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[Guides] Sea Map Drop Items - Poseidon Temple Update

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Sorry this is the most updated list we have at the moment and we know it is now totally wrong since the 2014 update.
all I can tell you is
Open sea map (5/18/14)
level 3 map - Hardwood Brace (purple)
level 1 map - 1 level 10 Dictator buckshot cannon


Updated Sea Map Drop List - Poseidon Temple Patch 12-13-2011
info from IGG Poseidon update page

if anyone gets something not on the list, or in a box its not supposed to come in, please post the item and the box type so i can add it.  thanks

Opening Sea maps Does NOT require a key anymore.

Treasure Map Level
Pirate Box Type
Level 1
Bartholomew Roberts' Precious Deposits
John Hawkins' Precious Deposits
Level 2
William Dampier's Precious Deposits
Francis Drake's Precious Deposits
Level 3
Babarosa II's Precious Deposits
William Kidd's Precious Deposits
Level 4
Edward Teach's Precious Deposits
Emanuel Wynne's Precious Deposits

Bartholomew Roberts' Precious Deposits
Level 1
Compressing ProvisionWhite Dragon Sacred Sword Drawing
Black Dragon Sacred Sword Drawing
White Dragon Battle-axe Drawing
White Dragon Sacred Falchion DrawingBlack Dragon Sacred Falchion Drawing
Black Dragon Battle-axe Drawing
White Dragon Fire Gun DrawingBlack Dragon Fire Gun Drawing
White Dragon Armor Drawing
Black Dragon Armor DrawingHP-enhanced medicament of level 1
HP-enhanced medicament of level 2HP-enhanced medicament of level 3HP-enhanced medicament of level 4
HP-enhanced medicament of level 5
SP-enhanced medicament of level 1SP-enhanced medicament of level 2
SP-enhanced medicament of level 3SP-enhanced medicament of level 4SP-enhanced medicament of level 5
Secondary Healing Potion
Senior Healing PotionSecondary Recovery Potion
Secondary Incitantia PotionHigh-Level IncitantiaRare Gold

John Hawkins' Precious Deposits
Level 1
Compressing Provision
Sailor summoning flagShrapnel ammunition box
High-explosive projectile ammunition boxSuperfine Armor Punching Ball BoxSuperfine Buckshot Canister Ball Box
Superfine Chain Canister Ball BoxHigh-level Sailor First-aid KitHigh-level Ship Emergent Repair Tool
Thunder Buckshot Cannon (lvl 5)
Lightning Buckshot Cannon (lvl 6)
8 - Victory Buckshot Cannon (lvl 7)
Hurricane Buckshot Cannon (lvl 8)
Low-level Cure KitSecondary Cure Kit
High-level Cure KitCure Kit of Divine DoctorLow-level First-aid Kit
Secondary First-aid KitHigh-level First-aid KitFirst-aid Kit of Divine Doctor
Low-level Repair Kit
Secondary Repair KitHigh-level Repair Kit
Repair Kit of Divine RepairmanLow-level Urgent Repair KitSecondary Urgent Repair Kit
High-level Urgent Repair KitUrgent Repair Kit of Divine Repairman
Shark Change Charm (7 days)
Dolphin Change Charm (7 days)Shark Change Charm (permanence)
Dolphin Change Charm (permanence)
Rare Gold


William Dampiers' Precious Deposits
Level 2
Blood Stone
Flame StoneAmethyst Stone
Holy Spirit StoneBlaze StoneWindstorm Stone
Huge Power StoneBlazing flame CrystalHuge rock Crystal
Witch's eyes CrystalShadow-escaping CrystalEnergy-collecting Crystal
Spirit Concentration CrystalPower CrystalBlood Crystal
Flame CrystalAmethyst CrystalRage Crystal
Sea witch oreSea spirit oreHoly judgment ore
Bloodthirsty Magic Stone
Fire Magic StonePurple Magic Stone
Crude agateCrude red diamondCrude blue diamond
Crude diamondCrude black diamondCommon agate
 Common red diamondCommon blue diamondCommon diamond
Common black diamondSmooth agateSmooth red diamond
Smooth blue diamondSmooth diamondSmooth black diamond
Flawless agate Flawless red diamondFlawless blue diamond
Flawless diamondFlawless black diamond
Rare Gold

Francis Drake's Precious Deposits
Level 2

Cannon Operator's NecklaceCannon Operator's Ring
Cannon Operator's Badge
Cannon Fight Team Leader's NecklaceCannon Fight Team Leader's Ring
Cannon Fight Team Leader's Badge
Cannon Fight Expert's NecklaceCannon Fight Expert's RingCannon Fight Expert's Badge
Cannon Fight Master's NecklaceCannon Fight Master's RingCannon Fight Master's Badge
Crystal Ring (Superior)
Dark Gold Ring (Superior)Glazed Ring (Superior)
Silk Ring (Superior)Crystal Necklace (Superior)Dark Gold Necklace (Superior)
Glazed Necklace (Superior)
Silk Necklace (Superior)Crystal Badge (Superior)
Dark Gold Badge (Superior)Glazed Amulet (Superior)Silk Amulet (Superior)
Oceanic FairyRare Gold

Babarosa II's Precious Deposits

Level 3

One of 81-115 profession weapon (Superior)One of Dragon series weapon
PardonHigh-explosive projectile ammunition box
Rare Gold

William Kidd's Precious Deposits

Level 3

One of Dragon series equipmentOne of 95-115 profession suit (Superior)Guardian spell (1 hour)
Shrapnel ammunition boxRare Gold

Edward Teach's Precious Deposits

Level 4

Male Future Fighter Charm (permanent)
Female Future Fighter Charm (permanent)Year of the Oxe quipment (Male) (permanent)
Year of the Oxe quipment (Female) (permanent)Male Barbarian Hunter Charm (permanent)Female Barbarian Hunter Charm (permanent)
Male Admiral of the Navy Charm (permanent)Female Admiral of the Navy Charm (permanent)Great Male Adventurer Charm (permanent)
Great Female Adventurer Charm (permanent)Great Male Pirate Charm (permanent)
Great Female Pirate Charm (permanent)
Craftsman Charm (permanent)Craftswoman Charm (permanent)Speed Vampire Charm (permanent)
Imperial Gold                    

Emanuel Wynne's Precious Deposits

Level 4

Rwan's amulet
Lens's eyeInhumanity ring
Neptune NecklaceNeptune BadgeNeptune Ring
Badge of Purified Black Skeleton
Necklace of Purified Black SkeletonRing of Purified Black Skeleton
Medal of Sea WolfRing of Sea WolfSea wolf Badge
Empire Ares BadgeMedal of Empire AresRing of Empire Ares
Maya StoneCursed Legacy of PirateParthenon Marble Stone
Imperial GoldMulan Chain RobeTimur Chain Mail

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