

Thanks everyone who contributed to this guide in any way!

Created by DSofa.

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