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[Guides] Guide to PvP, Sieges, War, Guild tasked, Extortion

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Guide to PVP in VCO - Discussion thread


f37 Guide to PvP Rules (Player vs Player Combat)f37

PvP Lingo:
Pvp= Player vs Player
Pk/pk’d= Player Kill/ed
Notoriety= “noto” for short, keeps track of player kills
PvE= Player vs Environment, referring to killing normal game mobs and npcs, everything not another player.

f48 What is pvp?
One of the feautures of this game is the player vs player combat system. Pvp allows a player to purposely attack and try to kill another player at land or at sea.
As a general rule the attacking players name becomes Red in color and they are given Notoriety Points to designate they killed someone. And they have the chance to drop items in their inventory whenever they are killed. However there are rules that change this for different circumstances, which I will get into later on.

How to PvP
To attack most things in the game like rabbits for example, all you have to do is double click it and your character will automatically begin attacking. PvP attacking isn't setup like this, it is built with an extra safeguard so that in normal pvp areas attacking another player is a conscious and deliberate act. The exception to this is the arena where pvp is freely open, there all it takes is the double click.
To attack another player and start pvp, first click the person that you want to attack, then click the force attack button on your button bar on the bottom of the screen, or use the Control button and then click them.
There are 2 buttons for force attack, one is for sea use, the other is for land use. On land to pvp you must use the land button, on sea the sea button.
The left one is for land, right is for sea
To get the force attack buttons, open your button command panel, Control+A, land one is under the land tab, sea is under the sea tab.
Land pvp will take place right there where you are on land, your character will just start swinging at the enemy.
Sea pvp is different, on the open sea, you click the person to attack, both you and the enemy will then spawn in a seabattle scene for the actual fight. Once there you must use the force attack button to start the cannon attack.

Minimum Requirements for PvP
Under the current Profession based system anyone can take part in pvp once they reach a profession level of 55. Before level 55 a player can neither attack another player or be attacked. There is no minimum requirement for gear or equipment, attack others at your own risk.

Types of PvP
There are 3 main types of pvp in the game, they are the following
1. Arena PvP – this takes place in the practice arena which can be accessed through several cities around the game world. In the area death doesn’t decrease your reputation and there is no chance to lose any gear.
2. Notorious PvP – This is what most people think of when they think of PvP. One player attacks another player in the normal open game world with the intention of killing them.
3. Siege PvP – Siege PvP is one guild fights against another guild. There are 2 types of siege in the game
     a. City Siege – Two guild fight for control of one of the ingame cities like Athens or Cape Town.
     b. Merchant Alliance Siege - Same basically as a city siege, with minor difference explained in the siege section.
     c. Guild Siege (Fortress Battle) – One guild attacks another guild directly with the intention of damaging the guilds funds and commerce points. Also the reason to improve guild defenses and industry.

Rules for the different types of PvP are further down in the guide.

What is Notoriety in the PvP system?/f87
Noto is a system that keeps track of the number of kills a player makes.
1 Noto= Designates a player attacked another player but did not make a kill for whatever reason. The players name turns Pink in color.
2 Noto= 1 noto is given for just hitting another player, if the player is killed then the person recives another noto point for the kill making the total 2. the attacking players name then turns to a Red color.
Over 2= For each person after the first kill (first 2 noto), the killer is given 1 more noto per kill. And the name becomes a darker red as the amount of noto goes up. So a person with 5 noto would have killed 4 people.
Now the rules on how you get noto and drop items are a little different for different circumstances, I will go over them all later in the guide.

To check How much Noto you have at any time; open your character panel Control+C, go to the Society tab and check the number next to Notoriety.

Why is Noto bad?/f76
Pvp can be lots of fun, but if you go around killing players like a real pirate there needs to be some risk involved. So while you have noto and are pink or red, you have a very high (almost 100%) chance of dropping items each time you are killed by a player or NPC (nonplayer character) like a city guard. So be very careful!!!

How to get Rid of Noto?
For 1 Noto you can simply Pray it away, Open you game functions panel and put the Resiptence  Button on your button bar, make sure you are in a safe place and click it. It will start a 3 min countdown, as long as you don’t move and aren’t disturbed at the end your name will be blue again.
For 2+ Noto you either need to use a Pardon, which is an ingame item that when clicked each pardon takes away one point of noto. Or you have to go to jail and wait the appointed amount of time.

About the Pardon: Rumor is the only way to get pardons ingame right now is from open sea treasure maps.
About Jail: Each point of Noto adds time to your jail sentence. To see your time in jail, once there go to and click the exit, it will tell you time remaining. You can chose to break out by killing mice to get the key (a mouse tooth) and then escape through the jail sewer.  However you cannot escape through the sewer if your noto is too high, approx 30. In which case you have no choice but to wait out your time, another thing to consider before racking up noto. You can also risk playing the game with the gambling guard, if you win time is taken from your sentence, if you lose, time is added!
There are separate guides to jail and the guard.

Where can I be Killed/Attacked?
Pvp is allowed in any area marked with a yellow blinking PVP symbol on the upper right-hand corner of the screen (shown below). Generally the only places that are pvp are suburbs, adventure islands, the open sea and the arena.
NOTE: The pvp symbol doesn't distinguish between the types of pvp, whether arena or normal rules are used. So it's important to know where you are and the normal rules for that area!!

Fast way to check which type of PvP is in use
Stand a distance from another player and click them and see if you automatically attack as you would in the arena. If you don't then normal pvp rules are in use. If you do be careful who you attack if you target someone stronger than you and they have auto attack on they will come after you til you die or leave through a portal.

Pvp Placesf66
The Arena – Arena pvp allows free pvp between players without the worry of notoriety or gear drop. No noto and no gear drop is refered to as “arena rules” too. Where as Normal Rules is when noto and gear drop applies to an area.

New Player Cities (Athens, Istanbul, Alexandria, Beruit) – Cities and Suburbs are no pvp at all, and can not be made pvp by guild that owns the city.

Adventure Islands – Almost all islands in the game are Normal pvp, Noto and gear drop rules apply.

Cities (Ports and Main city area) – While usually not pvp at all, some cities can be made into arena pvp rules by the guild that owns the city.

City Suburbs – Again mostly Normal Noto rules apply, however in cities that are owned by a guild, the suburbs can be made into arena rules too, just like the normal town.

City Offshore – Normal Noto, can be made into Arena too like other parts of city. But watch out some places are bugged and don't turn arena rules when the city does, in which case normal rules still apply and you can get noto.

Open Sea – Normal Noto rules apply at sea, with the exceptions that I give later in the noto exceptions part of the guide.

Instances – While instances say pvp in the corner, you cant attack people that are in your team. However once a person leaves the team and is waiting to leave the instance it is possible to attack that person and gain noto, so be careful.

Crime Evidence / Placing a Bounty
When a player with noto kills another player the victim will receive a Crime Evidence card in their inventory. This card can be taken to the tavern boss in any city and used to place a bounty on the killer. The first person to kill the killer will receive the bounty, however much it may be. Now hunting a person with a bounty is subject to the normal rules of pvp. If the killer is still red when attacked the person can kill without any noto. But if the person with the bounty is blue named attacking them will make the attacker turn red.
The bounty amount can be anything from 1 coin to the character limit of about 2 billion coins, its all up to what the victim wants to spend.

Now the part everyone wants to know about

f18 What are The Notoriety Rules and How Does PvP work?f18
With the different types of pvp, how and when you get noto changes, here is how it all works…...
*** For questions about different pvp scenarios look through the list and see which applies to your situation.

Definition for this section:
Attacker: the person that initiates the attack and pvp
Victim: the person being attacked by the attacker.

Things that effect getting Noto:
PvP type, Pvp area, Member of Guild, Guild Task, Guild Diplomacy

PvP type 1,  Arena Rules
No noto at all, kill away!!

PvP type 2, Notorious PvP with Regular pvp rules
Possible Scenarios

1. 1vs1 with kill: its one player vs one player, the person who fires first is the attacker and turns pink and gets 1 noto, if the attacker kills the victim he recives another noto making the count 2 and he turns red.
2. 1vs1 no kill: still one vs one, the attacker fires at the victim and goes pink, however he isn’t able to kill the victim and the victim kills the attacker. In this case the attacker remains pink with one noto and on death will likely drop items from his inventory.


Guild Diplomacy and the Guild Task
What is the Guild Task State?
You are guild tasked when you receive a shiny halo over your head that kinda looks like a sail boat steering wheel. It signifies that you are on a task for your guild, be it guild leveling or guild defense with pvp or sieges.
The Guild task Halo on Land | Guild Task Halo at Sea

How do I become Guild Tasked?
You can become tasked by taking a guild leveling task for commerce or industry in the guild hall, Become part of a city or guild Siege, or by pvp with hostile guild members.

Guild Diplomacy, Who can be a Hostile or Ally
Guilds can only be hostile with other guilds that are in a different merchant alliance, and likewise can only ally guilds that are in the same MA as them. Attacking a person in the same MA as yourself will result in Noto.

Effect of Guild Diplomacy
-If the attackers guild is allied or neutral with the victims guild they will always get noto.

-If the attackers guild is hostile to the victims guild then a couple things can happen;

Possible Scenarios

1. 1vs1, hostile guilds, Only Attacker has guild task:
Attacker will become pink, receive 1 noto, and enter guild task state, rest depends on victim:
        a. If victim attacks back, victim enters guild task also, at that point neither player will receive more noto. Attacker remains pink and tasked but will not turn red if they kill the victim. The victim can freely attack back since the attacker is already in task state.
        b. If victim doesn’t attack back, attacker still enters guild task state, but the victim doesn’t enter task state, if the victim is killed the attacker receives another noto like normal and becomes red.

2. 1vs1, Hostile Guilds, Only Victim is guild tasked:
Attacker fires at victim and receives guild task, at that point both are free to pvp under guild task rules.

3. 1vs1, Hostile Guilds, Both Attacker and Victim are guild tasked:
Both the Attacker and Victim are free to pvp without either gaining any noto.

4. 1vs1, Hostile Guilds, Neither Attacker or Victim have guild task:
Normal noto and pvp rules apply then.

/f10                      /f10
While Guild Tasked it is possible to drop items from your inventory even while your name is BLUE!! Be very careful, bind all items you don’t want to risk losing, or store them away until you are done with pvp. Or use a guardian scroll or blessed pellet to protect against article drop on death.

Blue Name Drop Warning!!
And even while not guild tasked, it is possible, but very very rare that a person can drop items with a blue name when they die.

Sea PvP with a Ship Ram Warning!!
If you are doing seabattle one thing to be aware of while using a ram to attack another player is the ram strikes the first person your ship comes into contact with, be it enemy or ally. So be very careful when using the ram, if an ally or neutral person gets in the way of your intended target you will receive noto according to normal noto rules. 1 noto for just a hit and become pink, 2 noto and red if the person is sunk by the ram.

How to prevent dropping items while PvPing
No one wants to lose items while pvping but sometimes it happens. I have known people that lost nice 140 and 145 gear while pvping, most were so mad they quit the game after. If you want to make sure all your valuables are secure there are a few ways to do it.

Temporary Methods
Blessed Pellet - comes in 12hr, 24hr and 7 day versions. while the pellet is running you gain double xp and will not drop items on death.
Guardian Scroll- comes in 1hr, 2hr and 4 hr versions, also prevents drop on death.
30 Day Lock- you can obtain a 30 day lock which will bind an item to you for the duration of the lock, once the lock times out the item returns to its normal state.

Permanent Method
Binding Stone - Once used on an item it makes it permanently bound to you, the item cant be dropped or traded from then on. can be undone by live support if later the player wants to get rid of the item.

Guide Continues in next post down
Type 3 PvP - Seige PvP ......
f80 f80

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PvP type 3, Sieges
There are 2 types of sieges in VCO, and sieges can only take place between guilds that have been developed to level 5.
The Guild Siege (Fortress Battle)- where 2 guilds fight each other in an attempt to take guild funds and commerce points from the losing guild.
The City Siege – A guild places a money bid for the right to siege and takeover a city.

Here’s how they work….

/f82 City Siege
The most common siege in the game, usually there are sieges happening every weekend on every server.
A guild places a money bid in a city that can be occupied, such as Oslo, Barcelona or London. The guild that places the highest bid gets the right to siege the city. Bids are taken all week long but end Friday night, after that time bids are closed the winner is chosen. Both the Guild that currently owns the city and the Guild that is going to siege it become guild tasked until the siege is over and there is a winner. The winning guild has to obtain a Siege Depot ship from the Item Mall and has to place it somewhere at sea. They have until 1 hr before siege time to place the ship. The siege is also timed, the attackers are given a total of 3 hours, if they cannot take the city in that amount of time they automatically lose and the defenders win.
Once the Depot ship is placed the siege can happen. The guilds on both sides are also able to invite any person from their Merchant Alliance to help on their side of the siege (attacking or defending).

Siege Time Starts
There are 2 ways to win a city siege, the land and sea method, and the sea only method. Land and sea is the most common, but if you have a powerful sea force you can win seabattle only.

1. Land and Sea
Siege takes place at land and sea, the enemy guild must enter the city offshore and enter the decharge portals in the offshore, if they make it past players defending the offshore they then spawn on the beach of the city defensive barbette system.
a couple of the decharge portals in the lisbon offshore, each city has varying numbers in varying locations.

Once they are in the barbette they make their way past the beach

through the wall and up the stairs on the barbette tower.

Once at the top of the tower the city flag can be attacked,

however the barbette is also defended by players of the defending guild and their allies, just like the offshore. Once the city flags durability reaches 0, the attackers win and gain control of the city.

On the other hand, if the defending guild is able to find the location of the attackers depot ship, they have the opportunity to board the depot ship and attack its flag.

The depot ship can also be guarded by the attackers and their allies, if the defenders destroy the depot ship flag then the attackers lose the siege.

2. Seabattle Only
Normally people go into the offshore and then race to get to land to kill the city flag, however the city siege can be won by seabattle only. Once in the offshore you can attack the main emplacement with your ships. The durability on it acts just the same as the durability on the land flag. Once the emplacement is destroyed the attackers win, just as if they had taken it by land. The emplacement has a huge amount of durability and takes quite a while to destroy. Keeping the offshore against the enemy for that long is quite a chore.
NOTE: attacking the emplacement or the flag doesnt lower the other. the durability or each is separate from the other, so damage you do to the land flag will not show in the dura amount of the emplacement.

City Siege PvP Rules
While doing a city siege, you will be out and about in the normal game, however until the siege is complete you will be guild tasked. So for you and the enemy side and all they have invited to help them, and those on your guild hostile list, the guild task rules apply. For everyone else not involved with the siege, normal pvp rules apply.

Conditions for Attackers to win
They must get past the offshore and barbette defenders and destroy the city flag.
Or they must survive in the offshore and destroy the main emplacement

Conditions for Defenders to win
Destroy the Depot ship flag
Hold out for the whole 3 hours so time runs out

NOTE: And just incase anyone ever wants to know, no the flags and emplacement do not heal any overtime.

Merchant Alliance Siege
Pretty much the same as a city siege. However guilds that are members of the same Merchant alliance fight each other for control of the merchant alliance capitol city.
One important thing to note: During a merchant alliance battle, people that don't wish to be part of the battle can enter the offshore and accidentally be killed by people taking part in the siege. Be very careful, cause in this case normal pvp rules would apply and the attacker would become pink and/or red if the player dies.
Merchant Alliance PvP rules:
For those taking part in the siege and are part of either the defending or attacking guild, or has been invited by either of them, they receive guild task and the guild task pvp rules apply. As stated watch out for those without an invite though, normal pvp rules apply to them.

f90 Guild Siege (Fortress Battle)
Not as common, but happens on occasion

One Guild declares war against another guild. Each guild has the ability to invite allies to help their side just like the city siege. When it is time for the siege to start the players on both sides enter the guild siege map.
Unlike the city siege, while doing a guild siege aka Fortress Battle you are aided by Guild Defense towers, npc ships and soldiers. Each guild has a section for guild defenses, improving the guilds defense by doing guild industry aids the members during battle with npc ships and soldiers. The amount, power and skill lvl of the npcs can be upgraded in the guild hall.
The siege takes place in two separate parts,
seabattle in the guild barbettes offshore
then land battle on the guild barbette
Once the players arrive they are in their ships waiting for the sea portion to start.

The Defense waiting area

The attackers waiting area

Once the siege starts each side sails toward each other and seabattle starts. The objective is to kill all of the enemy ships. If the defenders kill all of the attackers then the siege is over. If the attackers kill all the defenders then the siege moves to the land part.
All players from both sides will spawn on land,

Pic of people on land in the defense area of the barbette

attackers down below at the base of the guild hall, and the defenders on the top of the guild hall building. Once the land portion begins each side again is out to kill off the other side.

-If the Defenders kill off all of the attackers at either sea or at land, then they win and the siege is over
-If the Attackers kill off all the defenders at sea, then kill all the defenders at land, they win the siege.

And as a reward for winning they are awarded with some money and commerce points taken from the defending guild.
Guild Siege PvP Rules
While doing a guild siege your side and the enemy side are both on an enclosed map away from other players and all are guild tasked.

Other PvP

f24 The Ghost Ship and Bronze ware
Whoever kills the ghost ship and obtains the bronzeware drop enters a state of open pvp. Anyone can attack them freely without worry of noto. However there a glitches that can get around that and make the attacker red anyway. It is not suggested that you attack the person with anything that will remain attacking after they have died, such as a firethrower or ammo with buffs.

Extortion at Sea - (Pirate Nationality Skill only)
Just like you can be a citizen of greece, spain or england, you can also be a citizen of one of the pirate groups in the game. If you belong to one of the pirate nationalities such as the; crete pirates, corsica pirates or the legendary caribbean pirates. You gain the ability to use the extortion skill.

How it works
When you are on the open sea and you see a player ship that is able to be pvp'd, you click on the player and then click on the extortion button. The pirate extortion is the exact same one the pirate npc ships use on players that carry trade goods. So the attacker clicks on a victim and an extortion screen comes up, it gives the victim the option to pay or fight.
   Pay- if the victim chooses to pay, then the amount is deducted from his coins on hand and given to the attacker and they both go on their merry way.
   Fight- if the victim chooses to fight then the attacker recieves 1 noto and they enter a seabattle area. Inside all the normal seabattle pvp rules apply.
   Victim Does nothing- the extortion screen will only remain for about 30 seconds, after that the game automatically picks the option to pay. so if the player fails to pick an option, or maybe is afk at the time, they will automatically pay money to the attacker to prevent battle.
However, if the victim does not have enough coin on their character (this can happen as extortion amount is based on bank and character holdings) they will go into battle scene, but not receive noto.

I hope I got everything, if there is info I left out pls let me know and I'll add it. Ill try to add some pics or something if i can as i get them.
Hope this helps all of you out there understand and enjoy pvp more!!

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