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[Guides] How to use Sea Mines & is it worth the cost

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Posted on 2011-09-25 18:30:19 | Show thread starter's posts only

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Q:  How do you use sea mines?
A:  Equip the mines into ship auxiliary slot
Then open the command interface instruction (ctrl + A) >> At Sea tab. grab the mine icon that will pop on there and put it into your short cut bar for sea skills and actions. or use the A/B new short cut bars and make a new one.
**Note the icon will not appear until they mines are equipped in the ship auxiliary slot.

when you are sailing in a battlefield.... click the icon in the Shortcut bar.
You can drop/place/lay a mine every 10 seconds
All laid mines go off in 20 seconds if they are not triggered by an enemy ship.

Mechanical mines, enter touch to explode or with in short range will explode after 10 seconds. They explode after 20 seconds (short trigger range in meters)
Sticky mines adhere to a enemy after 10 seconds and explode after 20 seconds. (they have medium? attach range in miles)
Half-submerged mines become invisible and explode after 20 seconds (long trigger range in meters)
Timed mines explode after 20 seconds (no range given)
Cross wave mines explode in 20 seconds (no range given)

Q:  Is it worth the cost?
A:  Time Mine; 420
Medium Time mine, Medium Mechanical mine, Medium cross Wave mine;  720
Heavy Time Mine, Heavy Mechanical mine, Heavy Cross Wave mine, Heavy Sticky Mine, Heavy Half submerged; 990
Billow Time Mine, Billow Mechanical mine, Billow Sticky mine, Billow half-submerged, Billow Cross Wave mine; 1,260

Cannon balls cost 10...

Though you can get mines for free in drifters...
IMHO only use them if you can not turn to fight... ie you are running... and can get a group of the enemy at one time.
i have a lvl 4 almost 5 BS i can do anywhere from 100-400dmg with sticky mines, i have buckshot cannons so i kinda fire off a mine and turn back and forth fast it dosent do alot but depending on your statagy on how you mine the water it can be a great advantage for slowing down ships, i use mines as a type of area attack, i will round ships up into groups and throw a mine in the water damaging 5+ ships at once


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