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[Guides] Titles (As seen above head next to characters name)(title)

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You will not be able to reply to this thread because it is in the Tutorials and Guides section.  Please just make a post in the discussion area.

This guide covers Titles "won" by doing Quests and given by the skill tutor
For Noble titles go to:
Noble Titles; Nationality; Amity; Empires; City Leaders for titles

This information is compiled form a couple of threads.  This main list is from Meatycus, but I later found an almost identical thread by Juzto, and some information was taken from VCO Almanac.
However, title names were rearranged and quest names, locations, and npc's added by me.  - ele

Quest Titles

From Old Storyline Quest:

Odin the God of War: Scimitar Pirate Quest
Greedy Soldier : Scimitar Pirate Quest
Master Spy: Collect information about British monastery
Envoy of Aphrodite: Helpless Love; the Ultimate Result
Rose Knight: Comprehensive War of Europe; Treasure (Britain)
Flame Dragon Knight: Comprehensive War of Europe; Treasure (Spain)
Golden Kesig; The Treasure of Genghis Khan; Search
Traitor; The Treasure of Genghis Khan; Search
Hammer of Thunder: Revival of Mongolia : The invasion of Shogun/ Defend Seoul
Samurai Ghost; Revival of Mongolia : Defend Seoul
Timely Rain; The struggle under Kiz Kulesi; Medicine for Saving lives
The Patron Saint of Dakar Civilians: Change of Fate  
Messiah; Evil Transaction; Rescue
A Guardian of Athens on the Sea; Rampant Pirates; The Mayor's Trouble
Expert of Culture Relics Preservation; Valuable Artwork
Great Navigator; Great Footprints; the Greatest Navigator
British Royal Scholar; Stonehenge
Peace Envoy of Venice; Ambition to Venice; Request for Reinforcements ]
Empire Spokesman of Love Affairs; Fall in Love with a Stranger; Search for Lover
Royal marital envoy of the Empire; Fall in Love with a Stranger; Political Marriage
Empire Royal Cupid; Fall in Love with a Stranger; Love will Find a Way
Empire Royal Supervisor; The war between politics and religion; whats right and what's wrong
Ace Spy of The Empire; Strengthen the tax of the affiliated nations: Tyranny
Empire Iron-blooded bodyguard; Strengthen the tax of the affiliated nations: Combat violence against violence
Business Spy; The reason for inferior wine: Investigate the truth of inferior wine
Business Detective; The reason for inferior wine: Investigate the truth of inferior wine
Business Revenger; The reason for inferior wine: Buy grapes at high price
Civil Lord Chancellor; Expansion of hunting witch action: The cost of false accusation
Girl Problem Prolocutor; Bordeaux grapes: A girl's longing
Anti-Tricky Brains; Bordeaux grapes: Villain's trick
Archeologist; The secret of the pyramid: Search for Book of Death
Non-violent and Non-coorperative People; The story of Jarolim (Caroline)
Doctor Hannibal; The story of Jarolim (Caroline)
Athens Young Litterateur; The story of Jarolim (Caroline)
Empire Spokesman for Commoners; Enroll sailors by force
A Fearless Storyteller; The phantom of the old grave
The Butcher in Savage Garden; Alchemy experiments in the Hanging Gardens
Bateer; Alchemy experiments in the Hanging Gardens
Diplomat of Portugal; The alliance with Britain; Convincing the minion of the Queen
Dragon Knight; Comprehensive War of Europe; Prepare for war (Spain)
Irascible Monk; Borobudur Temple Compounds
Religion Arbitrament;  Expansion of Hunting witch action; I'm really not a witch
Congo Jungle Warrior; The Black Demon of Congo Jungle
Empire Royal Knight/Royal Knight; Ambition to Venice; Raising military funds
Incredible Hero; The Legend of Crete Island; The proof of Hero Part2
Anti-Japanese Hero; Revival of Mongolia; Invasion if Shogun Part2

From Merchant Quests:

Parvenu;  Venice; Test for the Merchant
Rising star in business circle;  Venice; Test for the Merchant
The Honest Merchant;  Venice; Test for the Merchant
Anonymous Matchmaker (Votive Believer); Sick Daughter (Zhigu)
Wise Merchant; Tests for the Wise.
Loyal Lover; Love test.
A Master of Buddhism; Practicing Zen and Discussing Tao (Zhigu)
The Greatest Merchant in the world or The world First Merchant; The Greatest Merchant in the World (Beijing)
Top-leveled Merchants; Business test (Edo)
Low-level Merchant; Business test (Edo)
Mid-level Merchant; Business test (Edo)
Lonely Merchant; Business test (Edo) [

From Adventure Alliance Quests:

Brave and Kind Hearted Explorer; Alexander Osite NPC
Brave Explorer; Madagascar; The Myth of Anubis
Savior from the Exploration Alliance; Lisbon Icarus NPC

From Ares Warrior Alliance Quests:

Iceland Warriors; 66. Reykjavik: Iceland Warriors
North Atlantic Warrior; 94. Mogadishu: Challenging Santa Maria Island
a Sea Serpent Hunter; 95. Mogadishu: End of Sea Serpents
Red Sea Guardians; 98. Suez: Red Sea Guardians
Navy of Ming Dynasty; 115. Zhigu: Join Navy

From Master of Alliance Quests:

Royal Founder title; 65.London: Queen's Bestowal
Successful Handicraftsman; 66.Stockholm: Mission Impossible
Master of Collecting; 92.Mogadishu: Bodybuilding
Ming Dynastic Empire Forging Master; 116.Zhigu: Review of Ability
Tailor of Ming Dynastic Empire; 117.Beijing: Review of Ability
Master; 119.Beijing: Return

Agean Eagle; To train in Crete Battlefield  - From Ability Quests (removed from game)

(Ascii characters) title unknown;  from Voyagers Times Quest; quest name; A Member of Ares Warrior Alliance

Trans global Navigator;  from World Expedition Quest

Fairy Tale Pursuer; from Emperors New Clothes #144 ;Costume Festival Quests

Snail lover - given by Adis (Athens Dock)
*This title is a small gift from Snail Games. It may only be accessible to characters made when VCO started.  I am unable to get the "words"  with any of my alts,  only my main created April 2007.  
When you talk to Adis choose the Voyage Game>> click until you get to a screen that asks what you do in your free time >. answer playing games then >> .Voyage Century made by Snail Games > > I think Voyage Century is my only choice.  Adis will give you the Snail Lover title 100 Rep and 50,000 coin  - Ele 10/19/2011

A man who don't know cap to say - I think this title is give also by Addis if you go through the same screen as for "snail lover" but choose the option " I do not know what to say"  Again, I was unable to access this with any of my alts, only my oldest character.   Words in/for quest are not exact.

Punisher ; Evil Pirates; NPC; Orwell (Hamburg Suburbs)???

Envoy sent by God; Redemption of crime evidence?; Tavern?

European God of War; Arena battle winner

Rage Straight Warrior; English Channel somehow Unknown

Savage Monk
Peace Envoy of Portugal
Unimaginable Brave Man
Royal Forger
Clever Producer
Man of humanity and justice
Pearl Saint Seiya

Skill Tutor Titles

Skill Level needed to buy title
Cost; Silver Coin
Reputation given when bought

Main Skills

51ExplorerChastenerMerchant Prince
91Great NavigatorLaw ExecutorSea Trading King

Weapon Skills

11BoxerIntern ParamedicFalchion WarriorMusketeerSword FighterButcher
31Martial PerformerParamedicSwift Falchion WarriorProficient GunmanSword ScholarExecutioner
51WrestlerDoctorFalchion ManFirst Class GunmanSwordsmanBarbarian
71Martial ArtistDoctor in ChargeFalchion MasterSniperSwordplay MasterGladiator
91Martial Tao MasterSageHeaven FalchionAccurate ShooterSword SaintMad Warrior

Survival Skills Part 1

31Professional LoggerProfessional MinerProfessional FarmerProfessional Shipbuilder
51Felling SpecialistMining SpecialistPlanting SpecialistShipbuilding Specialist
71Felling MasterMining MasterPlanting MasterShipbuilding Master
91Felling Great MasterMining Great MasterPlanting Great MasterShipbuilding Great Master

Survival Skills Part 2

31Professional BlacksmithProfessional AlchemistProfessional TailorProfessional Fisherman
51Forging SpecialistAlchemy SpecialistSewing SpecialistCapture Specialist
71Forging MasterAlchemy MasterSewing MasterCapture Master
91Forging Great MasterAlchemy Great MasterSewing Great MasterCapture Great Master


last edit 5/19/2017 - Ele