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[Guides] Screen Shot Guide

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Posted on 2013-02-17 22:39:33 | Show thread starter's posts only

How to make a screen shot/picture of your character in game or of a error screen you may get on your computer

1) press the screen shot button ("print screen" ) on your computer keyboard.

If you are taking a screen shot of something in game... press ALT + V  to make all your statistics and navigation bars disappear.
... do not copy any text or press the button again until you have done the next 3 steps

here is a regular screen shot and after it is one where I pressed ALT+V

Here I had typed ALT+L

2) open Paint or Gimp OR Photoshop or any other program that will let you make pictures.

3) Paste the picture into the programs interface
(you will only have 1 picture to paste - it will be of the last time you pressed the "print screen" button on your keyboard)

4) save the picture in either ".png" or ".jpg" format on your computer if you want to use it in the VCO forums.
(I do not recommend .gif or other extensions as the files tend to be much larger)
make sure you remember the "path" of where the picture file is.

**** a picture can not be over 2.048 M  or the VCO Servers will not save it/host it...
if you picture is larger than 2 M  please read the:
How to Attach or Delete a picture to your post

as if the photo is too large, you will have to host the picture at a photo hosting site and then link it to your thread


you can SCALE the picture (make it smaller)

you can Crop the area that is important (cut away the unimportant part).


If you use paint to save your photo
all you have to do is click the open page and  paste (ctrl +V)

then save the picture the upper left blue area:

click save as and then png

- Ele

Posted on 2013-02-17 22:56:37 | Show thread starter's posts only

Here is the original screen shot guide as written by Thora3967  4/18/2007

You can make screenshots and post them here easily. Here's one of the possible ways to accomplish this:

Here's the standard windows keyboard layout with the "print screen" key highlighted.

1. When you want to take a screenshot in-game just hit the "print screen" key.

If you want to take a screenshot outside of the game, simply hold the "ALT" key, then hit "print screen".  An image of your screen has just been copied to your clipboard.  But you need to make a file of that image.  You'll need a graphic program to do so. photoshop, paint shop, MS paint, you options are virtually endless.  The following screenshots will be using photoshop 7. For most of these programs, the following instructions will work.  If not, please contact me, and we'll determine what steps are necessary for your computer.

NOTE: Those of you with an F Lock key must make sure the F-Lock key is not enabled or the print screen button will not work.

2. Open your graphics Program, then either hit "CTRL-N" or click "File, then "New"

The New Image Dialog will pop up.

The new image dialog

3. Hit "Enter" or click "Ok" to accept the default values.

4. Hit "CTRL-V" or click on "Edit" then "paste".  This will paste the screenshot from your clipboard to your opened blank image.

5. Hit "SHIFT-CTRL-S" or click on "File" then "Save As".

6. Type out the name you wish to call your file and select the file format.  (usually jpg, gif, or png)

7. Type your post in these forums, then to attach your screenshot, click on
"Add an Attachment", click on "Browse" then go to C:\Program Files\Voyage Century Online\ScreenShot (default location), select the file you want, enter a comment if you wish, then click "Add Attachment"

8. Click Preview to make sure everything is the way you want.  Then, when you're happy with what you have, Click on "Submit".


Hope this helps to answer some questions you've had about this topic.

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