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[Guides] 2014 - Valentine's Day Envoy (Daily Quests)

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The Valentines Day envoy is located in Seville (lower) Dock (102,-21)

He will give you 2 tasks

I) Messengers Challenge (multi daily)

Task Description; Take a letter to Natasha in Athens City.
Task Reward from Natasha: 2 valentines day fireworks, 1 rosebush, 100,000,000 vocation exp.
Quest can be taken every 9 hours


II) Numbered Quests;

Messengers Challenge 0 (Accepting the challenge)
Task Description; Spend some time helping the Envoy
Task Reward: 50,000,000 profession exp
Notes: - no amount of time is given (just wait about 2 real minutes or till when "complete" shows in chat then click him again)

Messengers Challenge (Envoys Challenge) 1
Task Description; Defeat (kill) Outlaws in Barcelona Suburbs, bring back 5 Juicy Berries
Task Reward: 60 - Original Magnetic Ore, 5 - Seal of Heaven, 100,000,000 profession experience.
Notes: I was able to kill 1 at a time by dragging them to a less crowded place wearing plain 120 gear.

Messengers Challenge (Envoys Challenge) 2
Task Description; Buy 5 Rum in Hamburg and return to the Envoy
Task Reward: 30 Moonstone Fragments, 100,000,000 Profession exp
Notes: Quest text at NPC says "return to Sylvester"... that is the Valentines Day Envoy

Messengers Challenge (Envoys Challenge) 3
Task Description; Kill Lance on Hurricane Island (kill Lizard man Lens)
Task Reward (Voyage log):  15 Blood Rose Fragment, 200,000,000 Profession Exp.
Task Reward: 5 - Rainbow Crystal, 200,000,000 Vocation exp.???
Notes: Almost made it to Rowan on 1st floor in plain 120 gear.. but needed help to do this one.

Messengers Challenge (Envoys Challenge) 4
Task Description; Go to Semarang Outskirts (suburbs) and kill 20 Ryukyu Pirates
Task Reward : 50 moonstone fragments, 200,000,000 Vocation exp
Notes: had been told to not even try this one alone while in 120 gear...
But you get good exp killing these guys, my new 140 gear took a bit of durability hit, but I stayed much longer than needed, brought a AB with me and leveled up my weapon.

Messengers Challenge (Envoy's Challenge) 5
Task Description; Kill 1 Eyam Patriarch and 5 Ghoul pioneers in the Kings Tomb
Task Reward (Voyage log): 20 - Blood Rose Fragment, 5 - Eye of Storm,  200,000,000 Profession Exp

Messengers Challenge 6
Task Description; x
Task Reward (Voyage log): x
Task Reward (Actual): x

Messengers Challenge 7
Task Description; x
Task Reward (Voyage log): x
Task Reward (Actual): x


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