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[Guides] Purifying Black Skeleton Jewelry & Upgrading it to 120

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Purifying Black Skeleton Jewelry

To Purify the jewlery all you need is Holy water and a piece of Black Skeleton Jewelery
**Warning** when you purify your jewlery it will lose all added stats.

Holy water can be obtained from High Seas Fishing and some events.

Purified Black Skeleton Jewelry can be used to make Profession Level 120 Land jewelry. (see below)


***There is a naming problem with the black skeleton items***

the Necklace (plain) is called a Black Skeleton Badge

you can tell what it really is by the "gear position"
and dont forget to look at the icon/picture of the jewelery.


for the assistance position you want the Madel of Black Skeleton (note the spelling is incorrect on the description)


How to Purify the Jewelery

Go to the NPC named Saint on Seville Dock.  He is near the left side of the entrance to the city.
Approximate coordinates ( 64, -96)

Making 120 Jewelry (Land Battle only)

Go to the NPC named Atlantis Stowaway on Seville Dock near the bottom of the ramp that leads to the Trader.
Approximate coordinates (51, -19)

Black Skeleton (BS) Jewelry ONLY

Materials needed for Purified BS Jewelry
Materials needed for BS Upgrade
Materials needed for 120 Jewelry
Difference if you upgrade

100 - Rare Gold
600 - Rare Gold
-500 Rare Gold

30 - Black Pearl
50 - Black Pearl
-20 Black Pearl

300,000,000 - Coin
400,000,000 - Coin
- 100,000,000
4 - Magnetic Ore
+4 Magnetic Ore
Black Skeleton Jewelry Purified BS Jewelry
+1 Black Skeleton Jewelry
Holy Water +! Holy Water


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