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[Guides] Black Screen problems and fixes - Many threads combined

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Solving  Black Screen by adding DLL files
This originally posted by IGGedwin

PLEASE NOTE; this is a fix from JANUARY 2007  so may not help at all anymore
READ the linked thread above before you decide to try it!!.

Some players reflect  when they run the game,the computer will  Black Screen.
So we always try to solve this error.
Now,we have a new way to solve it.But this is a test,you must backup your original documents first,it is very important.

Let me introduce how to use it.
1.There are seven dlls document in it.You must decompressing files first,and then make the seven dlls cover with the dlls which in X:\Voyage Century Online\voyage\DLL,OK.And now,run the game for a test.
2.If it still cause your computer black screen,and delete the logo(which in X:\Voyage Century Online\voyage\),and run the game again.

If it can't solve the error,please tell us in your reply,we will continue checking.If it solve the error,tell us too :)

PS:When you play this game,please check your computer collocate,and make sure your direct is the newest.

[quote:ccedffb20e="Feist"].RAR files are archive files, like .ZIP

You need one of the following software to extract .RAR :
WinRAR (Shareware)
7-zip (Freeware)[/quote]

Down load the following rar file


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Was working fine, came back to black screen, game will not restart


Basically had 3 clients running, went out for dinner.. come back all 3 clients where blackscreened.. closed them and tried to open new clients.. Press start on the game launcher.. it opens up core.exe then crashes.
This has never happened before now.. my computer is well above the recommended settings.. currently updating the game launcher just incase and finally im running windows 7.

Exactly same thing happened to me once, it just crashed and I couldn't turn it on again. Every time I tried it just cashed at core.exe like it does to you.
Something got corrupted I guess. The Fix thing took more than 5 hours, I dunno why, maybe because of my connection, I'm in Europe after all, but the important thing is, it didn't work even after all that time.
I had to download the game again, took me an hour, I had to delete the old one completely and install the downloaded one. After that it finally worked.
Poster said re-download worked.

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Intermittent black screen, but black for all programs not just VCO.

while i have my computer running from time to time my monitor will all the sudden go black like its not getting any signal.
however the system is still running and all the lights remain on. one odd thing i have noticed is that when the monitor goes black the hard drive suddenly becomes extremely active, the hdd light goes on and stays on.
only way to bring it out is to turn the power off and restart, the power button and reset buttons dont effect it in that state.
my current theories are
bad HDD
bad video card
but given the set of circumstances, especially the HHD going crazy, i cant decide on one, and dont have the money to just go out and buy parts if there is nothing wrong with them. ive checked all my fans and they are running ok, however i do know i could use more, i currently have the case open and a floor fan blowing into it, it helps but i still have problems.
and yes all my drivers are up to date and i have anti virus and anti spyware
everything was running just fine til a month or two ago when it started happening, everthing was pretty much the same before and after, the only thing i can remember happening around the time this started is installing itunes, which i have since uninstalled.


one thing u could try is reapplying the CPU Gel to your motherboard/CPU
My computer comes with a weird NVIDIA design that has my mother board and graphics card as one, so i constantly reapply it(once or twice every few months)
Arctic Silver 5 is the best. here are some instructions if you know your commputer
IF NOT then here is a little easier to understand method
DO NOT put a lot of paste onto the CPU/motherboard...
a little dab like the size of an avarage BB should do, then just spread it with a credit card(or something alike)
Search youtube for some guides xD

its hard to help on distance, i would sugest to check the power supply first, if it works correct then i will suspect the mainboard,
i've hope im wrong but you can have a serious problem if im correct

I have the exact problem. It only happens when I play games or watch HD movies. My screen goes black and I can't reset it or shut it down.
They said my PSU is weak, I had 400W. I bought a brand new one 650W, which is more than enough for my components, but unfortunately it still crashes like that. I didn't find the solution to this problem yet... Only thing I can think of is my power outlet. It could be overloaded since I have like 10 different devices connected to it.

Most power supplies break up the 12v power onto different rails, so even though it may be a 650w PSU, it may only allow a total of 650 watts and not deliver it to a single device. So depending on your vid cards needs you may need a diff power supply. I have seen some PSU's with as many as 5 12v rails, the fewer the rails the better. And yes, the fewer rails the more money they cost. High end vid cards may consume as much as 500 watts now days. So when your playing this old game, not a big load on the vid but when you load a modern game it crashes. That to me sounds like a PSU not delivering enough grunt when it needs to.
To test this get the EVGA Precision Pro utility it tracks fps, temps, clock speeds and many diff voltages. Set it to log to a file and load a few games. play untill it crashes. Check the log file after reboot.  Hope this helps.
HD content also puts a big load on a vid card.


From Poster solution was:
just thought about this thread and thought i would update it for others in the future
my first guess was the hard drive. sent it back and that wasnt it
finally found out that it was the power supply
my power supply wasnt putting out enough power and that was making the system crash
it was a rosewill PSU, and in the reviews on newegg that was one of the complaints
i sent it back and got a replacement, been a couple months and so far so good

well u have to watch the psu, even the new ones
sometimes they are putting out lower than what they are labeled for
so if ur system needs 500 watts and u get a 650, if the 650 is really putting out 450 cause of bad parts then ur system will act up     thats what was happening to me
only mine started out ok, and progressively got worse
would shut down once a day, then every 12 hrs, then every 3-4 hrs, eventually got to the point when i replaced my HDD to try that, the computer wouldnt even stay on long enough to instal windows on the new hdd.
i looked up how to test a psu but its a pain
u have to bridge 2 pins on the 24pin connector so it will turn on, then u can check the voltages
and depending on what u have plugged into the outlet, yea it could be that, u might be stretching the amperage too thin
especially if u are using extension cords that are on the flimsy side, or if u power strip/surge protector near its peak capacity
for electronics u need the bulkier cables, cable size helps increase the flow rate and lower the flow resistance

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