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[Guides] How to receive IM Items and game rewards at the warehouse

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AKA...  Pull Down the Item In-Game; Tutorial

When you have made a purchase from the item mall, or have bought IM points during an "event" that gives you items when you buy points, or get "free" items from events such as "Free Lunch".....
The items DO NOT automatically show up in your characters item "bag" or on your ship.

You have to claim the items through the in game warehouse NPC.

The only (automatic) notice you will be given that your items are ready to be claimed is a message when you first log into the game.
This message is ONLY seen in the white "public"  " general channel"  chat channel.
Please note that the message can scroll up and out of view quite fast when you are doing things.

In this example I have 4 things to claim from "prize taking" at the warehouse.

You can also log into the VCO website and check your account to see if items have been claimed:
Click "Item Record" at:  (or any VCO page that has this format)

Check if you have items to claim:
But, the only other way to tell (in game) if you have items ready to be picked up is to go to the warehouse npc;

1)  Left click the warehouse NPC
The following screen pops up.

2) Select; "Prize-taking"

3) Select; "Please help me to check whether there is any new prize."

the npc pop up will say:

but look in the white public chat...
it will tell you the same message as when you logged in:


Now Begin the claim process;
"settle" and send prize to individual character's warehouse claim list

1. Left click Warehouse Manager NPC;The following screen pops up.

2. Select; "Prize-taking"

3.  If you have not already clicked "please help me to check whether there is any new prize" It is suggested you do so now. (or skip to #5)
You may not have to click it but doing so, will check for any recently bought items.
The time it takes for a purchase to go through depends on the method of payment and the country you live in.
This could be as much as a couple of hours or even longer
(I live in the USA and use PayPal, and my purchases usually go through within about 1 minute... but that is fast when compared with other payment methods)
*NOTE* The option to check if there is a new prize will disappear and not return for about 2 minutes after it is used.

4. If you chose  "please help me to check whether there is any new prize,"  Left click "Back" to go back a screen;

5. Then click; "Settle prize-taking process"

6. Select the item you bought or was sent to you.
You will have to do this step for EVERY item on the screen.
So if you have a lot of items... it does get tedious.

**CAUTION 1**  
Only about 20 (maybe only 10) items will appear on this screen.
You will have to do step 9 to remove a few (3 or 4) then click; "please help me to check whether there is any new prize"  to see more items you may be able to claim.
The number of new items on the list will match the number of items removed from the list.  You will not know that all items are showing until there are less than the maximum 10? on the list.  Unless you go onto the VCO website and look up your "Item Record" (see picture above at start of tutorial)

***CAUTION 2***
Once you select the item from the list it will go only to the character that selected it.
If you have multiple characters on the same account, prizes you may want for your other character(s) may be on this list.
Be sure you are on the correct character!!

At this point you WILL NOT receive the item yet!!  Continue on through #9!

7. Left click "Back" to return to the main menu;

Select items you want on your character from "prize taking"

8. Choose Prize-taking (on this screen...its different than the first "prize taking" you clicked);

all the prizes you selected (with this character) in #6 will then show on the next screen(s)...

9. Scroll through the list of items to find the item you want.
The most recently claimed items will appear at the end of the list.

If you do not see the item you want;
click the "next" at the bottom of the page.

A maximum of 20 items will appear on each screen.

It has been reported that if you have over 5 screens (100 items) in this 2nd set of screens
either your items will begin to disappear and you WILL NOT get them back or You will just not be able to pull down any more items!

9a.  Select the item you want;
You do not have to put all the items on your character now.   You can leave them on this screen for later.

It is suggested and pretty much mandatory you do this for planting cards, which will begin their time count down as soon as they are claimed.
If you bought 2 or more of something at one time, such as planting cards and only want 1 (because they are bound and start counting down when will just waste 1 if you collect 2 at one time).
Fill all your spaces on your character (in the tab the item will be sent to - in the case of planting cards - equipment tab) except for 1 open space.  Make sure there are no open slots on your character or ship items depending on the item being claimed .  Make sure that all jewelry assistance slots are filled or you will auto equip the item when pulled down!! Then select the item and only one of the stacked 2 items will appear on your character.

In the case of planting cards; to leave 1 space in the character equipment tab, and MAKE SURE all assistance slots (badge slots) on your character are full;
Use the level 5 hats ( from killing low level monsters) or tools or charms to fill the equipment slots... anything with low weight.  Wear a labor uniform so you can hold the weight and/ or eat a few spinach meals and use all your regular (old?) skill points for load skill. THEN claim your planting card.

10. There should be a item selected notice after successful pull down.

There will also be a pop up at the center bottom of the screen...

it is pretty fast, it lasts maybe 2 seconds... I was not fast enough to get the one for this specific item.
but it looks like this:

11. Check your characters bag or ship.  The item you bought should be there..
remember to check all tabs on your character or ship or look to see if it was automatically equipped on your character or ship.

12. Enjoy!

Original text copied from;

Pull Down the Item In-Game Tutorial

- Ele

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- Ele

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