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[Guides] Maps of the VCO World

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In the "old days" the map you had to navigate by was blacked out untill you sailed over that particular portion of it.
Now all you have to do to see "large map of the world"  is click ctrl+M while you are on the high seas.

There are 2 separate "sides of the world".  You will only be able to see Asian cities when on the Asian side and European cities when on the European side.
There are also 4 different ways to get from the European side of the map to the Asian side
1) sail south then East around the cape of South Africa
2) sail south then West around the tip of South America
3) Sail North then East over the Asian Continent
4) Sail North then West through the Frozen Islands of the North American Continent
You can zoom in when on that map to get a close look at the are screen shots:

Europe Full size Map

Closer images of the European side:


West Africa

Method 3 sailing toward Asian cities & North Island via North Asia


Asia & America Full size Map

Asia and Middle East


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Here are 2 older maps, great work considering most of us had a black screen for most of our maps back then.

This one by Feist:

This one with some city siege info by SITTESTROLCH

Description >>>
RED > Cities have administrative authority over other cities(controlled area of siegeable cities)
GREEN > Names of battlefields
Black-White > Names of islands      

Siegable Cities >>>
Athens > Istanbul, Beirut, Alexandria, Tripoli, Thassos Island, Cyprus Island, Limnos Island
Barcelona > Venice, Genoa, Algiers, Seville, Sardinia, Sicily Island, Mallorca Island
London > Hamburg, Amsterdam, Bordeaux, Lisbon
Oslo > Stockholm, Reykjavik                       
Madeira > Las Palmas, Santa Maria Island, Faial Island, Dakar      
Cape Town > Accra, Luanda, Mozambique, Mogadishu, Madagascar
Aden > Suez, Basra, Muscat, Bombay
Malacca > Sri Lanka, Semarang, Tourane
Zhigu(Tianjin) > Quanzhou, Taiwan, Bejing
Seoul > Jejudo, Ulleung
Nagasaki > Edo

Click on map then scroll to zoom in and out!


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