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[Guides] Scams, cheaters, what to watch for - guide & examples

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Scams, cheaters, what to watch for - discussion thread

Examples of scams below.. next post.

this info by allison1977

Guide To Trading Scams! What To Watch Out For!
I have notices quite a few major scams out there and I am tired of seeing helpless new players getting ripped off for trying to make a decent amount of money. There are 3 Major Trading Scams that I am familiar with, so here we go.

Also, if you know of anything else, please don't hesitate to inform me by PM so I can update the info to make this a great guide everyone can use. Thanks.

1. What I call the Major Map Scam, most probably one of the best I have seen!
(This scam not as popular anymore as map pieces are now often tossed on the ground, but it applies for all items)
- Ele 10/19/2011

1a.How they set it up: When you see players (Often in Athens)Buying Map Pieces, you always see the amount the player is buying and how much they sell it for. They rearrange the Prices amount, and the Buying Amount.

1b.Conclusion On This Scam: So when you see a player sells Map Pieces for 35,000 each and the amount they are buying is say: 130,000 ( Big Number for a Reason ), they rearrange it.

So when you see the scam they have it set like this: They Buy for a price of ONLY 1 Silver for each map piece and they set the amount they are buying for 130,000. So the player sees 130,000 silver and they think that is the price the player is buying all map pieces for, but IT IS NOT, it is only how many of maps they are purchasing, so they do this to confuse players so they can buy alot of maps for a very low price so they can make a huge amount of money on top of it.

2. The Transfer Trade INVISIBLE Scam!

2a.What happens: When you are trading directly to another player and you have something that is a good buying price, the player will initiate a trade with you and the trade screen opens.

You put in your item you are selling and they keep saying "I can't see it", so you keep closing the Trade screen and reopening it and even log off and back on until they say drop it on the ground, then they grab it and run off.

When this happens, there isn't much of a way to get it back, especially if you are both low level players as you can't kill him/her yet.

What I do: If anything like this happens to me, I Blacklist their name in the Enemies section next to your friends list. You can also get a little pad and write down all the names. When you get better at fighting etc, you can go after them. But with one downfall, you Notoriety Goes Up and you will be caught by the guards or their guild may declare hostility towards you without even knowing what their guild member had done.

Communication is the best thing. Try and find out their Guild leaders name, ask around, someone will know. Best to post On Public C chat tab where the major league players talk. Talk to their leader and tell them everything. You will find they may get kicked and/or you may get reimbursed. But this is not definite.

That is it for now. Again please PM me if you think something should be added. Thank You.

Thank you to: awuuuuuu for this added piece of Information.
Always make sure that you are buying the thing you wanted
I got scammed once, this guy took 2 of my treasures, and gave me some kind of bell saying it's a high reputation treasure.
ALWAYS ask someone else about what it is or what does it do before you buy something.
Also read very carefully, the item's name and it's level and it's stats and if the word "Refined", in front of some item makes difference, refined items may be worth millions while high level items are only worth thousands.

An example to use is: Refined Pan head Axe is worth around 5 Million Silver as it has been specially made with stuff that can be brought from the Item mall, so it is worth a lot more money than say a common Axe, you can make by yourself with just normal wood and metals, or an Axe that has a nobility level.

So make sure you understand that Refined Items are worth much more than another item of exact/similar level and stats.

The point he is making is that when you buy items, ensure you know what they are and what they do. You can always ask on either the Inter-City Chat or the best way if you have above a Knight nobility I believe, you can use the Public C chat board. The players talking on that chat board are usually always High level Players who know alot about the game, so post a question on that board and the players will most definately give you a straight answer to your problem or they may contact you privately to offer extra assistance.

Just remember that it never hurts to ask a question no matter how dumb it may sound, there is always someone who will know what your talking about and will offer help. So Please don't be afraid to ask a question, it is often better to ask a question you may think is silly, then to not ask and lose a ton of money. I hope this helps.

by Snotmerchant

oh you forgot about the old extra 0 scam.

Example: say someone selling compressed provisions for 4.5 mill which looks like this in game (4500000)  he might be selling say 7 of them but 1 of them will have an extra 0  making the selling price 45 mill which looks like this in game (45000000) if you're scanning through quickly you'll most likely not notice that extra 0 untill its too late.

Granted this type of scam only works on those who carry 45 mill or more on their char but its yet another reason we need comas to divide the money up in this game lol.

(Commas were added to game but this still happens - Ele)

by Alkadas

another scam is if you are in let's say Edo and the other guy is in Seville or other far city, and you dont have time to meet ppl usually send items. Ppl get scammed by sending their items first and receiving nothing from the other person.  To avoid this tell the other person to send first even if you trust him/her a lot.

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Sea Mermaid: untimed/unlimited  DOES NOT EXIST!!

This is actually a sea Mermaid with one second left on it!!!!  
- Ele

Exercise Brochure with less than 5 uses left on it..... be sure to compare prices
this example of 4 uses left should be cheaper than any with 5 uses!!

This is NOT an Ice fairy whistle... This is a Stegosaur (Dinosaur) Whistle!!!!

People are using the buy function to set the stall and buy let's say a "basic stone"...
However instead of setting the amount for example "10 stones for each 6 mil"...
They will invert the numbers...

In other words they will buy "6 million stones for 10 coins"...
I first noticed it yesterday and i thought people wouldn't fall for it....

But just like with Item Mall... I was disappointed to find out people fell for it

So please Heads Up

posted by  KenseiTakezo  4/16/2009