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[Guides] NPC Titania Event Guide

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Posted on 2012-10-18 09:42:15 | Show thread starter's posts only

This event has been held:

October 12, 2012 ;!_%28Instance_1+1%29.html
December 24 - 27, 2012 ;!.html

All this NPC does is offer to sell you an instance order.  You do not have to do the instance first.
You must click through the screens of this NPC 2x to get the order which lasts 1440 min (24 hours).

You can buy one of each type of order (up to 5 orders),  You do not have to buy them all at one time!.
Once you buy one type of order you can not buy that same type again until after server reset.

NPC Titania
Seville Port (121.5 -26.9)

Location of NPC

Items he offers

Each order costs 500,000 coin

example of one of the orders.

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