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[Guides] Video - how to make a video of VCO gameplay

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If you have any information to add to this guide please reply to the
How to make a video - discussion thread


Table of contents

1) Table of contents

2) Names of programs to use

3) Suggestions

4) Video VCO with Fraps

5) How to make video (CamStudio)

Please remember any video posted to the forums MUST be uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo, or and Embedded
any links will be removed!
no other video host can be embedded in the forums because of forum code limitations.

please read:
How to Embed Video (2011 update)


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we can not allow links so you will have to use a browser search program to find these - Ele

video capturing
Fraps - the freeware version has limited recording time and a logo in the picture
Windows Movie Maker - from Windows software
Debut Video Capture Software - from nch software
camstudio 2
Extra Screen Capture Free 7.15

video editing
frameserver: Avisynth
editor: VirtualDub
codec: xvid
all tools are freeware but getting started might be a bit tricky

many were suggested by iconized

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suggestions by KingAurelius

More on how to make a Film about VCO                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        In order to capture screen of the game is best to use application that can capture a region these way you don`t have to edit the film to cut out undesired parts, section of the scree like private chat or stats.

Advice 1. Run only one instance of the game even if you have a super-computer.
Advice 2. Set you game graphics to High set quality possible that your computer can stand.
Advice 3. Don`t stop an star the film if your actor did a mistake ... this you can edit later..
Advice 4. Use a place in the game that is not so laggy ... anything else goes except Seville.
Advice 5. Do Not do it in a hurry...take your time let the art flow in you mind...
Advice 6. During the process do not think ..that someone else already did better then you...clear you mind
Advice 7. Don`t forget to have fun

- Kingaurelius

Recording / streaming videos with OBS (Open Broadcaster Software)

These video guides were made by Flamewars.

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This guide from fleshy66

1. How to make a movie using fraps, this is the most common tool for making movies in games.   

2. Open fraps and change settings to how you please. I suggest disabling Overlay Display Hotkey and Benchmarking Hotkey, that way you wont have the fps showing up in the movie.

3. Under the Movies Tab there is a number of settings you can change for quality, remember the higher the quality the larger the file will be. Some pcs might not be able to set it to a higher fps, it will make the game and movie too jittery. 50fps is good for high quality.
Set the Video Capture Hotkey to what you want to press to start filming your video.

4. Start VCO and click the key you chose to start recording and click it again to stop.

5. Videos will be saved in C:\Fraps folder and will be a very large file size. So before attempting to make a movie make sure you have enough hard drive space.

6. You'll need to compress the video to make it smaller. Use some of the tools MYLO5 suggested.

This is just a quick tutorial on how to use fraps, I'll add more to it a bit later on compression and editing.

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this guide from MYLO5

1.First download the camstudio 2 :

2.Install the program to your computer

3. Open your program, it should look like this:

4.Select region for window version of VC or full screen for full window VC recording:

5.Use do not record audio if you do not wish to record VC sounds or record audio from speakers if u do:

6.Click the red circle button to set your recording region, or start recording if full screen was chosen, and click the blue square button to stop. The black bar button will pause your recording:

7.After finish recording the program will automatically ask you to save you video, please replace “*.avi” with a “name.avi”:

8.Please wait while the program process the video, this might take several minuets depending on your video length. Do not close you Camstudio program until play back option starts.

9. Most computers come with some sort of video editing application
already installed, such as Apple iMovie or Microsoft Movie Maker. Using these programs, you can easily edit your videos, add soundtracks,
change the file type, compress the file size, etc.

There are also more advanced editing programs available for purchase or download online. We encourage you to look around and find the editing software that's right for you.

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