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[Guides] Benevolent Voyager Event Guide

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Posted on 2012-11-09 11:13:45 | Show thread starter's posts only

There is not much to this event.
Npc "Benevolent Voyager" in Athens Port  (14,-46)  offers to sell you a Double drop rate card for 1,000,000 game coin.

Just make sure you click through all the screens 2x because the first time you accept the task and the 2nd time you submit the coin.

Double Drop Rate Card goes to your "item" tab slots on your character.
Click the card to start 2 hours of 2x drop rate.
**warning the card will only last 12 hours unused.. then it will disappear.

You are only able to claim the card 1x every Server Reset period.
Server resets at 0000 hrs EST (winter) = UTC -5 = GMT -5 (winter)

First Click through of screens:

2nd Click through of screens:

1,000,000 coin will be removed from your character and you will receive the Double drop rate card in your items tab slots in your inventory.

- Ele

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