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[Guides] 2014 - Valentines Day Daily Quest & Quest Line

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You must be profession level 120 to take / see these quests.
(level not 100% confirmed but I know it does not show at 105 and shows at 129.  - ele)

If you take both quests at the same time only one will show in the voyage log... but you can still do both!

The Valentines Day envoy is located in Seville (lower) Dock (102,-21)

He will give you 2 tasks

I) Messengers Challenge (multi daily)

Task Description; Take a letter to Natasha in Athens City.
Task Reward from Natasha: 2 valentines day fireworks, 1 rosebush, 100,000,000 vocation exp.
Quest can be taken every 24 hours ie. after reset


II) Numbered Quests; (can only be done once)

Messengers Challenge 0 (Accepting the challenge)
Task Description; Spend some time helping the Envoy
Task Reward: 50,000,000 profession exp
Notes: - no amount of time is given (just wait about 2 real minutes or till when "complete" shows in chat then click him again)

Messengers Challenge (Envoys Challenge) 1
Task Description; Defeat (kill) Outlaws in Barcelona Suburbs, bring back 5 Juicy Berries
Task Reward: 60 - Original Magnetic Ore, 5 - Seal of Heaven, 100,000,000 profession experience.
Notes: I was able to kill 1 at a time by dragging them to a less crowded place wearing plain 120 gear.

Messengers Challenge (Envoys Challenge) 2
Task Description; Buy 5 Rum in Hamburg and return to the Envoy
Task Reward: 30 Moonstone Fragments, 100,000,000 Profession exp
Notes: Quest text at NPC says "return to Sylvester"... that is the Valentines Day Envoy

Messengers Challenge (Envoys Challenge) 3
Task Description; Kill Lance on Hurricane Island (kill Lizard man Lens)
Lizard man Lens is on the 2rd level of Hurricane Island instance. Please read the guide if you need more info on the instance.
2012 Hurricane Island Instance Guide
Task Reward (Voyage log):  15 Blood Rose Fragment, 200,000,000 Profession Exp.
Task Reward: 5 - Rainbow Crystal, 200,000,000 Vocation exp.???
Notes: Almost made it to Rowan on 1st floor in plain 120 gear.. but needed help to do this one.

Messengers Challenge (Envoys Challenge) 4
Task Description; Go to Semarang Outskirts (suburbs) and kill 20 Ryukyu Pirates
Task Reward : 50 moonstone fragments, 200,000,000 Vocation exp
Notes: had been told to not even try this one alone while in 120 gear...
But you get good exp killing these guys, my new 140 gear took a bit of durability hit, but I stayed much longer than needed, brought a AB with me and leveled up my weapon.

Messengers Challenge (Envoy's Challenge) 5
Task Description; Kill 1 Eyam Patriarch and 5 Ghoul pioneers in the Kings Tomb (Desolate Valley Ordinary - Bimini) (we do not have a guide for this instance, but you will probably need a team in 145 well plussed gear to do this)
Task Reward (Voyage log): 20 - Blood Rose Fragment, 5 - Eye of Storm,  200,000,000 Profession Exp
Notes: probably need to be in medium refined 145 gear. Go with a team and a strong tank.


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Last update 10/29/2018

I had not completed that last quest... finally did it.
added level 120 needed to see quests.