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[Guides] 2012 Hurricane Island Instance Guide

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Guide is all done
I hope i made the grave part clear enough, its really hard to explain in text

Any questions or error, please use the discussion thread

Table of Contents
HI Beach and Entering the Instance
Level 1- The Mine Cave
Level 2- The Lizard Cave
Level 3- Cliff Valley
Level 4- The Grave
Level 5- The Ship
Level 6- The Treasure Cave

Map to save and print as needed
Rt click picture > View Image > use browser "file" > Print

So you can write down door numbers and column numbers for easier opening of doors.

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To Enter the Hurricane Island Instance you have to first sail to Hurricane Island
The islands Location is in autotrack, click it and it will sail you right there

Once at the island you have to go through the offshore area
Which is guarded by the Golden Puppet Pirate Ships
These pirates are equal to about a lvl 11 or lvl 12 normal pirate, if you get too close to them they will take the initiative and board you
once you click the portal to go to shore you will spawn on the hurricane island beach, right behind you is the portal to go back to the offshore
to leave, you have to go though the offshore to go back to the high sea

There are 3 main parts to the island, The Beach, the swamp and the Instance Entrance

The Beach
This is where you spawn and exit the island
it also has the npc which you buy the instance pass from

Upon landing you will start off on a beach.

NPCs related to the instance
Tom, the NPC, is standing in front of you on a slightly raised surface. Talking to him, you can get the swamp map needed for the low level Instance for 7,500,000, and also collection quests.

Captain Migna on the rocks past the entrance (64, 7) level who will give you the quest to kill Task Master Rowan (In the Instance) - one time quest

Inside the instance on level 3 npc Claude gives 2 quests;
1) Key to Grave; turn in 4 guardians hearts for a key to enter the Ancient Grave. - repeatable
2) (did the quest long ago)

The Swamp
Full of Crocodiles which will attack if you get too close - be careful
Contains Mining areras Logging Trees for gathering lvl 10-12 metal and timber, as well as the more recent materials such as soft/hard wood, metal/non metal
Beach? Will spawn a T-Rex once a day which can be killed for random rewards (Same T-rex as is in instance)

Here are the tasks that are given on Hurricane Island:
Hurricane Island Quests

Link broken not sure where guide went ... may be lost.

On the island you can collect materials for;
Timber Felling:
Level 10, 11, 12 Wood, Teak, Oak, Pine, Fir
Level 10, 11, 12 Ore, Fine Copper ore, Nickel ore, Tin ore, Fine Iron ore, Tungsten, Sulphur, Saltpeter, Mining Charcoal "Coal"
Lvl 11 textile  Musa, Lvl 12 textile  Poacynum, Lvl 11 quality crop  Geranium, Lvl 12 quality crop  Perilla Frutescens

The Instance Entrance
After going through the beach, across the swamp and over the wood bridge you reach the entrance portal for the hurricane island instance

To Enter the Instance
a) Normal Mode
You must buy a pass (Map) from the npc on the beach, NPC Name: Tom (0.5, -33)
the cost is 7.5 million coins
equip it in a "assistance" spot on your character to be able to enter portal.

b) Elite Mode
You must buy an elite HI pass from another player or from one of the player owned cities (such as Athens, Barcelona or London) item is called "swamp map", the cost is 10 million coins.
equip it in a "assistance" spot on your character

c) Master Difficulty
collect 4 Swamp Map Fragments. (drops from The Lost Water Way Pirate) them for the Swamp Map (Master) From the Storm Chaser Card Exchanger Sanctum of Memories (-5 0)....equip the map, then enter the instance; Sanctum of Memories (-35,0)

Like any other instance, you must be teamed with at least one other character to be able to enter, even if its an alt.  If you lose team while inside OR disconnect or log out for more than 10 mins you will exit automatically.

Once you have either pass you equip it in a badge (assistance) slot and click the portal
the pop up screen opens and gives you the choice of either normal or elite, select which is appropriate for you
you will then spawn inside Level 1 of the instance, so only click the difficulty when you are ready to go right in.

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The Mine Cave - Level 1

Level Introduction
When you first enter the instance you spawn at the area marked entrance on the map
You must fight your way down to the Boss Rowan and kill him to open the portal to Level 2, Rowan is surrounded by several pirate guards
On this map there will be 3 treasure chests that spawn in random locations, you can collect them if you wish. To open a treasure chest takes 15 seconds of uninterrupted waiting, you cant move or be attacked while waiting or it cancels the timer.

Treasure Chests can contain:
Level 11 and 12: Metal / Timber / Cloth / Cold Ingots / Eaglewood Complex
Old Nobel Jewelry- Such as Hades and Ares
Colony Materials

There are 2 main types of mobs on this level

They dont attack very hard, but have a lot of health and attack in groups of 3 or 4 at once. Depending on your gear lvl the amount of time to kill them and the fact they attack in groups can take a chunk of your health.

There are a couple different pirates
Mineworker- Mid Level pirate, does some damage and has medium health
Explorer- weakest pirate, if not killed fast enough will spawn the supervisor cheif
Supervisor- Hardest normal pirate, good health and damage
Supervisor Chief- Spawned from explorer, usually gives the best chance for a nice drop
if you want to kill the Supervisor Chief then dont kill the explorers and allow them to spawn, if you are in a hurry, kill the explorers first to prevent them from spawning

Mob Buffs/Skills
Neither Pirates nor the Armadillos have any buffs or special skills

The boss for this level is Taskmaster Rowan

Boss Buffs/Skills
Rowan has a couple special skills
Coma - Stuns you for 10 seconds, you cant move or use any skills
SP Drain - Skill drains massive amounts of SP every second
he uses both skills frequently

the most effective way to counter both skills is to use the Freeze Helmet Skill
it lasts for 1 min and will prevent both the coma and drain
to counter just the drain, you can use holy medicine

the best tactic to kill rowan is go in and skill up and kill him as fast as possible
if you dont have a freeze hat then i would suggest using a falchion and activating soul of sabre, SOS will continue to attack him even while you are in coma state

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The Lizard Cave - Level 2

Level Introduction
When you first enter the level there are some tricky stones to navigate to get to the main open area.
This lvl is all about giant lizards, there are several types of lizards here, even roaming lizard patrols in certain areas.
In order to get to the next level you DO NOT have to kill the Boss Lizardman Lens, that being the case many people just run through this lvl to get right into the cliff valley.
Its up too you whether you think the drop justifies the time and durability lost completing this level.

Once Lens is killed then Lens Safe spawns
One tactic some use is to run right to Lens and kill him then take the safe, but this can be deadly if not geared properly
also if there are mobs attacking you while trying to access the safe, you will be unable to open it, so a partner or alt is advised.

Steel Skin
Mutant Stormy (Spawn in groups of about 5 around the giant liz every 30 seconds or so)

Mob Buffs/Skills
Poison Lizards use poison on you
Giant Lizards spawn mutant stormy lizards in intervals, SOS is really handy in killing them all at once

Lizardman Lens

Boss Buffs/Skills
I can't remember if he has any skills or not, im thinking no
if thats wrong someone pls let me know

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Cliff Valley - Level 3

Level Introduction
When you spawn in here on your left is the npc Claude to take a task, info below on that.
You walk forward a bit and you are greeted by the first mobs, Male and Female Lions.
You must fight your way past them across the small lake and up the side to kill Patty in order to proceed to the next lvl.
There are several Mini Bosses on this level which can drop items like any other boss, killing them is optional for moving to the grave. However if you want to kill them i suggest you wait til after you kill Patty.
The Mini's are his "pets" and killing them before Patty puts him into an anger state which makes him more difficult to kill.

Another item worth mentioning, this is the first lvl that has the ability to drop Cannon Operator Jewelry (usually abbreviated as CO). While it has no resale value ingame, it is a staple of the game economy since it sells to the npc for 5 million coins each. It has come to the point now that the success and drop rate of a hurricane instance run is measured by how many CO you have at the end. CO can drop from any mob on this lvl, so some people decide to clear this lvl out as well as the grave.

One Important note about completing the Valley and Entering the Grave
In order to enter the grave lvl you MUST have a grave key. the key is obtained from the task give by claude (info below). Otherwise on Patty's death the portal will open but you will be unable to go through.

Level Task
NPC Claude
when you enter on the left is Claude, he will give you the task: Key to the Grave
You must kill the Valley Guardian on the lower left side and collect 4 Guardian Hearts
when you submit them you will receive the key
*The guardian only drops 1 heart per death, so to collect 4 will take 4 trips
you will either need to borrow a key or buy a key to continue to the grave until you kill enough guardians to get your own key.

Male / Female Lions (female seem to hit harder)
Lion King
Barbarian Trainer (always accompanied by a couple lions)
Barbarian Champion
Barbarian Witch
Grey Wing Vultures
Giant Vulture

Mob Buffs/Skills
M/F Lions - Have a skill similar to Axe rage of God, will take a couple thousand HP instantly no matter what. No known defense against it is known currently.
Barbarian Witch - Gives buff which decreases defense and increases attack power for 5 mins
Vultures- skill which you lose several hundred HP per second over 30 seconds, can be cleared with holy medicine or freeze hat
Stegosaurus - another ROG like skill that can take a couple thousand HP per hit
Deinonychus - Coma stuns you so you are unable to attack or move for 10 seconds, uses it often too. to counter use freeze hat

Barbarian Chieftan Patty

Boss Buffs/Skills
Patty - Has several skills including coma, however they are not used until his health is down to approx 10% or so. so at 10% use a freeze hat to prevent them being used on you.
Patty also grows stronger the closer to death including skills that can take huge amounts of HP, kill him fast
He also will spawn several barbarian champions around himself as the battle goes on, i beleive its every 1-2 mins. the amount increases with each wave, first wave is i beleive 5, next is 7, then 9, etc
Patty is considered to be one of the hardest bosses, I was able to solo Peter at the end before i was able to kill Patty on my own, it can be that bad lol.

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The Ancient Grave - Level 4

To enter the Ancient Grave you need a key called "key to grave"
You get it by completing a quest from Claude (-7, 91) on level 3 of the instance near where you enter the area.
Collect 4 guardian's hearts and turn them into Claude.
[This means you have to do the instance 4 times as only 1 drops from the Cliff Valley Guardian (Lion boss) (125, 161) on level 3. Guardian Hearts do not say they are bound, but you can not trade them.]

Level Introduction
The grave, the lvl where people make most of their money from HI. All of the mobs in this lvl drop Cannon Operator Jewelry (called CO by most players) and it on average has a better drop rate than cliff valley.
The grave is also a maze with large rooms that have smaller rooms inside. separating the rooms are locked doors
In order to pass from one room to another a door must be either
1. Unlocked
2. Walked through using known door bug
you can walk through any door using the bug, however to get dante to spawn you MUST unlock the door leading into dantes chamber at the very north of the grave.


Walking Through
the easiest and fastest method for getting around in the grave, this bug has been around since the beginning of the instance and is known about and allowed to be used
to walk through, place your character into walking mode (ALT+R)
Assuming a character is 6 feet tall in game
put character about 6 feet from door in walking mode, then click several feet behind the door on the floor
your character will start to move to go there, but the door is in the way
when your character is only 1-2 feet from the door quickly use ALT+R to go into running mode
when timed correctly your character will run through the door to the other side.
if you have problems getting it down i suggest asking an instance veteran to come along and show you.

Opening the Doors
The hardest and longest way to do the grave. But the info is still needed to at least open Dante's door at the end
the doors is the hardest part and difficult to explain, especially in text and not actually being there and showing a person, but ill try....

If you click on any door a window will open and tell you a number value for that door, lets say you click on a door and it says 4
to open door 4 you must find 2 golems that add up to 4, you can only use 2 golems total, no more, no less. the kicker is none of the golems have their number posted on them
so you must guess which golems to use, when you use 2 and it opens a door, then u can have a pretty good idea what the values of those 2 are
so back to door 4, you can use any 2 that add to that, so either 2+2 or 3+1
there is a set path to take from the entrance to dante, the numbers near the entrance will start out lower then progressively start getting higher the further you go.
another thing to note: the golems needed for a door are usually in the immediate area, and they will be in a place that you have already opened up.
so when you first start you have access to only the 1 large room in front of you, even the smaller room in the middle is closed

so lets say its the door on the left that is 4, and you find the golem at the top left and bottom right of the room open it

now you have access to the left large room
so you go into that room and check all the doors for the one with the next highest number
lets say its the one on the north side and its value is 10
you find the golems on the right top and bottom add to 10, top is 6 and bottom is 4, now the 10 door is open and you have access to that room

now you repeat the process search each door in the new room for the next higher up
lets say you find its the middle room door and its value is 22, yes numbers can shoot up fast
well non of the numbers have been that large yet and you can only use 2 golems, so then you are looking for higher numbers
you find the top left golem and a 2 golem from the first room opens the door 20+2

you continue finding the next higher door and follow the path til it leads you to dantes door

At Dante's Door
OK now you are at Dante's Door, either you opened all them along the way, or you took the speedy way and walked through them as most of us do.
if you opened all the doors to that point you have a good idea how the path goes and opening Dante shouldnt be hard, but what if you took the shortcut there and have no idea the door orders?
Well there is kinda a speedy way to figure out dantes door combo too if you just got there

forgetting the previous examples above lets make our own Dante door and surrounding door values

When doing this I always check Dante, Left side, right side, bottom and middle
huh? here a diagram
Ok so lets say we have the following
D 46, L 42, R 68, M 92, B 50

That looks like
So knowing in the grave your path goes from lower numbers to higher numbers you can extrapolate what the path would be

you would open the left left door come in and open the left door (42) then next to Dante (46)

so based on that you can guess that the golems to open Dante are going to be in either the room dante connects to or on the left side of the room and grave, and since the middle room is higher it wont be that golem used either
so based on that we can make a probable area to search

adding some numbers to the golems for identity ill add 1-10, 1 being the most likely used in the answer to 10 being most unlikely based on the set of door values

my first guess would be a combination of 1:3, 2:3, then maybe 4:2, 5:2, 4:1, 5:1, etc etc
now when you start getting further away from dantes door, say in my diagram golems 6+ the probability that a particular golem is used is based on the door values around it, to its left and right
so if say the door down from 42 was 40, then that middle room was 38, then 10 golems probability might go up to say 7 or 8 instead of 10

basically its all weighted statistics and the door values around the golems provide the statistical weight

If you went through all this scratching your head and still dont quite get it, maybe this video will help
thanks to vcogonepro for making it a couple years back, i know it really helped me learn the system

videos by: vcogonepro
Part 1 - Opening the Doors the normal way
Part 2 - Normal way conclusion / explanation of the shortcut method

Skeleton Knight
Skeleton Archer - ranged attack
Grave Blood Corpse
Mutant Corpse Lord

Mob Buffs/Skills
Zombie - Poison
Corpse Lord - HP drain skill, takes 1-2k HP on average per use, in groups they can drain hp fast

Grave Robber Dante
Dante's Skeleton

Boss Buffs/Skills
Dante uses a skill that takes away 500 defense - can be cleared with holy meds or freeze hat
Upon Dantes death the skeleton spawns, when it spawns it also gives 10 seconds of coma

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The Ship of Hurricane Island - Level 5

Level Introduction
After killing dante you spawn on the ship map, you start out above the ship on the cliffside with a large tree trunk leading down to the ship.
You must walk down the tree to the ship, the ship is actually 2 floors at the same time, to go down to the lower deck you take the stairs on the right side.
now there is no portal to the "lower deck" so you will have to adjust your zoom to be able to see under there or the ship deck will block your view.
Almost instantly on being on deck the war dancer will spawn, he uses an axe. he has very little health or defense and can be easily killed by even newer players, however he does hit very hard, so best to kill him before he can hit you. other than the bosses Catalina and Peter the dancer is the only "normal" mob on the ship, take note however that he will respawn every 30 seconds or so. He will continue to spawn even after Catalina and Peter are dead, he is just always there.

If you are careful it is possible to lure out Catalina without getting Peter, in which case you can kill her alone before going after Peter and the hound.
She doesnt hit very hard but has a very high amount of HP, so she takes a while to kill.

Peter also doesnt hit very hard, however he is loaded with buffs to boot, plus at his side is always the manic hound
the hound like the war dancer will respawn every 30 seconds or so, while killing peter the hound can be killed with falchion SOS alone, once peter is dead though unlike the dancer the hound will not spawn anymore

War Dancer
Manic Hound

Mob Buffs/Skills

Catalina Holin- Mini Boss
Peter Holin

Boss Buffs/Skills
Catalina give a buff that lowers def and reduces HP once at begining
Peter - wow what buff doesnt he give lol
SP drain, HP drain, Coma, ROG like attack that takes several thousand HP instantly, probably a couple more i cant remember
All of which can be countered with use of a freeze hat

Most people arent able to kill peter alone for a long time, however there is a trick to being able to solo peter sooner so you can run HI earlier for more cash.
You will need Guardian Light potions, Holy Medicine, Freeze helmet
As you approach Peter to attack use your freeze helmet skill, it lasts 1 min and has a 3 min cooldown
fight with peter til there are about 10 seconds left on the freeze skill and pop a guardian light
run up the stairs and up the log toward the portal to the grave, you will notice at the top there is a small ledge leading out toward the left (as you are facing the portal)
run as far to the edge of the ledge as you can and stay there, peter should not come up the log (however sometimes he will, or the dancer)
up there you are out of the range of his attacks and his most deadly buffs, guardian light is all you need while there
while on the ledge you can take the opportunity to heal and wait for freeze skill to ready
once freeze hat is ready again, go back down the log and use the skill when you see peter.
rinse and repeat til either you or he is dead lol

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The Treasure Cave - Level 6

Level Introduction

The final level
there are no mobs, no bosses, just you and treasure chests!
near where you spawn a treasure chest will appear, sometimes it takes a couple seconds or even you moving a little for it to finally spawn
you can open it and take all the loot
anything is possible in the chest
CO jewelry, colony mats, refines, gems, etc
you will also get a key which says its to open the treasure chest lvl 2

you walk into the main room and you will see stone stairs leading up to a treasure pile, on those stairs and around the treasure pile 4 other chests will spawn
these are chests 2-5
the kicker here like the golems in the grave.... you dont know which chest is which number
while each chest has a set value 2-5, there is no way for the player to tell
so you can chance it and try the key on a chest, you might get lucky and get it right, you might not
if you do the chest opens, if you dont get it right the key is destroyed

so assuming you pick the correct chest for 2
the loot interface comes up, in the 2 chest you will receive the key for chest 3, in chest 3 gives the key for 4 and 4 gives the 5 key
while you have the chest open and are taking stuff out, DO NOT close the chest screen til you have everything you want out of the chest
once the window closes the chest cant be reopened without another key of the same value

so say you make it all the way and guess chest 4, only one left and you know which is chest 5, you decide to move some stuff or trade with a teammate cause your inventory is full
the chest window closes.... oops if you didnt get the key already for chest 5 no way to get it now without another 4 key, same with anything else that was left in the chest
so if you need room in inventory while collecting from chests, best thing is to drop stuff on the ground, that wont close the window

once you are done with the chests
there is the exit there which will spawn you on the HI beach at the offshore portal

All Done

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more room

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more room