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[Guides] Parlo Valley Instance Guide

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Discussion on the Parlo Vally Instance Guide(s)


This is just a start for the Instance Guide

Parlo Valley Instance Guide

Legend/ Back Story for Parlo Instance
There was an exploration expedition to Madagascar.  A team member Kerui En was captured by the cannibals due to a misunderstanding.  In order to save the captured member you are asked to send an rescue party.
The Cannibals believe in 4 Gods Winter Bello, Xibei Luo, Xi Namu, Winter Hotspur.  These four Gods live in the Big Canyon, in this canyon there are giant sculptures (Giant head sculptures w/ open mouths) of these Gods.
The valley is home to a unique species of beetles.  They are attracted to the Gods and will run to the sculptures and enter the mouth of the Gods.

Basic Premise / Goal of Instance
Kill the Black Rock Shaman and keep undesirable beetles from entering the god's mouths.
Use the Instance rewards to finish the Guild quests lines see;
Guild Quests Guide - Poseidon Temple Patch 2011

General Description
There is 1 main boss; the Black Rock Shaman, and 4 types of beetles Black, Shade, Red and Crimson.

The beetles will spawn at intervals of 150 seconds (called "rituals") at the spawn points.  They then run to the mouths of the Gods (looks like a cave entrance).

Where the instance is located;
Inside the Madagascar Cave.

The Instance has a center altar, 4 beetle spawn points and 4 God's Mouth portals.  
The section in the middle where the chests are is this altar. Running to it will bring out the Shaman.  The beetles will spawn at the 4 directions (North, South, East, West), and will run to the portals along the routes indicated (North-East, South-East, South-West, North-West).

The Shaman patrols the entire area, and teleports you to one of the 4 jails.  

Layout of Instance

Message On Entering

Basic Strategy

Talk to the NPC Kron immediately upon entering the instance... click through any of the quest lines you can, turn in the valley vines if you already have 10  collected previously.

Usually you will need 5 people in a team, one to cover each cave mouth, and one Tank to keep the shaman in the center (at the altar) and to keep hacking away at the Shaman's HP. (though some players are able to cover 2 caves at once or are just so strong they can kill the shaman together in a few minutes)

When using the 5 player method; 4 Players' jobs are to kill off the right kind of beetle, and allow the correct beetles to enter the mouths.  Two beetles are good and two are bad for each time period. (each time period is called a "ritual")

Killing the correct beetles will reduce the power of the Shaman Boss.  And give the Team helpful buffs.
If the wrong beetles enter the mouths/caves, the Shaman will receive a buff or buffs that work against the team.
(further discussion on buffs below)

Which Beetles
The list of beetles to kill appear near the team pictures. (see photo above)  
Check the ones listed there and kill only those two types let the others go by.
There appears to be a combination that determines the buffs that are applied to the Shaman or the players.  

Please reply to the discussion thread if you notice how the combinations work!!

killing beetles

The 5th player will hit the Shaman and wear down his hp
This "Tank" allows the others to concentrate on killing the correct beetles,  and calls in the his team mates when the time is right for all to come to the center, and attack and kill the shaman.

(if you use pets that attack only at close distance, they will help keep the shaman in the center on the altar (most of the time) so that he will not run off and kill your team mates at the cave mouths... because you got teleported and now your team mate is the closest target to attack)

If he does attack a team mate have the teammate run him to the center and you stand near by.. when your team mate is "killed" and  teleported the shaman will then focus back on you.  If you both hit him you take the risk of getting teleported again, and your team mate needs to get back to killing beetles as fast as possible, so just let your team mate "die" while hitting the shaman solo.

attacking shaman on the altar

Make the Tank an AB that way he can recover his HP or just make sure he is someone that is strong.  What the Tank does is try to keep the Shaman happy by "dieing" all the time.  The "Tank" does not really die, he gets transported to 1 of 4 cages around the center area of the instance, Unless  the cave mouths get below 50 or 25 % then he will actually die and be transported out side the instance and have to run back in.

cage you are transported to

If you do not keep the Shaman busy in the center with pets, the Shaman may keep attacking you running to you as you appear in the cage. He often stuns you when you are teleported, and you loose 10k HP most times.  If this is a problem, when coming out of the cage try to run to the portals, and avoid being caught again by the Shaman.
He will then focus on your team mates.

picture of stunned player above and shaman attacking while you are in cage below

Minimum HP for tank (suggested)
20k HP or AB
(if you can not kill him in the first 5 or 6 "rituals")
I have 21,000 HP and have not had to heal when killed/teleported by the shaman.... as long as the pets keep him busy often he is not concentrating on me..  However,
at one point, after about 15 minutes into the instance he begins to throw more buffs and get more evil.... too not die you must have around 20k HP.  After about 20 minutes you begin to die for real and re-spawn outside the instance and you loose Reputation and HP.

Every time you get teleported to a cage you may loose around 10k from a buff that the Shaman gives you, so AB's can be helpful.  When you die (spawn outside), you re-spawn back at the Mada regular instance entrance, and have to run back in.  When you enter the instance again, try to avoid being attacked by the Shaman again, else you can quite easily get stuck in a dying loop, you die, teleport back run back in only to die again.  It happened to the original author of this guide 6 times to in the one run.  Also try to heal up before you enter again, else if you have less that 20k and re-spawn you going have less that 10k hp which if you get caught by the Shaman will kill you in 10 sec again... etc re-spawn etc.

We have heard  that you can do this instance with just 2 people.  but no one has given any details... I think you just have to be extremely strong and kill the shaman immediately.

Completing the instance

Upon successful or unsuccessful completion, talk to Kron a 2nd time and make sure you have done all the quests you can do that he offers.

Victory Conditions
When the Shaman dies with no buffs acting upon your team mates and possibly upon the shaman.
(one time I saw him die w/ xxxx buff (finger buff) still on him yet we completed successfully)

If the Boss dies, and you have done all of the 4 quest lines described in the guide below,
Guild Quests Guide - Poseidon Temple Patch 2011
that lead up to the Parlo instance including talking to Kron inside the instance

You will receive:
  • Rock Mace (For Quest)
  • Voodoo Tome (For Quest)
  • Sickle of Harvest (For Quest)
  • Shaman's Key (chance to open chest to get Spear of Victory for Quest)
  • Guild Build Permit
  • Imperial Gold x 0 - 3 (Random)

***** You can open the Shaman's chest with Shaman's key.
You will receive Spear of Victory from Shamans chest, only if you accepted the guild task.
If you don't have the task which requires Spear of Victory, they key will fail to open the chest.

Minimum 5 Slots Needed  
Note: The rewards that you get will automatically appear in your inventory, you don't have to loot them, so make sure you have 5 free spots in article column and one in equipment column. Otherwise you will not receive them.

Failure Conditions
If you die, or the time runs out.  The mouth/ portal/caves are only there for the bugs to disappear in to, they have no other function, so just try to kill the right beetles before they can enter..  

Also we think if the shaman dies while there is a buff on him or on the team, you will not complete the instance successfully

Times Up

When the mouth reach zero the time is up.  A message appears saying that you have 4 min to leave.

Buffs and Debuffs

Buffs; The Shaman gets on himself (All buffs can be stacked)

Beetle Buffs
For every correct Beetle you kill the Shaman will loose HP.  If you kill the right bugs the shaman will get one or more of the following debuffs. Sometimes they are stacked.
For every incorrect Beetle you kill the Shaman will gain HP

Every 150 seconds the Shaman Boss will get a new buff...depending on which beetles you have killed he will heal up or loose health.  *** I think it is every 30 seconds - Ele

This section needs to be verified
Every 150 seconds the Shaman will cast a buff.  This can be for himself, or other players or even a Beetle.   It is assumed that if you killed the right beetles that he will cast a negative buff on himself and a positive buff on the players. At this point you can then attempt to kill the Shaman.

*** If the buff is applied to a beetle the buff will weaken or strengthen the Shaman for as long as that beetle is alive.

There appears to be two types of buffs
Normal: This will always be present for the entire instance.
Timed : These are cast by the Shaman at differing intervals during the instance.
*** I have seen there be no buff present at all  that is when we usually kill the the Shaman, but he doesn't always cooperate... dying at the right time  - Ele

Buffs; The Shaman puts on the players (All buffs can be stacked)

Items Inside the Instance

Beetle Drops

You get the following drops
  • Economic Build Permit
  • Military Build Permit
  • Agriculture Build Permit
  • Industrial Build Permit
  • Silver Coins , low amounts 1-2k
  • Rare Gold, might be useful.

Permits are for items in Guild Hall.... exchange them at Guild hall exchange NPC.

Items on the Ground

10 of these stones are turned into one of the NPC's outside the instance to complete part of the quest line.   Because these can be turned in w/ out entering the instance, I keep a stack in my warehouse and turn them in before I start the instance.... sometimes I turn them in a few days before I get a chance to join a team and do the instance.

10 of these plants are turned into Kron inside the instance.  I also keep a stack of these in my warehouse and turn them in immediately when entering the instance (there is a 2 minute? period of no shaman before the instance begins)  This way I do not have miss killing beetles while I try to collect the plants and stones.  Even if I just need a few, I can collect them only during clear (no beetle) periods and after the instance ends.


Thanks for the comments I will keep updating as we work it all out.
Thanks to DSOFA, Jayman37, IKSPEEL, Slayer55Six, seleniummc

Spelling and some info edited by Ele  2/10/2012
Buffs Added, Information moved around, Information added  by Ele  2/16/2012

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Originally I was told that the success or failure of completing the instance was random.
My guild mates have been trying different things t see if we can complete the instance successfully more often...

Here is what we found:

1)   If you have 5 team members.... use at least 2 close range pets to keep Shaman off of your team mates and in the center...then lower level players can easily complete the instance... bugs are not hard to kill
If another player is attacked ... have them run shaman to the center until they "die" .and pets should keep shaman there or until main tank player comes back and takes over shaman aggro.
Close range pets are Hell wolf & Urus  not the Fairy or shadow reaper
We have not tried the new 3rd generation pets.

2)   Use gun to guard the mouth/cave.... then you do not have to run around as much. You need only about 200 bullets...most are used getting into the instance.

3)  Have Tank (5th player) take shaman to about 1/8 or 1/16 of his HP BEFORE he calls the rest of the team in to help kill him.

4)  Only call the other players in to kill shaman in between bug spawns.. otherwise shaman gets buffed by wrong bugs entering caves.

5)  Do not kill shaman with a buff!!   Put all pets away and do not use anything but SOS or ROG after shaman is below 1/16 HP.

6) Do not kill shaman when he is using a buff... doesn't matter if it is a good (for you) or bad buff.
Careful.. he has a buff that takes hp from him and can "commit suicide" and you will not complete successfully.
only way to combat that is to let the "wrong" bugs through the portals.

7) Make sure you have MANY open slots... if you finish successfully you need at least  4 for weapon items, 2 kinds of ground items, room for the 4 types of medals you get and permits, room for guild permit, possible IG, .... so 5 slots may not be enough in both articles and items tabs!!!

8)  Watch which "Ritual" you are in (we are not sure yet but they may make a difference) it may influence the shamans buffs..

Possible bad Rituals:
Dark Sacrifice
Dark Offering

Possible Good Rituals;
Wraith Wrap
Dark Harbor

9) There are now belief items that when clicked heal you for 5k HP.  which can be very useful in this instance.

I will add more as we figure it out..
- Ele

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