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[Guides] Madagascar Instance

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Posted on 2011-10-10 16:03:29 | Show thread starter's posts only

Madagascar Instance

AS of 2016 you no longer have to pay money and buy a map.
You do NOT need to talk to the NPC to enter the instance/copy.
(and so you no longer get a treasure box)

You Do need to be in a team
I do not know if the minimum profession level of 50 is still required or not..

Team a NPC/ auto generated team mate:
ctrl+x >> make team tab >> "recruit member" button - top button of the 4 bottom right buttons.

info by me8078

Required Prof. Level: 50
Rewards; (From Paul)
2  Golden Treasure Box (gives Rare Gold or chance of IG)
18,000,000 Vocation Exp
costs: 0
Can do with free 140 equipment

Madagascar is harder than Crete and Mallorca and will more than likely need a team to do. (about 100+ in weapon skill)
You should be able to do it in a team with an Armed Businessman - healer character (AB) and your tank (often a Emperor Guardian EG) should have enough accuracy to hit the boss or use Axe skill Thunder Hack.

Boss here is Caveman chief.
There is sometimes a Chameleon, which occasionally drops level 53  profession Jewels. I usually see at least 1 chameleon in each cave (different spots) but have seen 2 at times. So, as you work your way through the mobs on this, try and keep an eye out for him.

You can still run into the center of groups (if you have good gear or a very good healer), target the mini-boss and SoS (Soul of Saber falchion skill) the regular mobs.

For the boss, about 500 accuracy is needed just to hit him, and even at that you will miss often unless someone uses a high attack or critical stunt/skill I would advise having 500 base accuracy, and then using potions if necessary.

Quit team (after all drops are picked up) and you will appear outside instance entrance (so you do not have to run back to entrance).

Possible Drops (2016) [all will probably not drop in just 1 run]
Dropped Items: Smooth Diamond, Slate map pieces, Delicate Basic Stone, Amethyst Stone, Blood stone,
Refined Steel, Refined Steel thread, Pure Steel Plate, Comfortable Handle, Flawless Diamond, Damage Bonus Stone, Attack Power stone, Parry Stone, Common Black Diamond, Smooth Black Diamond, Magnetic Ore


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