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[Guides] 2014 - Creating a character

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This is a copy of part of an older guide made by sergiaseces
the old guide was called New Era Starting Guide.

only the character creation section has been kept as the rest of the guide is now obsolete.



I'm going to tell you how to have a good start into the Voyage Century with screen shots and personal tips.


1. First you need to create a character (Click "Create";) after you have putted your ID and your password in the corresponding boxes on the server that you've chosen:

2. Later you need to choose one of the four possible characters (click on one of them) and then click "Next". The character that you have chosen will stay right and selected and then the button "Next" will turn on:

3. Then you need to write the Character Name that you want in the corresponding box, choose the Hair Color and the type of Face that you want and then click "Next". When you've write your Character Name, the button "Next" will turn on:

*** The head of your character may disappear as the ship rolls/ moves.  To see what your character's head looks like; click "next" so that the game zooms back out from your character.  If you do not like your hair color or face click "previous" and click the left or right hair color or face buttons and then the next button again to zoom out and see what you look like.  - Ele 3/30/2014

******* Hair color buttons do work but you do not see the chosen color until you exit the choose name/face/hair screen..... so for example; it is very hard to get black hair .. it may be 4 or 5 or 6 right arrow clicks.. exact number of possible colors in unknown by me. - Ele  10/9/2021

4. The player has been created:


- If you want to create another character you need to do the same steps that I've told you before (max. 4 characters possible):

- If you want to delete a character you need to click on the character that you want to delete and then click the button "Delete", that has been turn on when you've clicked a character:

Then will appear a window aking you if you want to delete a character, so you click the button "Yes":

And then, finally, will appear in the same window two boxes that you've to fill (the first with your ID and the second with your password) and then click the button "Yes":

5. Finishing this part, to enter you need to click the button "Enter":


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