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[Guides] 2014 - Lvl 140 Knights Vigil II Questline

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The Knight's Vigil II Questline Guide;

(Free 140 equipment)

Basic information

This guide contains basic information about The Knight's Vigil II storyline.
This guide covers all information about all quests that are currently available in game version [0.113].

Table of Contents

1) The Knight's Vigil II - Storyline Introduction / Voyage Log Introduction / Tips / Quest List

The Knight's Vigil II Storyline Introduction

The Knight's Vigil II storyline has been introduced first time in Hurricane Island Mystery Version.
It is a low level quest line designed for players above level 140. Its a series of easy tasks designed to provide 140 equipment to newbie players. First quest is automatically obtained once the players profession level reaches 140.

Information for the near future;

Use Truncheon of the King from Tiger Totem Exchanger at the Equipment Enhancer (both at Seville Port) to upgrade your 140 gear to 148 then upgrade next to 150a Fallen.
Level 145 (Kings), 148a (Salvation), and 150 (God's Blessed) gear is no longer needed!



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The Knight's Vigil II - Storyline Introduction / Voyage Log Introduction / Tips / Quest List

- 140 Profession Level

Storyline Introduction

After you reach level 140 profession. First task will appear in your quest book automatically.
These tasks are easy. Players with 120 land equipment from previous Knight's Vigil tasks should be able to complete them easily.

Voyage Log Introduction

Checking the quest's detail's (requirements, information, rewards and progress):

Go to the Voyage Log by clicking on book icon  - all the way to the right on your character-wheel-menu or simply press CTRL + F.

Using the Quest Guide's extra features:

  • Locations, NPCs and monsters Auto-track:
    On the description of the quest, some names of locations, NPCs and monsters are highlighted in green, and underlined. Just click on them and your character will go straight to them, even going through portals to reach them. Be careful when using Auto-track on Bimi Island. You may end up in a group of lions and die.

(lost picture voyage log w/ green underline of Knights vigil quest)

  • Reward item's details:
    To check a reward item's stats/description, just click on its name on the reward information.

(lost picture of clicking in log book on rewards)

Note: Sometimes the item's name provided on the rewards list is not its real name.


  • On quests that require that you kill a certain amount of animals, try making a team. Since the animals your teammates kill counts for you too, you will finish the quests much faster.
  • When quests ask you to loot something from a monster, items will drop for your teammates also. That way you can collect the items much faster.

Quest List

1) Return to Origins
Talk to Veteran in Athens Port.

Chilling Finger Ring × 2

2) Learning to Trade
- 3 × Sea Spirit Ore
Talk to Morientes in Seville Port.

*sea spirit ore can be picked up as a drop in Gibraltar Sea Instance (you get about 3 each full run)
or can be bought/traded for 4,800 TPC at the Barcelona Trading Points Exchanger,
or can be bought in the item mall for 1 point each,
or can be bought at the municipal minister in certain guild owned cities.

Silver Coin × 5,000,000

Crystal Helmet × 1 (140 Helmet)

Buff: "Gale Spell"+100 Square Sail Power for 120 minutes (2 hours)

Crystal Helmet is the unisex version of the Ice frost Helmet:

3) Exploration of Horse Island
- 1 × Caveman Chief
Talk to Saltar on Madagascar.
Note: Caveman Chief is the last boss in Madagascar Cave instance.

Silver Coin × 2,000,000

Eloquence Gift Pack × 1

Crystal Armor × 1 (i40 Armor)

Crystal Armor is the Unisex version of the Ice Frost Armor

4) Preparation for the Silk Road

Note: This task was automatically received and completed. It required no interactions whatsoever.

5) Silk Road of the Sea (1)
- 2 × Spices
- 1 × Ivory
- 1 × Aloe
Talk to Kabulari in Quanzhou Port.  (he takes the trade goods)
Note: "Spices" are sold in Aden at Trader. "Ivory" is sold in Bombay at Trader. "Aloe" is sold in Tourane at Trader.

Trade Points Card × 120,000

6) Silk Road of the Sea (2)
Talk to Kabulari in Quanzhou Port a 2nd time.

Trade Points Card × 400,000

Chilling Amulet × 2

7) The Lions of Bimi Island
- 1 × Bimi old Lion
Talk to Borant in Possedo Bay.
Note: Bimi old Lion is a normal monster on Bimi Island.

Chilling Necklace ×1

8) Blade of Judgement
Talk to Borant in Possedo Bay.

Judgement Blade × 1
Note: "Judgement Blade" has an existence time. It will disappear after a certain amount of time. Make sure to finish quest no. 9 before it disappears.

9) Blade of Judgement
- 1 × Ghoul Pioneer
Talk to Borant in Possedo Bay.
Note: "Ghoul Pioneer" is a monster located in 140 Desolate Valley (Ordinary) instance. It is very strong. Use the Judgement Blade from previous task to kill it.

Pick one of the weapons below:
Ice Frog Blade × 1  (aka Ice Frost Blade - 140 Falchion)
Light of Chillnes × 1 (140 Sword)
Icefrog Warhammer × 1 (aka Ice Frost Warhammer - 140 Axe)
Frozen Air of Chillnes × 1 (140 Gun)

Ice Frost Blade - 140 Falchion

Light of Chillnes - 140 Sword

Ice Frost Warhammer - 140 Axe

Frozen Air of Chillness - 140 Gun

 10) Golden Tower Challenge
- 1 × Proof of Battle (Grade 1)
Talk to Morientes in Seville Port.
Note: "Proof of Battle (Grade 1)" is obtained in Seville Golden Tower instance in Seville Suburb. 

Proof of Battle (Grade 1) × 100

Proof of Battle (Grade 2) × 100


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Additional information:

Guide status: Completed
Last non picture update: 14.03.2014
Last picture update: 20.02.2020

Discussion thread: Discussion on "The Knight's Vigil II Questline Guide"

More related guides:

 2014- 120 Knights Vigil Guide ;


Guide is completed. Guide contains useful information about all Knight's Vigil II tasks available in game version [0.113].
I will no longer update this guide, unless someone finds a reason, for example wrong objectives, rewards etc...
Any additional information, bugs, wrong information, send them on my forum/in game pm or post on discussion thread and ill add/remove them.


14.03.2014 - Table redesign. Reorganized the whole guide. Removed unnecessary text formatting to reduce the guides loading time.
16.02.2014 - Made from scratch.

20.04.2018 - re loaded broken picture links - Ele

20.02.2020 - re loaded a few jewelry stat pictures, made notes of some pictures lost, and just deleted a few broken links of pictures.

Special thanks to:

  • Ele - Updating and moderating the guide.

Thanks everyone who contributed to this guide in any way!

 Created by DSofa.


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