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[Guides] 2014 - Lvl 120 Knights Vigil Quest Line

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You will not be able to reply to this guide (you can not reply to anything in the guides section)
Please post all comments, updates, suggestion etc. to the discussion area.

You HAVE to be at Character level 120 for this quest line to begin.
This quest line will show in your log book at about level 60 but you will not be able to start the quests until you are level 120!!


How to Begin: Start at the NPC Kratos in Athens city (19, 1)

1)  Talk to Kratos in Athens City
view quest > begin an apprenticeship (completed) > submit task
50,000,000 Profession Exp  
10,000,000 Silver

**Use your voyage log to figure out what to do next

2) Kratos initial Test
Go to Athens Skill Tutor learn Mining skill.  (text says) Go to blacksmith buy a pick axe.  (you get a free pick axe and are automatically level 1 in ore study when you buy the skill).  Go to Athens Suburbs collect 10 impure mineral and give them to Kratos.

**cost 1,000 coin to learn mining.
**Equip axe, then hold down the "alt" key when you stop running using auto track.   Click on any of the rocks that say "block".  In a second or 2 you will begin mining.
Mined materials go into your "articles tab" on your character.
View Quest > First training for land combat (completed) > submit the task
2 - Polar Region (Superior) 120 Land Rings (Bound)
Hadleys Octant
100,000,000 Profession Exp

You will see the following messages in chat:
This just means that you only have mining study stunt 1.  You need stunt 2 to collect level 2 ore, stunt 3 to collect level 3 ore etc etc...
Athens only has level 1, 2, and 3 ore.  Read the mining guide to find out where other levels can be found.

3. Kratos’ Second Test
Talk to Kratos (Athens city 19,1)
Task Description; Go into the Mallorca Instance and kill the Giant Lizard boss at the end
Turn task in to Kratos in Athens City (19, 1)view quest > Second training session for the land combat >submit the task

2- Dominate (Superior) 120 Land Assistance (Bound)  (item tab)
1 - Grey Dragon (Superior) 120  Land Necklace (Bound) (item tab)
50,000,000 Profession Exp

**BEFORE YOU DO THE NEXT STEP  MAKE SURE YOU HAVE SPACE IN ALL YOUR TABS SO YOU WILL RECEIVE ALL 3 of the REWARD ITEMS - you can not progress in the quest with out them**

4. Labyrinth Treasure Hunting
Talk to Kratos (A 2nd time) (Athens city 19,1)
I did not do anything but talk to the npc.

1 - level 120 Uniform (your choice of profession) (Equipment tab)
1 - Treasure Map(see below) (item tab)
1 - Sacrifice  (see below) (article or item tab... not sure)

This is the "Sorrow of War" (yes incorrect name in the quest)

**DO NOT USE THE SACRIFICE UNTIL AFTER you find the coin and TURN THE COIN IN to Kratos**

At this point is is not clear at all what you are suppose to do.

So look at your Voyage log it says:

5. Kratos’ Third Test

Go to Crete Labyrinth around coordinates 102,-97 collect Azizah's coin. (ie use the treasure map) then
Give the coin to Kratos (Athens)

**NOTE  This is the REGULAR Crete Maze.... NOT the instance!!
(yes, this quest USE to go into the instance but it does not anymore)

This should be what the treasure map looks like:

This is what Azizah's Coin looks like:

So for this next step you will need to know how to do treasure hunting.
If you have not done treasure hunting before...

Use this guide:    Treasure Map, Treasure finding for beginners
here is a direct link to the post that walks you through using this specific Crete Labyrinth map:

Link to the top of the guide (scroll to bottom where crete map is discussed)

Direct link to section on Crete map for this quest:

After you find the coin, talk to Kratos in Athens;
he will "take" Azizah's Coin and give you;

1 - level 120 Helmet (your choice of profession)
50,000,000 Profession exp

6. Kratos’ Final Test (last training session for land combat)
when you talk to Kratos and turn in #5 this quest will auto start.
Task Description;
Go to Thasos island click the "sacrifice"to spawn a special monster called Greek Captain

then, report back to Kratos.

Voyage Log uses incorrect name of item;  "sorrow of war" is the "sacrifice" you got earlier.

** Warning**
Lower level players (If you are a new level 120-ish character)
Before you click the "Sacrifice"  make sure you are in your 120 uniform and helmet/hat and are using the highest level weapon you own!!

It took me quite a while to kill him and I used Every type of land shortbread potion we had been given (in beginner timed free stuff), wearing my 120 uniform, 120 hat and using my 61 Gun.

CLICK THIS to spawn Greek Captain:

When you kill the Greek Officer you get:

54,520 Coin (may differ slightly)
3 Rare Gold

Turn task in to Kratos in Athens City (19, 1)**The text is incorrect when you talk to Kratos ignore it, do not go back to Thasos island.

120 weapon of your choice
Choose 1

a) Ghostly Howling Broad Blade (Superior)............... 120 Falchion
b) Moonlight (Superior)........................................... 120 Sword
c) Penalty (Superior) ............................................. 120 Axe
d) Vast Sky (Superior)........................................... 120 Gun

You DO NOT get the knights blade anymore.   You use to exchange the knights blade for the weapon of your choice at NPC Spinoza in Amsterdam (-25, -19 )

*** The Greek captain use to disappear after a few minutes (I do not know if he still does), so be safe and kill him as soon as possible.

If you can not kill him before he disappears
1) find someone else who has not done the quest, be on Thasos and team the other player when he kills the officer.
go back to Kratos and click the option for a "chance tool".

I had no problems killing the Greek captain wearing all the gear given above and using a lvl 61 falchion (7/3/2020).  I only lost about 1/3- 1/2 of my hp and did not use any potions.

- Ele

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2nd Part - Sea Gear

At this point I have about 12,000,000 coin...
it may be time to think about increasing seabattle stunts cannon fight, grappling, ramming
Though keep in mind if you maxed your Navigation Star figurehead you now need a lot more cannon which can add up fast.

1. Incarnation of the god of the seas (Sea Incarnate)
Again, this task started automatically when I turned in the above task.
Task Description; Find Glaucus in Barcelona. (Barcelona City 32,130  just inside city gate)
5,000,000 coin
50,000,000 Vocation (Profession Exp)

2. Glaucus' First Test
Again, this task started automatically when I turned in the above task.
Task Description;
Go to Athens City Skill Master and learn/ train your Fishing Skill up to/ equaling skill level 3 or higher.
Quest text tells you to buy an inferior fishing net at the shipyard boss (You do not need to buy a net, you get one when you learn the skill)
Go (Sail) to Athens off shore and collect  10 Tunny & 3 Sardine
(don't forget to equip the net in one of your ship auxiliary slots... Stop on or near a "shoal" and click on the "shoal" to begin fishing)

The fish will go into your Ship's Goods Column (Tab)
After a while the shoal will disappear, you may need to use 2 or 3 different shoals to complete this quest.
By the time I had 10 Tunny I was level 5 in fishing.

Read the Offshore Fishing Guide for more info on fishing

Report back to Glaucus.
Glaucus takes the 10 Tunny and 3 Sardine (sell or drop any extras.. you don't get much coin for them.)

2 - Snowy mountain Superior (120 sea rings)
Accelerated square sail buff (lasts 1 hour)
50,000,000 Vocation (Profession Exp)

Suggestion; Do the voyagers times beginning fishing task when you do this quest.  It requires the same type of fish, so just collect an additional 10 Tunny and 4 Sardine.

3. High Sea Treasure Hunting
Talk to Glaucus again
He will give you a treasure map for the open sea.
That is all this quest does..... next quest starts automatically

(no reason or instructions is given for this map)

a treasure map for the open sea.

4. Glaucus’ Third Test (third training session for sea combat)
Again, this task started automatically when I turned in the above task
Task Description;
Go to Gibraltar Copy and destroy the Flagship of Bolukbashi (incorrect text!!!)
Collect Bolukbashi army signal horn (from the map)
Report back to Glaucus.Auto track name is "Gibraltar Straits"

*** You do not have to enter the Gibraltar instance, and you do not have to kill or sink Bolukbashi.

All you have to do is find the treasure that is just outside Seville on the high seas.This location is right outside Seville...
Find this treasure the same way you did with the land map.

I clicked the explore button when I appeared in the high sea from Seville Port... and after about 8 directions I got the treasure.

Map Treasure:
Bolukbashi army signal horn

2 - Hidden Dragon (Superior) 120 Sea Assistance (Bound)
1 - Ice Cap (Superior) 120  Sea Necklace (Bound)
50,000,000 Vocation (Profession exp)

5. Glaucus’ Fourth Test (Final training session for sea combat)
Again, this task started automatically when I turned in the above task
Task Description;
Go into the North Sea Instance and sink Zeus, the Flagship of Karr Emmanuel
****  you must have General Skill level (total of all skills) of 450 or more to enter the instance

I could not enter at level 121 / 403 total skill.  I entered at level 126 when i had total skill of about 480..

Submit task to Glaucus (Barcelona City 32,130)
Make sure you have equipped all 5 pieces of seabattle jewelery and your seabattle charm.

1 -  Practice Gift Package (Bound)
50,000,000 Vocation exp

Practice Gift Package (Bound).... when clicked gives:
Armored Multi Mast Raiding Ship (Level 11 Raiding Ship) 100/61/61

Note; the ship is automatically docked in Athens, it does not matter where you are when you open the pack.
And unlike the lvl 10 ships, you must have Voyage level 60 to sail the ship. Sail in a few storms or use up one of those ability reward gold if you need fast voyage experience.
(*note using a battleship I was only at 55 voyage when I got the ship... but had not completed the Beginner quest line yet)

To be able to finish this quest solo (teamed w/ npc):

I had to raise my cannon skill to 5 and buy all new level 5 canon (Thunder Buckshots)
I could not get through the instance with lvl 1 cannon, I even tried high explosive Item mall ammunition with the lvl 1 cannon, but went through it waaay to fast.
Along with the lvl 5 cannon, I used about 30-40,000 Armor piercing cannon balls, was using a lvl 10 raider with out any ship auxiliaries, a level 8 shield form Hamburg, a maxed Navigation star figurehead (168 cannon, 550 sailors)
My ship was hardly damaged at all, just 5 injured sailors and about 6% sail and hull damage by the end of the instance, It just takes a long time to complete...

Note that autofire does not work in the North Sea  Instance... this is a game setting...NOT a bug!

I used all my free ship enlarge items from the Seville gift giver and, I also bought 15 enlarge cabin from the item mall (195 im credits) or use TPC at the TPC exchanger in Barcelona.
I used some on equipment slots so i could farm cannon ( really only needed 6-8 more total), and on ship article spaces for the storm voyage exploration items that drop

My 1 time through took about 40-45 minutes and I got; 2x Rogue family emblem (ship article), Zeus's figurehead (ship article), Black account book (ship article), card Zeus' figurehead (bag item), card black account book (bag item) ..most are storm voyage exploration items.


Both cards looked the same only the descriptions differed.

6. The last Templar
This task started automatically I think when i finished the instance..not sure..
Task Description; Go to Kratos in Athens (just click submit)
50,000,000 Vocation (Profession Exp)
Phase 3 (level 100+) Automatic skill practice scroll of voyage (12 hr)
Phase 3 (level 100+) Automatic skill practice scroll of sea battle (12 hr)

..... And now for the REALLY STUPID/ SILLY thing:
The scrolls you get are "phase 3" they can not be used until you are level 100+ in voyage or sea-battle.

At this point my Voyage is level 47 ... so what I need is a regular scroll so I can get voyage up to level 60 so I can use my free lvl 11 ship!!!

I will change the words in the beginner quest line to say:
I suggest to beginners you use at least 1 ability reward gold for voyage!! ~sigh~


Finishing this quest line will open Atlantis >> Sad News.
This is the Atlantis/Bimini Quest line.

I suggest you do the Atlantis quest-line after you finish the next Knights Vigil 2 (lvl 140) that opens at level 140.

So you will need to return back to the Beginner quest line and continue completing the Beginner quest-line at least until you reach level 140.
[9/8/2018;  I was level 129 with 686 general skill level after completing this quest line. Though I did do a little extra killing to gain some coin, did a few Voyagers Times Quests, and I used all 4 of my Reward Gold.]

Keep in mind, finishing the entire Beginner quest-line will get you leveled higher a little faster... Though it does become a bit boring once you are overpowered in 120 and especially 140 gear... I would probably attempt to clear it from my voyage log if for no other reason than to avoid problems that often happen to the quest-line after an update... In the past, the quest line has bugged up after a game release/version update, and has become impossible to finish (for a few years). 
So, you may want to finish the Beginner quest-line AND the Knight's Vigil 2 (lvl 140) quest-line,  before starting the Atlantis quest-line.


** This quest showed up on old characters of mine.  It may be a leftover from the old quest line but I have included it just in case. I think it opens sometime after you finish the land portion of the 120 knights vigil.

7. The Craftsman's Request
There is another task at Kratos, click on this one

Task Description; Collect 1 ring of Bravery and one Ring of Skeleton and head to Seville city to Big Craftsman Fran

The ring of Bravery drops from the last boss (Caveman Chieftain) in the Madagascar instance .
The ring of Skeleton drops from the last boss(Taj Mahal Ghost) in the Taj Mahal Instance in Bombay.

You must have the quest open, and the character that has the quest open must kill the boss in order for the rings to drop.
Once the character that has the quest open has a ring on the character / in the characters items, the ring will not drop anymore.

picture of ring lostPicture of ring lost


task auto completed when i clicked on Fran.
1 Flawless Diamond (Perfect)


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I ended up redoing this with a new character as I was trying to determine when the Atlantis quest line opened.
Atlantis opened for me after I turned in last quest #6 of the sea gear section.
I added pictures of the moused over Crete and Seville sea area map icons.
All rewards are still the same.


Finished the last quest.
Guide now finished.


Last update 3/15/2014
I have to level a bit before I can finish the last quest.
I will go back to the beginner quest line for now.

- Ele

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adding a post so that story line guides go in time order.

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bump to re-order sticky-ed guides by post times 2nd time.