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[Guides] Crete Instance

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AS of 2016 you no longer have to pay money and buy a map.
You do NOT need to talk to the NPC to enter the instance/copy.
(and so you no longer get a treasure box)

You Do need to be in a team
I do not know if the minimum profession level of 25 is still required or not..

Team a NPC/ auto generated team mate:
ctrl+x >> make team tab >> "recruit member" button - top button of the 4 bottom right buttons.

This information by me8078

Required Prof. Level: 25
Rewards; (From Samaris)
1  Golden Treasure Box (gives Rare Gold or chance of IG)
12,000,000 Vocation Exp  
Map to Enter Costs: 1m

To do the Crete instance:
You must be in a team (they do not need to be present). 

The mobs here are spiders, the mini-boss is a giant spider, and the boss is the Black Widow.

After fighting your way to the Black Widow, killing him gives a chance at getting the Crete Skeletal Clothes Charm (Timed)(this is an EXTREMELY RARE drop).
If you get the charm: equip it in your image-changing slot, go to the Skeleton NPC (at east end of hallway). ONLY the dropped charm will let you enter, and if you exit the instance the charm is no good anymore, it will time out.  
Speak to the skeleton at the end of the hall.  The Skeleton NPC will give you a map (lasting time: 2min) and you can enter level 2 through the door at the end of the maze.
On the 2nd level there are skeletons and a Minotaur (He has high HP and is stronger than black widow) that give you good XP and good Jewels.
Going to the second floor is not necessary to complete the daily quest, but on the second floor you can get VERY good experience, as well as getting to kill the minotaur for a chance of nice drops.
Drops on first floor include: (Ordinary) Profession weapons of every kind lvl 1-51, old stones, secondary healing potions, old style noble jewelery lvl 7-10.
Drops on second floor include: (Ordinary)Profession weapons of every kind lvl 1-51, old stones, profession jewelry (sea and land) up to lvl 51, and Land Tiger/Sea Wolf Jewelry from the Minotaur.

You probably need to be at least 31 in a weapon skill before you enter but no requirements must be met.
It takes a bit time due to the long labyrinth hallways if you are not high-level.

The tactic most commonly used (if you are strong enough) to finish the daily task is; running through the groups killing only the mini-bosses, do this for either a few groups or the entire first floor.
Also once you have the desired size of group (you can not really drag together more than 2 mobs), use Soul of Saber (Falchion Stunt @ level 61) to clear out all of the small spiders and then continue on.

Map of Crete 1st Floor Instance
** note you start at the "exit" in the lower right and end at the door to the 2nd floor (top left).
It is much easier to quit team and automatically appear outside the instance doorway than to run back back to the exit.
If you quit team AFTER killing the black widow (boss) you will still be able to turn in the daily quest.