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[Guides] Font size adjustment

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Posted on 2013-09-02 13:28:43 | Show thread starter's posts only

How to change Font Size

First understand that this involves changing your game files.  
We are not suppose to tell you how to change game files as it is technically against TOS but like me (as I get older and my eyeglass prescription gets stronger) and/or if you have a large screen the chat font can not be read with out a magnifying glass... well here it is.

You will need to have Administer permissions for the VCO files.
see the following guide to adjust admin permissions if you have windows 7 (sorry I do not have windows 8);

In Game Font Fix for characters with Chinese characters in their name

here is what the file location looks like (windows 7) - 9/2/13

and here is what the file looks like when you open it

as for what to change see below.

here is a copy paste of a old post from Laseter:

File location:
Program Files \ Voyage Century Online \ voyage \ resource \ ini

File: fonts.ini (right click and open it with Notepad)

ok i changed 3 lines in the fonts.ini file.. first one is in  [dialogue] i changed the
window_fontname                =        Ã‹ÃŽÃŒÃ¥to
window_fontname                      =   Verdana

this changed the game font in things to better read text however it makes the text to large to fit some things so i changed the

Height                          = 14
Height                                       =13
this made it fit windows much better and be able to be readable now...

next line is in
this is the chat font portion
i changed the
window_fontname                =        Ã‹ÃŽÃŒÃ¥to
window_fontname                =        Verdana

i left the height the same as it is fine however my wife changed hers to 14 and she seems to like that better...

(restart game for changes to take effect.)

and this one is from reinless:

Seeing that for some of my friends font size was a real issue and the Almanac for the new version isn't out yet, I looked it up a bit. So, in order to change the font size, you'll need to go to <game folder>\voyage\resource\ini and open the file fonts.ini. Open the file with any text editor (by default Notepad) and scroll down until you find


tex_width                        =1024
tex_height                =1024

window_fontname                = ËÎÌå
Techniques                = ChineseFont
TechniquesRHW        =        ZChineseFont
Height                          = 12

What you're interested in is the last line from my quote, precisely "Height = 12". Change the 12 to whatever font size will suit you more, I find 14 to be more than enough. Save and exit, and that should do it. If the game was started, it needs a restart for the change to take effect.


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