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[Guides] Weapon Change Charms

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There are 2 sources of weapon change charms in game.
1) old style weapon charms from boarding pirate (this post)
2) weapon charms from longevity yearbook exchange (next post down)


Weapon Charms from Pirate Bosses
This information taken from 3 different threads discussing them.
I will paraphrase what other people have said...

Most of this information comes from RICKRUK
pictures on blue background from RitmaNet
Dragon Edge pictures from DSOFA
Pictures and stats of Ganjiang and Hammer of Thunder from RAZE7

There are 6 weapon charms
2 for sword
2 for falchion
2 for axe
None for gun

Of the 2 for each weapon one is single had the other is 2 hand wielding for the Axe and Falchion.  Both Sword Charms are one handed.

If it is a 2 hand charm, it can only be equipped on a 2 hand weapon.. and a 1 hand charm can only be equipped on a 1 hand weapon.

The charms occupy a slot in the "items" tab of your characters inventory.  They can be located on your "hot bars"  (f key change) but of course still take up inventory space.

Sword of Damocles (charm) - 1 hand Falchion
Dragon Edge (charm) - 2 hand Falchion
Snake-shaped Sword (Kryss) (charm) - 1 hand Sword
Ganjian Sword (charm)  - 1 hand  Sword
Hammer of Thunder (charm) - 1 hand Axe
Divine Halberd of Poseidon (charm) - 2 hand axes or pickaxe (cutting sky, ?)

The charms are not trade-able and not drop / trade-able.  It doesn't matter they will not drop pink or red.
so yes, they are pretty rare.

They drop as a charm... not in safes.

Here are pictures;

Sword of Damocles Charm (1 Hand Falchion)

Dragon Edge Charm (2 Hand Falchion)

Snake-shaped Sword Charm  (Kryss) (1 Hand Sword)

Ganjian Sword  Charm (1 Hand Sword)

Hammer of Thunder Charm (1 Hand Axe)

Divine Halberd of Poseidon Charm (2 Hand Axe)

They drop from High Seas Bosses.

LvL 10, like william the kid  - RICKRUK
i got a snake-shaped sword on john hawkins
one from Stretebeker (Hammer of Thunder) and one from hmm Roberts or Hawkins i don't remember (Poseidon Hallabard),

- Sanreal
Got Sword of Damocles from Edward Tech. It was a regular drop, It wasn't from safe.



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Tiger Totem - Longevity Yearbook Weapon Charms

For information on the Tiger totem event see the
Tiger Totem Event "guide"

Anniversary Weapon and Clothes Charm Exchanger
Seville City (63, 89)

from Spike69Nx

from Spike69Nx

from Spike69Nx
**NOTE  they call this a Falchion!

from Spike69Nx

  from Phyris
** NOTE they call this a Falchion!

from Phyris


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