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[Guides] How 2, 3, 4 xp scrolls and Blessed pellets work

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Posted on 2011-09-22 01:16:55 | Show thread starter's posts only

This information taken from a thread.

This information written by MARCIOOH on September 6, 2010

Important: the story down here is based on max to get 4x base experience. We never had this until today but when igG gets enough fans on Facebook they will give us the 4x experience. So I used this so you guys can also use this formula for when we get that amount of experience.

You see the max increase between normal base experience and 4x base experience is +70 and the minimum is +10.

This is based of the amount of blessed pallets and the type of scroll. The max possible experience added up the base experience is 3*a from blessed pallets and 3*a from scrolls.

The difference between +70 and +10 is 60, this is 10 extra for each experience type used. As you can see 3+3 is the max amount of experience type you can use and 0+0 the lowest, since that's base experience. So when base exp is 10kk and each experience type gives +10kk you do 10kk + (amount of experience type * 10kk) to get to the total amount of experience you will get.

You can also use the following formula but than you have to think about a few things in your heads.
You must know what is base experience all the time anyway. But what is base experience? To me that’s the experience what is counting without blessed pallet and any scrolls but including the extra experience that the game is giving.

So based on a 10kk base experience without any extra in game experience I call 20kk with 2x, 30kk with 3x and 40kk with 4x also base experience.
Each blessed pallet counts as one, each scroll counts as one, if you use 3 blessed pallets it counts as 3, and if you use a fourfold scroll it also counts as 3. This last might be a bit confusing but double scroll counts as 1 and triple scroll as 2 since its about the added experience. Else its difficult to make a good formula unless you work with a formula like y = a+(a((b-1)+c)). In that case you could count a double scroll as 2, triple as 3 and fourfold as 4.

If you like to calculate it with the 10kk as base experience you need a formula which includes the 2x/3x and 4x experience from in game.
The formula will be as followed:
y = experience
a = base experience
b = scroll
c = blessed pallet
D = added in game experience (2,3 or 4)

Formula: y = (aD) + ((aD)(b+c))

I have added a file with the calculations.

Conclusion what is max possible experience to add based on 10kk? The highest possible experience to add is the difference between the lowest and the highest number minus the lowest number simplified by the lowest number.

In this case the highest number is 280, the lowest 10, the difference is 270, simplified by 10 makes 27. So the max experience to add on the base experience is 27x the base experience.


Please note IGG does not do 2x, 3x, 4x exp events any more.
SOME quests and actions in game will get 2x exp on weekends (and possibly Friday?).
And Fridays - Sundays 1 double drop card per day is available - but it does not affect experience.
Blessed pellets and 2,3,and 4 x experience scrolls are still available in the item mall

No one has tested what gets the extra 2x exp on weekends, in a VERY long time if ever... but it is likely that it is mostly the "low level leveling" for new players that is affected.

 - Ele 11/13/2021