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[Guides] Mallorca Instance

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Posted on 2011-10-10 15:48:42 | Show thread starter's posts only

Mallorca Instance

This information from me8078

Required Prof. Level: 25
Rewards: (From Sandy)
1  Golden Treasure Box (gives Rare Gold or chance of IG)
12,000,000 Vocation Exp  
No Map Required to Enter instance

The Mallorca instance is free to do and very similar to Crete.

The mobs here are all lizards, the mini-bosses are Mallorca lizards, and the boss is the giant Mallorca lizard.

You probably need to be 45 or so in a weapon skill but there are no weapon requirements.
Mobs are as strong or slightly stonger as Crete mobs, but its shorter. Boss is Giant Lizard.

The strategy (again if you are strong enough) for this is exactly like at Crete, simply run through killing the different groups using Soul of Saber (SOS) until you get to the boss. Or to get through quicker, kill only the mini bosses.
there is a large group of 3 kinds of lizards at the end.  Do not use gun to attempt to drag monsters.  Just take small steps
and get the smallest ones to attack you then drag them back to the empty corridor so other will not attack.
Continue picking up one or two and dragging them back untill the main boss is left.  When he is alone then attack him, he has high hp and takes a long time to kill.
**to drag a monster hit him once then run to a "safe open spot".

At the end, after you kill the boss you can simply exit and turn in taks since there is nothing special at the end.

The drops that can be found here include: (Ordinary) Profession suits/hats of every kind lvl 1-51, old stones, secondary healing potions, old style noble jewelery lvl 7-10.

Mallorca Instance map:
Entrance is at top right  Exit at bottom.

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