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[Guides] Guide: Original Magnetic Ore & Magnetic Ore (OMO & MO) 7/2012

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You will not be able to reply to this guide, because it is located in the Tutorials and Guides section.
Please make any comments, or add any additional information to the discussion thread:
Discussion; Original Magnetic Ore & Magnetic Ore Guide

This Thread contains 2 guides;
Original Magnetic Ore & Magnetic Ore Guide - this post
Refined Magnetic Ore Guide - 2nd post


Updated Guide : Original Magnetic Ore, Refined Magnetic Ore Dust, Magnetic Ore and Refined Magnetic Ore

This Guide has been update on 4:28pm GMT+6.5 on the 5th of July 2012 (4th of July in some parts of the world - HAPPY Independence Day to my USA frenz!!)
Feel free to comment, correct any mistakes and add any thing you may have discovered not in this guide.

Hey all, its been a while since the old guide was made and updated to reflect some other ways to get OMO.

link to old guide :
Credit to DALO112 for the Old Guide.

The need for a new one became very apparent, when I discovered myself looking for 17 OMO to combine into an MO or needing to spend 20IM to get an MO on offer.

Best part was I had already completed Mausoleum and World Explorer's Quest. I went around asking other players and managed to compile a list of possible OMO quest and ways to get OMO.

Later I discoverd Refined Magnetic Ore Dust at the Trading Exchange Points guys in Barcelona, and found out that I can exchange them for Refined Magnetic Ore from Suit Materials Exchange Guy in Seville and Possedonia.

Special Thanks and all credits goes  to

Jdrake ZhengHe Server for pointing out the Masters in Barcelona to me ingame
Sanreal for providing information on 2nd Master and slave event
Monamui for pointing out that refined MO dust are not free :D
xanthian31 for more detailed breakdown of the Barcelona masters and advice on the difficulties.
DSOFA for providing more information on Fortunechanging master.

and my Grammy award speech ... blah blah blah ..

Daily possible OMO achievable

40 x omo from Mausoleum daily quest

5 x omo from Barcelona Skilled Master

5 – 25 x omo from Barcelona Dragonhunter Master

30 x omo from Barcelona Fortunchanging master (the hardest)

15 x omo from World Expedition

From above you get total 65 – 105 omo Daily OR 1 MO with extra 5-40 omo

Dragonhunter Master quest are random, hence the number of OMO will vary.
Fortunechanging Master's quest is the hardest, and unless you already have dugged out these treasures, it will be time consuming.

OMO can be exchanged with Trading Points at the Exchange NPC in Barcelona for 10k pts and 5kk per 15 omo.
Trading points are easily obtained via popular goods runs, people in my server can be seen getting above 90k Trade points less than a few hours.

So with additional 40K Trading points + 20kk silvers and daily omo rewards from the above, 2 MO is definitely a achievable.

I know for a fact, one of my ex guild mate makes way more Trading points in way less time than any others, but that is another guide for another time :D

Before getting way ahead of myself, read below for more information :-

1. What are these things? Can they be eaten? Are they worth much? Does it get me a better GF/BF (jking f61)?  

Original Magnetic Ore

[FREE from Ingame quest and trading points, however ingame silvers may or are needed for completing]
[Item Mall points x 1]
Original Magnetic Ores or OMO as they are fondly known to not so new (or young for that matters) players, are basically needed to exchange for Magnetic Ores.

Magnetic Ore

[FREE from OMO Exchange]
[Item Mall points x 30 OR Limited/Hot Sale Item Mall points x 20)
Magnetic Ores or MO as they are known (a love hate relationship with many of us) are used for Recast of weapons Lvl 3 and Lvl 4, Compound Upgrades to 120/130/140/145/148/150 Suits.

Refined Magnectic Ore Dusts

[*edit thanks to Mona - 40k Trading points and 10kk silvers from Trading pts Exchange in seville]
Refined Magnetic Ores Dust or rMOD (not widely used or known since it clashes with RMO player profession)can be used to exchange for Refine Magnetic Ore, which reduces the requirments for MO when Compounding Suit Upgrades.

Refined Magnetic Ore

[Not for free, requires SOV for OLD grade, and MOs for Ordinary/Superior/Perfect grades]
Refined Magnetic Ore is the answer to complaints from players on HUGE amounts of MO that keeps escalating on every stage of upgrade, e.g. 148 to 150 suit upgrades. It does reduce the MO required, but still not by much.

Refined Magnetic Ores can be exchange on varying levels that can be seen on the Suit Material Exchange NPC, which can be used for Suit Compounding upgrades at Suit Compound Grandmaster at Seville or Possedonia.

2. Goodness me!! I need them now I am 120 and above, where on earth or VCO for that matter, can I find them?

FEAR NOT here is how

Original Magnetic Ore

Confirmed OMO regular Source

1. 40 x OMO - [DAILY] Biggest Source of regular FREE 1 time obtainable OMO from Daily Mausoleum Quest (Zhigu)

2. 10-40 x OMO - [DAILY]
Level 100 minimum requirement

From left to right

**Credits goes to xanthian31 for this part and verification and also Sanreal for the Dragonhunter part, DSOFA for more Fortunechanging Master treasures reward

The quest each npc gives is random... he will give only 1 quest in a 24 hour period... so if you take the task and quit or wait 10 min between inquiring about the task, you will get the same quest offered to you.

Skilled Master - Barcelona City (62, 68):
NPC gives one of the following tasks:   repeatable 1 time per 24 hour reset period ("Treasure Hunt (1)" in log book)
                Make a lvl 1 open sea map for 5 OMO
                Make a lvl 2 open sea map for 5 OMO ??
                Make a lvl 3 open sea map for 5 OMO ???
                Make a lvl 4 open sea map for 5 OMO
                Make a lvl 1 inland treasure map for 5 OMO
                Make a lvl 2 inland treasure map for 5 OMO
                Make a lvl 3 inland treasure map for 5 OMO
                Make a lvl 4 inland treasure map for 5 OMO
Dragonhunter Master - Barcelona City (51, 69):
Dig up/ find a treasure from the map made in above task. ("Treasure Hunt (2)" in log book)
                     Dig lvl 1 for 5 OMO
                     Dig lvl 2 for 10 OMO
                     Dig lvl 3 for 15 OMO
                     Dig lvl 4 for 25 OMO

Fortunechanging Master - Barcelona City (59, 71):
This NPC gives different tasks some are: ("A Little Luck" in Log book)
                        Exchange Phoenix Fan or Diary of Hannibal for 30 OMO
                        Exchange Silver Brooch or Jadeite Treasure Chest for 30 OMO
                        Exchange Sun Tsu's Art of War or the Code of Hammurabi  for 30 OMO
                        Exchange Male Officer Hat of an India Glass Sword for 30 OMO
                        Exchange Pure Gold Mask or Skull of Mamoth for 30 OMO
                        (you have to dig/ find the treasure yourself)
                        *Below stuff are from DSOFA*
                        Exchange Refined Male Gaul Helm or Male Officer Suit for 30 OMO
                        Exchange Refined Female Gaul Helm or Hammer of Thunder for 30 OMO
                        Exchange Female Officer Hat or Male Executer Suit for 30 OMO
                        Exchange Female Executer Suit or Muramasa the Demon Sword for 30 OMO
                        Exchange Female Officer Suit or Gem Ring for 30 OMO
                        Exchange Nature's design or Viking Harp for 30 OMO
                        Exchange Original Type of Harquebus or Sphinx for 30 OMO
                        Exchange The Conquest of Gaul or Characters on the Teapot written by Sushi for 30 OMO
                        Exchange Dig out a Expedition of Alaxander the Great or Silk Shawl for 30 OMO
                        Exchange Hippocratic medical book or Gem Hairpin for 30 OMO

3. 15 x OMO - World Expedition (Travelling Explorer) ... o=lastpost#lastpost

Other sources for OMO

1. Item Mall point x 01 (best if you are lacking a few OMO for 1 MO and need it urgently)
2. Daily Clock In @ Athens - 15 x OMO, however not 100% and there have been cases where a few days of Clock In only gave Imperial Gold.
3. Trading Points Exchange NPC Barcelona

4. Slave event - 60 x OMO (thanks to Sanreal for the information)
5. Super Points Wheel of Fortune - 150 x OMO (not worth the IM)
6. Free Meal Event - 60 x OMO

Magnetic Ore

1. Get MOs by exchanging OMOs in Possedonia as below
To get to possedonia, Bimini > Sea Bed Cave > Possedonia

Exchange 60 OMO for 1 MO

2. Captain Jack's Compass Event - 3 x MO chance to get and its not easy
3. Item Mall - 30 IM pts for 1 OR Limited/Hotsale 20 IM pts for 1

Refined Magnetic Ore Dust

1. Poseidon Temple daily quest (refer to bottom of thread for information)
2. Trading points exchange NPC in Barcelona

Refined Magnetic Ores

Get them from Suit Exchange NPC in Seville or Possedonia

Types of rMO and their exhange requirements
OLD - requires 1 rMOD and 50 SOV
Ordinary - requires 5 rMOD and 30 MO
Superior - requires 10 rMOD and 70 MO
Perfect - requires 15 rMOD and 150 MO

3. Other ways to obtain MO or rMOD

1.Poseidon Temple Level 1, the NPC (Big Craftsman Cardman - duh!! what a name, suld call him Abydos :P) is hard to miss.

Exchange rate:

100 x Thunder Shard +5kk silvers = 1 MO
100 x Guardian Shard +5kk silvers = 1 MO
100 x Cicatrize Shard +5kk silvers = 1 MO

2. Poseidon Daily Quest : Lord of Shadows
NPC Gaedeus

Reward : Refined Magnetic Ore Dust x 01 and Atlantis Treasure x 01

Refer to below image for location and NPC

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This guide by JAYFITZY  12/22/2012

Here I will write a nice guide regarding Refined Magnetic Ore Dust. Covering how to get it, and what its used it.

Refined magnetic ore dust, Refined Mag Ore and Ancient stones are used to upgrade equipment from 120 up to and including 150.
It dramatically reduces the mag ore needed so makes leveling up.

So lets begin.

How to get it

Refined magnetic ore dust is obtained currently in two ways:

1. Possedonia Temple - Upon entering the instance, 1 of 4 random NPCs spawn to give you a daily quest.
Each NPC gives you a different quest which all involve bringing an item back to them.
These are:
Special Horn - Dropped when killing shadow master inside the 2nd level of the temple
Unicorns Tear - Obtained when you capture the unicorn in the 2nd level, the NPC will give you the item needed to catch it called "Soul Stone"
Stone of courage, Justice and Integrity - Obtained by killing the 3 bosses which are all in separate rooms in the 2nd level
Evil Vial - Obtained from the chest at the last boss on the 2nd level, it will give you a debuff like poison or reduced running speed until you submit it.

Upon completion of these quests you will gain 1 refined magnetic ore dust and 1 "Atlantis" which can be used to get a random drop.

2. Trading Point Cards
Trading Point Cards can be used to buy Refined Magnetic ore dust for 40,000 trading point cards and 10million silver

What its used to buy

With a combination of Special Offer vouchers or magnetic ore, refined magnetic ore dust is used to buy Refined Magnetic Ore and Ancient stones.
Refined Mag ore is used for land battle equipment.
Ancient Stones are used for sea battle equipment.

Depending on what level equipment your trying to upgrade you need different levels of Refined Mag ore:
Old - 1 Refined Magnetic Ore Dust and 50 Special Offer Vouchers
Ordinary - 5 Refined Magnetic Ore Dust and 20 Magnetic Ore
Superior - 10 Refined Magnetic Ore Dust and 50 Magnetic Ore
Perfect - 15 Refined Magnetic Ore Dust and 125 Magnetic Ore

The same goes for sea battle equipment but with slightly different requirements
Old - 1 Refined Magnetic Ore Dust and 50 Special Offer Vouchers
Ordinary - 5 Refined Magnetic Ore Dust and 12 Magnetic Ore
Superior - 10 Refined Magnetic Ore Dust and 24 Magnetic Ore
Perfect - 15 Refined Magnetic Ore Dust and 40 Magnetic Ore

Each type is used to create different levels of equipment as shown
Old - Level 130 and 140 Equipment
Ordinary - Level 145 Equipment
Superior - Level 148 Equipment
Perfect - Level 150 Equipment

The ancient stones and refined magnetic ores are all redeemed at the "Suit Material Exchanger" in Seville port and Possedonia city.

Comparing the costs

I have created a simple table on MS paint to show the differences in mag ore requirement:

Obviously you need to take into account the refined mag ore dust/Special Offer Vouchers for the Refined Mag ore and Ancient Stones.

I personally bevel its much more sufficient to use the refined mag ore way of upgrading, for the simple reason its leaves you with magnetic ore to use elsewhere. But that depends on if you can get the Refined Magnetic ore Dust daily. Just all depends on how well you can collect the items all shown above.. This is just to give a little more information in showing what you could be saving or what you are wasting.

Thanks for Reading

Edit: Thanks Jarvus for pointing out I had 48 mag ore instead of 40 for 150 SB on graph


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