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[Guides] Unlinked/Random Tasks & Quests

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Posted on 2011-04-13 15:52:07 | Show thread starter's posts only

This list will contain quests that are not covered elsewhere in in other guides.
Mostly it will be Single NPC tasks or simple tasks that are not linked to a line of quests.

If you have a quest to add or clarifications of any quest
Please post to the
Random Tasks and Quests - Discussion Thread


Are you a biologist?
NPC; Paul (Madagascar)
Paul asks you to find an axe that was stolen.  He uses the axe to cut Rosewood.  He asks you collect Rosewood and that the axe is near a rosewood log that is very near to the "caveman base".
This Task can not be completed.  It has never been operational.

Happy Fisherman
NPC; Happy Fisherman? (Stockholm Dock) (275, 209)
Turn in 20 algae (seaweed )
Reward:  1 secondary Recovery potion
This task did not show in my log book when activated.

Helpful Physician
NPC; Helpful Physician (Quanzhu)
Turn in 20 baskets of seahorse
Reward; 3 Secondary Healing Potions

Evil Pirates
NPC; Orwell (Hamburg Suburbs)
Kill 200 Vikings (Quest text says to kill Pirates.. but you kill Vikings)
Reward: 20,000 Silver Coins, 200 Reputation
The count of killed vikings does not show in the log book... only in the green text as you kill each viking.

Help a Farmer
NPC Dole (Seville Suburb)
20 level 6 Lumber and 20 level 5 Copper metal
Reward: 150,000 Silver Coins, 200 Reputation


This is an event only quest.  It was run only 1 or 2 times during December 2007 & 2008.
A different in game Christmas event was run in 2009 & 20010.  No in game Christmas event was run in 2011.

Quest Name.............Receive from Father Christmas.

Requirement,  Reputation>=65000,Notoriety=0

Quest Introduction.
The six reindeer that pull my sled are missing. As reindeer are vital to move my vehicle, I can't distribute these Christmas gifts without them. Could you help me find them? If you do it successfully, you will obtain a Christmas Blessing.

Healthy Reindeer Whistle
Witty Reindeer Whistle
Honest Reindeer Whistle
Brave Reindeer Whistle
Elegant Reindeer Whistle
Virtuous Reindeer whistle

Submit to Santa claus

Reputation 20000
10 million Silver Coin
1 Christmas Gift Package



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